Spiral Drag Marble - featuring ITNOP Fun Days and Neon Craze

Are you ready for a big punch of color? I hope so because today's post is going to knock your socks off with neon creamy polish perfection!

Swirls of scrumptious colors...

I can't take full credit for the awesomeness here though. This design is a recreation that I did as part of a surprise Birthday collaboration on Instagram for a delightful lady named Bonny (@bonny_nails). Happy Birthday, belated, and again, Bonny!

Now, of course, you're going to keep scrolling so that you can drool over these amazing polishes from In The Name of Polish; and, because I took more pictures...naturally!

Pink Spring

Here in the US, Memorial Day is just around the corner, reminding me I had a Spring color scheme in mind for nails. Fortunately, I was able to bring to it to fruition before the Summer season gets kicked off. Soon enough the really hot weather will be here...but for today, it's still Spring on Kimett Kolor! :)

Kimett Kolor Nail Art Abstract Floral Spring Glitter
Abstract Flowers and Glitter Explosion

Rainbow Watermarble Skittle Fun

Hey there. Is this screen taken?

Kimett Kolor News Flash! It's official. I completely turn into a frenzied child when I attempt watermarble nails. And, with a new (to me) tool - it seems there's no getting me to focus! (Even my cameras had a hard time...LOL.)

Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
I present to you - a very much unplanned all-out colorful and flawed rainbow watermarble design!

I wasn't going to post this design, but the lovely women of Instagram reacted so well to these that they changed my mind. (Although, I did use a picture that was shot in soft focus...that might have been the trick...*wink*)

So, here goes - prepare yourself for lots of neon color swirling around with no particular structure or destination in mind...

Multi-stamping Blue for Knitty Nails Birthday

Birthday Celebration Nail Art!!

Two very sweet gals organized a surprise Birthday collaboration for Debbie - known as Knitty Nails; and they invited me to join in!! How cool is that!

Debbie is a very good knitter and most of her nail design photos include her creations. She is also known as the queen of the multi-stamp design. She combines patterns and colors with mastery. Oh, and she's also a really swell person who is very nice and supportive. And...she blogs!!! Simply put, she's amazing!

Nail Art Multiple Stamping Blue Kimett Kolor
Happy Birthday, Debbie!!
Triple stamping with sheer blue wash in your honor. <3

I'm still in awe of the process and outcome used to create this design "Debbie style" and hopefully I've got all the right pictures and words to convey that. Plus, there is a design of hers featured (my inspiration) in this post. Hope you enjoy...

Red Salamanders on Pastel Blue Moon

Hey there. How are you doing today? Just thought I'd ask. I'd love to hear from you in the comments at the end of the post...even if it's to just say hey back.

Kimett Kolor Salamander Stamping Nail Art
When Colours Collide - Red and Pastel Blue

I've had some ups and downs lately; or rather (falling) downs and (getting) ups. And, these nails have given me some needed smiles in the subsequent recovery time.


You just know there will be lots of photos in this post, as well as the usual details and links, but also some bonus stamping tips as well....keep reading my friend...keep reading...

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