Theme of the Month: August Peridot and Poppies

I’ve really been looking forward to doing this August themed design…oh, since like forever…for two reasons. One, because I have fond memories of beautiful giant poppy flowers that a friend of mine has growing at the end of her driveway every year. And two, because I found a gorgeous jelly polish (my favorite polish type) that not only is named, Peridot, but was created and inspired by the pretty mineral.

You may not be in the “camp” that likes jelly polishes – especially without undies where the naked nail shows underneath, and if you’re wavering – this may not be the one to make your final judgement by. My fair skin is not well suited for such a pretty light yellowish green. But, I hope you can keep the inspiration in mind when looking at these photos. Don’t see it as green slime (although…maybe you’re already calling the Ghostbusters…stop!). Instead, imagine pretty gemstone. If it will help, scroll down to the end to see the inspiration photos, then scroll back up. πŸ™‚



As much as I looooove stamping, I also really like painting free-hand. It’s just still a bit scary to me. These poppies were done with acrylic paints. Once again, I was feeling brave and did not practice before painting these on my nails. So, they’re not the best – but I was fairly pleased with how I managed. As I mentioned earlier, my memory is of orange poppies, particularly at sunset when the stems look more of a brown than green – so that’s the reason for the colors I chose. But, in searching for “courage” to paint them, I found this design by Tarts N Talons and used it as a reference.

A while back, I made my first purchase of polishes by Liquidus Nail Gloss on Etsy – and it was love at first brush-stroke. I ordered three jelly polishes and one shimmer; and I am getting ready to go back and order more. (However, I have to wait with everyone else, because Danielle is currently moving and her shop is temporarily closed until sometime this fall.) You might remember my Multi-colored Stamping (Lead Lighting) post – in which I used this light green jelly, Peridot as well a bright pink one, Pink Agate. Danielle’s polish inspirations come from nature – also a favorite theme of mine. Below, I’m holding my mini bottle, but next time I’m ordering all full-sized ones!


Design Details

Polish/Supply List (numbers match image above)

  1. Liquidus Nail Gloss ~ Peridot
  2. Butter London ~ Cuppa
  3. Apple Barrel (craft acrylic paint) ~ Orange
  4. Apple Barrel (craft acrylic paint) ~ Burnt Umber
    Miscellaneous: dotting tool, tiny art store paint brush

Inspiration Source(s)

Happy Birthday to everyone born in August!!! I hope you liked this nail design done in your honor. (And, maybe my sister born this month might see this too!)

I’d love to know what you think of this. And if you have any questions or I’ve left something out, please feel like you can ask anything in the comments.

Thanks for visiting!

Till next time,


  • Team Jelly! I love the squishy! Beautiful florals as well.

    • Hooray, glad you’re with me. Jellies rule – when I win the lottery I will own them all…… πŸ™‚ Thanks, Ali!

  • CurlyGirl66

    I seem to be having some trouble with this post. Only five of the eight photos came through. All the text seemed to be there. I liked what I saw…………but I want more:)

    • Oh goodness, I’m sorry. I’ve gone to the site/page a few times since and
      haven’t been able to duplicate the problem…maybe there was a issue at
      the time you were on it with Blogger. If you are still having trouble
      today, let me know and I will email you the photos (which ones? – number
      from start). I will also make sure I didn’t do something screwy with
      the photos too. Sorry for the inconvenience!! And, thanks for letting me
      know too.

  • CurlyGirl66

    All photos present and accounted for today…………..and they are beautiful! As always, your color selections amaze me……………a beautiful rendition from your inspirations. It is a true late summer palette. I love your freehand poppies! Glad I got to see them all today!

    • Oh, good to know it’s fine now. Thank you so much for kind praise. This one felt the truest to inspiration and time of year to me too, thanks!

  • How did I miss this?? Jelly’s are not my favorite, but you really make them work! And I LOVE that you freehanded your poppies! You’re so brave! Great design Kim!

    • Heh, heh…I snuck it onto the Internet while you weren’t looking. πŸ™‚
      Awww…thanks for the jelly love (I’ll be glad to wear them for you anytime). Thanks for all the compliments…it was a pretty good day when I did these, I will always look back on it favorably.

  • wow love those flowers on your nails!

    I really like this manicure and all the details look great πŸ˜‰
    xx julia

    • Awe, thanks so much Julia!! I had a lot of fun planning and then doing these nails. I’m glad you think they look good…I’m still quite the newbie when it comes to doing anything but stamping. πŸ™‚