July 25, 2014

Sometimes you just gotta go with it... Blog Update July 2014

WARNING: This post contains no nails or nail art in any form. Gasp!!

Hey everyone! How's your summer (or the season you're in now) going? I can't say that I remember a summer like the one I've been having this year. What I mean is, as soon as that warm day in June came around, I've been sooooo lazy. And, you know it's bad when I don't want to putter around in my Kolor Kave!! I seem to just want to lay low, read a book or a magazine, watch TV, sit on the porch... or visit the beach, maybe...


July 18, 2014

Fan-tasy Stripes

There's a common itch among nail artists, as felt by artists of all types, to broaden their tool kit and use uncommon items in the making of their art. The fan brush is one such tool. It's odd looking at first and doesn't seem to have a purpose. Seeing it used in some very intriguing nail designs - I was excited to give it a go myself.

The Born Pretty Store kindly supplied this fan brush to me to play with, and so you could see for yourself some of its possibility. Read on to find out what I learned from putting this uniquely shaped brush to the test.

July 6, 2014

Glitter Covered Nails...with Stamping!

Conveniently, I stumbled upon fantastic nail design in a Facebook group at the same time as a magical pot of glitter was on its way to my mailbox from the Born Pretty Store.

As soon as the rainbow colored glitter arrived, I knew that this design by Beaching Nails was the one I wanted to imitate. Using loose glitter, rather than a glitter polish, is the key to the dimension and reflection that this design shows off. With or without the stamping, this is a fun look that would make any special occasion that much more festive!

I hope you'll read the entire post to find out how these glitter nails were done and where to get this great glitter (it comes in 8 color varieties!)

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