June 30, 2014

Super Simple Summer Strawberry Stamping

Just outside my window above where I paint my nails is a patch of wild strawberries growing on the side of the terrace. They are so small and cute compared to the giant-sized strawberries we get in the grocery stores these days. They inspired this easy, peasy summertime design.

Recently, the Born Pretty Store accepted me into their Blogger Program - how cool is that!! I received a few items including a stamping plate with this strawberry image.

Make sure to check out the whole post for all the details, a simple step-by-step, and for my special 10% off discount code (for regular priced items) you can use for all of your purchases at www.bornprettystore.com.


June 22, 2014

Theme of the Month: June Birthstones and Roses

Hey there. Do you know whose nails these belong to?
When looking at the pictures, or even, down at my hands, I'm wondering what strange being of femininity has possessed my body and encouraged me to create such a ladylike design? Huh.

Oh - yeah. Now, I remember: It's because it's time for my Theme of the Month post. Silly me.
All strangeness aside, these nails are my way of celebrating all whose birthdays fall in the month of June inspired by the flowers and gemstones of the month.

June 2, 2014

Lazy Sunday...Playing Around With Floam

So, yesterday, being a nice warm and sunny day, brought lazy feelings of taking it easy to my doorstep. I suppose this was appropriate, being the first day in June...summer is upon us in this part of the world now. Despite my body's desire to go sprawl out in the sun, my inner artist still wanted to paint. A compromise was made. No planning, just grab a color and go. Sometimes this lackadaisical method brings out a winning design...and sometimes....not. But...since the first polish bottle I reached for was the infamous, Floam....I couldn't not show you what I came up with.

Don't know what Floam is?..Stick with me and I'll tell ya' all about it and show you a couple looks I tried out using Floam as accent nails.

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