May 28, 2014

Patriotic Brushstrokes: What I Painted on Memorial Day

Good afternoon, all. Even though I wasn't able to share this post with you on Monday, when we celebrated Memorial Day in the US; I still wanted to put it out in the 'verse to commemorate all of those brave people who serve(d) on behalf of our country.


As a bonus: I summoned the discipline to *stop and take pictures* in between each step and used them for a little slideshow included in this post. I owe my design inspiration to two top nail-art bloggers' looks, links included at the end of my post. Hope you enjoy!

May 26, 2014

Theme of the Month: May Emeralds Framing Lily of the Valley

Happy May Birthdays! 

Kimett is celebrating May birthdays with a design that combines the birthstone Emerald and the birth-flower, Lily of the Valley.

In case you missed any, you can read what's up with these monthly Birthday designs on Kimett Kolor with the links below:


May 22, 2014

Turtles & Sea Foam for World Turtle Day

May 23: World Turtle Day!

I'd been waiting for a good time to use these awesome turtle stamp images...


May 19, 2014

Kimett's 50th Post! Reader's Choice: Multicolored Stamping

Excitement has been building, ladies and gentlemen. A quick recap: Late last month, you voted in the poll to choose the design type for my upcoming 50th post milestone. And, by a small landslide, multicolored stamping was your choice.

Once the poll closed, I had (too much) time to dwell over this special design. Did you know that there are SIX kinds of multicolored stamping techniques? Yeah! So cool!! Kimett is all about the Kolors! (There may be more, but these are what I know of so far.)

So...lightbulb moment...this is an opportunity to do a series of multicolored stamping techniques. Today, I'll share the first type today and, then, I'll utilize each of the other techniques in separate posts to come soon. Sounds fun? Right? Right!

Multicolored Stamping Technique #1 - LeadLight


May 10, 2014

"I Love You, Mom!"

A short (and slightly mushy) post for Mother's Day.

I thought the petite sized glitter in red & pink colors was a nice feminine polish appropriate for Mother's Day. I didn't have a plan after that, this one just came together one step at a time all around the color theme. When all done...

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