Gumballs, Plus 2

One more practice post with some nails done previously this year.

These nails were so fun to wear. Even Mr. Kimett approved and he quickly named them, “Gumball Nails”. There was something about these because two other guys, yes – guys, commented on them; and, no joke, also called them gumballs – huh! Anyway, I combined some new-to-me techniques into one look that was supposed to be my July 4th nails, but the colors I chose didn’t stay true red & blue with this technique.
Materials Used
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: White Out
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: Rapid Red
Milani: Botlting Blue
Inspiration Sources
Watercolor nails: too many to choose so here’s one by Sarah on Chalkboard Nails
This was another attempt at a skittlette nails. It shows that I am still learning how to best pick colors/finishes that compliment each other and flow together to make a more cohesive look. (I did this before Marta of Chit Chat Nails put out her informative Skittlette tutorial mentioned in the previous post.) I really liked the tulip stamping design (index & middle).
Materials Used
China Glaze: Aquadelic (index, middle & pinky) and Sweet Hook (thumb & ring)
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: Pronto Purple (stamping)
Sally Hansen HD: DVD (thumb & ring)
KB Shimmers: Don’t Teal Anyone (pinky)
Bundle Monster: plate 306
Inspiration Sources
Skittlette: see above, another Marta tutorial here
Sorry for the even worse photo, but these nails bring about memories of a recent day when Mr. Kimett and I received great news; hence it gets its place in my journal. I was looking to use a bright and a neutral color together; if I had a longer window of time when doing these I might have pulled it off better, maybe.
Materials Used
Zoya: Cho (thumb, index & pinky) and Kimber (middle & ring)
a-England: She Walks in Beauty (glitter added to each nail)
Inspiration Sources
2 accent nails is a popular design, here’s a good one done by Nicole of Nail Polish Wars
Till next time –