February 28, 2014

Four Squares For Fashion

Inspired by Fashion. Huh. OK. But whose? I suppose I could have gotten one of those magazines from the check-out at the grocery store for the basis of the Design No. 25 in the #31DC2013 challenge. Or... I could be inspired by my own fashion. Cough, cough. Hmmm....opening one closet door, and then shutting it. Hmmm....staring into another closet at the clothes hanging there. Hmmm...maybe I'm not so fashionable. Oh. Oh! I know! I could be (and was) inspired by a fashion accessory!

I know, I know - most of us in the northern hemisphere would really, really like to not think about winter anymore. But, I hope you'll forgive my wanting to show off this handmade scarf and read about my trying time creating a fashionable nail design to meet the challenge.


February 26, 2014

Copy Cat: Melinda's Cosmic Design with Nail Party Shares

My Kolor Kave saw lots of action this past weekend. (Oh - that could have sounded a bit off color if you didn't know what I was talking about. Color pun intended. LOL.) At my Mom's request, I hosted a surprise birthday party on Sunday for her close friend Marcy (the birthday gal), Marcy's daughter - Melinda, my Mom - Cindy, and of course - me. The party guests got to pick from my polish collection and enhancements to have their nails done by me. (They were brave!) The time together was incredibly special and loads of fun. We took a few pictures after nails were dry; you'll see them later, first up is my copy-cat design.


February 21, 2014

Red Moons and Gold Tips

OK, back to the #31DC2013 challenge. This prompt, Inspired by a Book, was a toughie for me. I think everyone who's done this challenge has experienced the anxiety of one prompt that just baffled & blocked creativity. I was surprised that this one presented an issue for me, as I love books! Oh well. After a lot of hullabaloo, I sought out a simple & classic design to "get it done" and move on. And, I'm happy to report success!

Can you guess which book was my inspiration? I hope you'll keep reading and find out.


February 19, 2014

Theme of the Month - February

Here I am to say, "Happy February Birthdays"! It's time, once again, to honor all whose birthdays are celebrated this month with appropriately designed nail art. (If you missed the start of this Kimett Kolor monthly ritual, you can check it out here.) Once again, I focused on the birthstone and birthflower; for February they are Amethyst and Violets.

Well...these nails are a loose "artsy" interpretation of them anyway.

February 11, 2014

Love and Steel

Hi, my name is Kimett and I like romantic comedies. So, it is not surprising that I chose one for my "Inspired by a Movie" nail design in the #31DC2013 challenge. But what is a surprise, and will stay a surprise if I don't type it somewhere in this post, is why I chose THIS movie. I haven't yet decided if I will confess the reason...hmmmm....will I?


February 10, 2014

Kimett Kolor Blog News: Feb2014

I'm excited to be back in the Kolor Kave today, following a tough spell with higher-than-usual pain. But, now the sun is shining and I'm hoping to not have as lengthy an event again for a long while. 

Resolute sun
Sun shining over the icy Resolute Bay in Canada

Like the sun we will live to rise.
Like the sun we will live and die
And then, ignite again.
Like the sun we will live to rise again,
         ~Soundgarden, song: Live to Rise

I'll have a nail art post up soon, likely tomorrow. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a little Blog News.

Recently, I was blown away when I received an invitation to feature my nail art designs on NailPolis.
Congratulations Kimett,
You've received an invitation to showcase your nail art on Nailpolis. Nailpolis is the first online Museum of Nail Art, showcasing talented nail artists from all over the world.
Our curators were impressed by your passion for nail art, and selected you as one of the earliest members of our museum.
Wow!! I'm at a loss for words that I was picked to join this group of talented nail artists. And, in just a short time, my Metal Meets Matte design has already been included in their featured gallery. You can see my exhibited designs here: http://www.nailpolis.com/artists/KimettKolor

New Followers & Thank You!!
I'm pleased to see new Kimett Kolor readers & followers on the blog lately. My days are extra bright when I see new fans and likes on Bloglovin', Facebook, Google+, etc. All of your readership and comments are delightful and make this hobby of mine that much more enjoyable. While there will sometimes be longer gaps between my posts (out of my control), I appreciate your sticking with me.

So, here it is, the most important words in this post - a great, big giant:

Thank You

Till next time,
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