Ahoy, there mates! It's Rong's Birthday...

Today's post is another Birthday insta-nail-gram! Well, aren't we just having too much fun lately!

Happy Birthday to Rong (@nail_it_rong)!

I am, and forever will be, indebted to the friends I've made through nail art. There is no doubt. In particular, this Birthday surprise gathering was an absolute blast. The ladies involved are super sweet, very fun and have brought little ole' fudddy-duddy me up to speed with a famous & delightful white cat.

Ratty Party for Leesha

Get your dancin' shoes on!

A very sweet gal named Leesha had a Birthday this week. She has several dear pets, and some of them are rats. I'm told, and am now sold on, that rats are highly intelligent and make very good companions. Although the little ratty's on my nails are not as cute as the pictures I've seen of several nail ladies' rats - I hope she enjoys this tribute.

KimettKolor Ratty Birthday Party Nail Art
Happy Birthday, Dear Leesha...Happy Birthday to You!

Before you decide if you want to read more - please know, in addition to more photos and details in this post, there is an absolutely adorable picture of a pet rat that might change your life if you see it. Really!

Sunshine Nails - Part One

Hi everyone!! I'm back from a little mini-blogcation. When the Fourth of July is near - my body says it's time to relax...so I did. Sort of.

But you're not here to hear about me - you want to see nails!!

KimettKolor Neon Sunshine Nail Art
Bright and sunny summer on my nails!

You may have spotted these in my Instagram feed - but I hope you'll read this post and see how these looked in the different lights (spoiler alert - AWESOME)!

Purple Peacock for #maniswapcircle

I bring you another recreation today - but with a twist. The objective was to take your assigned nail artist's design of your choice and recreate it IN PURPLE. How fun!!
KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Purple Peacock Nail Art
Are there really purple peacocks??

I admit after doing these, I did spend a few minutes looking online to see if such a dazzling bird existed in purple...turns out there is!! Although, they do not look exactly like my gal here. Yes, I know the males are more colorful, but the silhouette image I used on my ring finger looks feminine to me - so she's a she. Cuz I said so.

Want to find out more about this craziness? Of course you do, so please read on....

Party Hats for Lisa

Birthdays...love them or don't acknowledge them?

Well - no matter which side you're on, nail art for Birthdays are always fun! :)

KimettKolor Birthday Nail Art Stamping
Happy Birthday to Lisa!

By way of a very sweet Aussie girl, I was invited to join a Birthday celebration in the U.K. (again this month - how cool!!) for the honored guest Lisa of @lala_lacquer on Instagram. No traveling required. LOL.

Want to find out how I used artistic license in not-following, but following the rules? Read on...