October 29, 2015

Halloween 2015 - Bat and Witch Flying in the Red Moon Light

[Clearing Throat] Well...As much as I don't want to admit it...I guess I may have placed my expectations up just a teeny bit too high when it came to how quickly I would be fully set up in my new Kolor Korner and back to nail art & blogging again. Because, of course, there is no un-packing fairy; there is no easy-button for transplanting one's life to a new state; and then, there's general life stuff that gets in the way too. I digress.

This week I was determined not to let Halloween slip by without any nail art and managed to find small windows of opportunities to eek out this design. It was done in stages...


September 4, 2015

Neon and Glitter Excitement

Okay, okay....I know I said earlier this week that I would next post about my nail polish collection's big moving adventure. However, I got too excited when opening up all the little bottles of color and joy - that I just HAD to paint my nails. I didn't have any tools, I didn't have my usual set-up or cameras ready - so I was thrilled to at least get these painted and now to get them here on the blog. Hence, the title: Neon and Glitter Excitement.


August 27, 2015

And, Sometimes Life Interrupts Nail Art ... Blog Update August 2015

Hi dear readers! It's been a while. Absent choice, I've been kept away from nail art and blogging for far too long - I miss it sooo much!! But, the good news is that I'm still alive, kicking and back! This will be just a quick post, but you can expect to see more soon.

Interested in what's been going on? Keep reading after the break...


March 26, 2015

#WearYellowForSeth on Friday March 27

This is a short and time-sensitive post supporting the campaign to Wear Yellow for Seth. The short version is to get as many people to wear something yellow on Friday (tomorrow) and then post pictures with the hashtag #wearyellowforseth on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Who is Seth and why the photos?...read on!

[Warning: this post contains sappy sentiment. Kleenex not included.]


February 28, 2015

Theme of the Month: October Opal and Marigold

Happy weekend everyone!! As I mentioned in my 2014 review post, I am determined to complete my monthly Birthday themed posts. So please bear with me for just a few more. I can't wait to see all 12 complete!!  Today, I want to take you on a virtual trip back in time to celebrate (belatedly) those Birthdays in October with this nail art design just for them.

October: Birthstone - Opal / Birth Flower - Marigold


January 27, 2015

2014 - Year in Review - Top 10 Favorites and Cutting Room Floor Collages

All the cool kids have done it - so I just had to! Besides, it was/is a blast looking back over my first full year of blogging nail art. I took my time (hence, it's almost the end of January) re-reading all of my posts and reminiscing about the joys and aggravations, equally. So - let's see what I came up with for this review, shall we?

Warning: this post is jam-packed! Go ahead, apply your cuticle oil/cream, sit-back, and enjoy!

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