January 30, 2014

Love is...Green!?

Oh, hee-hee, this is a FUN one!!!

With Valentine's Day coming soon, love extra thick in the air and all, it makes sense to incorporate a romantic theme into the #31DC2013 challenge prompts. Right? Of course, right. So, naturally, you'll see loads of pink and hearts and....

"Darling, I do...see you"
Today's post is my entry for "Inspired by a Song". And, this love song written for the final chapter of the Shrek adventures makes me all gooey. It is a lovey-dovey poetic duet about how much better life is with "you" in my life and that "I do see you" for who "you" are even if others don't. Now, I'm not flat-out admiting that Mr. Kimett & I are ogres....even if there might be some similarities. Well, we do like to keep our muddy swamp to ourselves...LOL.

So, before we get to see more of Shrek & Fiona on my nails; I've included the music video with some clips from the movie sprinkled occasionally in the background.


January 27, 2014

Theme of the Month - January

There was a time, in my "past" life, in which I rallied my fellow work colleagues with a birthday celebration each month. I put out a newsletter announcing whose birthdays we were celebrating and I baked a smorgasbord of goodies around those people's requests. In the newsletter, I would write about anything and everything interesting about being born in that month, facts about the gemstones and flowers attributed to that month, and other fun things, like crossword puzzles or trivia quizzes. I really enjoyed baking all kinds of treats and looked forward to my kitchen frenzy each month.

I have missed that activity. So, I thought I'd try recreating that giving feeling on a smaller scale by creating a Theme of the Month nail design series. I came around to the idea a little late this month, but it's still January - so it counts! 

Happy January Birthdays!!


January 18, 2014

Blue Ombre First, Then...

When discussing the "Inspired by a Color" #31DC2013 prompt with Mr. Kimett, we settled on the color blue. According to Color Matters, Blue has more complex and contradictory meanings than any other color. Yup, totally fitting for us to pick a complicated color. To interpret this fact, I chose to use multiple shades of the color for my challenge entry. I always wanted to try out an ombre' design (where each nail is a shade lighter or darker than the nail beside it). Using just one blue cream polish, I lightened and darkened it with white and black polishes mixed in for a different shade on each nail.

But, I didn't stop there...I hope you'll click to continue reading on to see what design I added to these blue shades.


January 13, 2014

Winter Pastels in Water Play

You know when you're wading into a pool and there's a point where your belly is about to feel the cool water...so, you take the plunge and jump in quick. That's sorta what it's like to do water-marble nails the first time. At least it was for me anyway. I was slow and hesitant at first...and then, dove right in.

When all dry, I was quite pleased with myself for my 20th challenge design using the water marble technique. (Oh, if you've just joined and want to find out more about the challenge I'm following: click here.) For these, I used soft pastel colors and white for a winter color theme. Even though I ended up with more of a skittle look (each nail different) - I smiled every time I peeked at them.


January 10, 2014

Holographic Stars in Colorful Nebula

OK, back to the #31DC2013 challenge. Even though there are many newer challenges making their way around, I am determined to finish the one I started. So, here is my design for the 19th prompt - Galaxy Nails.

For my first time with this outer-space nail art technique, I chose to go the less-realistic route. Instead, I went for it with bright colors and mesmerizing holographic glitters. I even included accent nails with the aptly named glitter-bomb, Nebula. Read on to find out how I made these nails and more on the fascinating polishes that give it extra oomph.


January 8, 2014

Knitted Gnome Sweater

Brrrr! Boy, is it cold! Good thing I have sweater on my nails. Hah! Seriously though, this is the only kind of knitting that I can do. I am in awe by those folks who are able to take two long, pointy things to create wearable magic using yarn. A lot of ladies in my family are quite talented knitters, including my sister (who's made me very cozy socks) and my aunt whose recently made holiday decorations inspired these nails.

Isn't that ball of yarn on my thumb adorable? I hope you read on to find out more about not only these nails, but also to see the cutest holiday gnome, ever!


January 3, 2014

Oil Slick Recovery -- A.K.A. Nail Care 2013 continued

Confused by my title? Thought I was going to talk about an oil spill in the ocean showing poor birds or seals needing to be cleaned? Nope. It started with another kind of catastrophe. My nail break. However, I am in no way comparing the two types of accidents as if they are remotely similar in seriousness! Although, admittedly, both events do make me want to cry, a little bit.

Stock Photo purchased thru PhotoDune (found here)

This little guy is too young to understand either tragedy...but I couldn't resist adding a visual aid. Anyway, back to ME and my, "I broke a nail!" dilemma. It sparked my use of lots & lots of oil and other slick-ery products. Ahh..now the title is making some sense. I'll show these products and a couple photos of polished nails after telling my story. If you're brave or curious or both...click to finish reading this post...

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