Super Simple Summer Strawberry Stamping

Just outside my window above where I paint my nails is a patch of wild strawberries growing on the side of the terrace. They are so small and cute compared to the giant-sized strawberries we get in the grocery stores these days. They inspired this easy, peasy summertime design.

Recently, the Born Pretty Store accepted me into their Blogger Program – how cool is that!! I received a few items including a stamping plate with this strawberry image.

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Making two accent nails, I stamped my middle & ring finger with the
strawberry image. Playing on the cute white flowers that grow on the strawberry plants, I chose to paint the other nails in
green, decorated with white dots to complete the look.

Even though strawberries are mostly red, I wanted to stay away from the pure red & green (which could give it a winter, Christmas feel) by using secondary colors for the base layers.

After I stamped the image in white, I used a tiny bit of acrylic paint and a small brush to add the yellow and green accents to the stamp. The dots were also done with white acrylic paint and a dotting tool.

Very simple, but really packs a punch! I enjoy all kinds of nail-art and am grateful for the opportunity to try so many different methods and tools to make it.


I hope this design brightened your day, as it did mine!

Polish Palette:

Polishes Used (L to R):
Confetti Green With Envy
China GlazeWicked Style (Swatch on Instagram here)

**Nail Stamp Template Strawberry F09, #14742
Plate Info:

  • Size: 5.5 cm x 4.25 cm
  • Fits in same page holder as traditional round plates
  • Rectangular with rounded corners, no backing
  • Packaged in plastic sleeve, blue film protective coating
  • Ten images (one available in two sizes)

The stamping plate, F09 is part of a “Fashion F-series” of 15 different plates similar to this one. However, it is nice to be able to purchase them individually on BPS’s website. The plate is well-etched; and even though there are no full-nail sized images, they are good for accenting your nails. By using
stamping polish (as opposed to regular
polish) you can achieve great results.

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Stay tuned for more summer designs with other items provided by
the Born Pretty Store.


**PR Sample product(s)

Till next time,

  • CurlyGirl66

    Those are adorable! Perfect for summer and strawberry season! The colors you chose are really fun and fit the whole motif. Good job!

    • Thanks!!! I have always loved pink, green, yellow & white together for summer.

  • Priscilla Contreras

    I love!!!!!!

    • Hey, Priscilla! Glad to have ya’ here and thanks so much for the nail love! That means a lot coming from you and your beautiful nails. 🙂

  • Alice

    nice design!!Like it so much !!

    • That’s great, alice – thank you! I am looking forward to doing more.

  • I love this design! It’s so cute and perfect for the season! And your acrylic paints give it that special touch! Great idea to use secondary colors. There is no Christmas vibe to it at all.

    • Awe, thanks. It seems to be a popular one. I thought about doing a decal – but in the end I like adding the acrylic on top better for this one. I really should go pick some of those strawberries…. 🙂

  • Those strawberries are adorable!

    • Hee, hee…. the image almost reminds me of the cute tomato in the “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” movie. Maybe next time I use it, I will paint a face on it. LOL

  • Tee hee! These are super cute. Very appropriate for summer rock-a-billy flair!

    • Thanks!! It’s nice when a simple idea can come out so well. I’m sure you know the experience – the designs where we spend a lot of time planning intricate steps sometimes fall flat and then there are the ones that we don’t think about as much and they come out fun like this one. 🙂 Anyways…glad you stopped by from across the pond! Happy to have you.

  • And oh my goodness, you’re so smart! I have never worked with stamps yet but it’s such a great idea to first do white and then repaint over it to ‘add color’. Your strawberries are adorable. <3

    • Thanks, Jenna! You’re quite the smartie with nail art too! I bet you’ll do great with stamping when/if you try them out. 🙂