Neon and Glitter Excitement

Okay, okay….I know I said earlier this week that I would next post about my nail polish collection’s big moving adventure. However, I got too excited when opening up all the little bottles of color and joy – that I just HAD to paint my nails. I didn’t have any tools, I didn’t have my usual set-up or cameras ready – so I was thrilled to at least get these painted and now to get them here on the blog. Hence, the title: Neon and Glitter Excitement.

Amongst my already twice mentioned excitement – the perfectionist in me needs to make a few disclaimers. Usually, I have my little photo studio set up and use my DSLR’s for most of my blog photos, but all of these photos were taken with my cell phone in various rooms of the house. Also, I didn’t have my usual selection of top coats – the ones I used didn’t play real well (for example, I got weird looking reflections on the polish surface). I really try to show the best that all these polishes can look, so I cringe just a little bit seeing these photos, please forgive me. Hopefully, for today, you can overlook these things and enjoy these colorful nails, maybe even as much as I enjoyed wearing them!!

Design Details

Just look at that stunning glitter topper!! It is obviously the central idea that led to the colors I used. It being the beginning of September, the usual last bit of Summer weather is sticking around – Hot, Humid & Hazy. So, my nails went to the beach for the last hurrah of the season, LOL!

I used a piece of old sponge I found in a bunch of junk to sponge on the topper (rather than apply it with the brush directly – for that you’ll see how it looks in the swatch photos at the end of the post). This gave me a nice dense layering of the glitters. So pretty!

Oh, look at me…trying to be all fancy as if I had pretty hands like a model….hah! But, I included this picture anyway because it gives you a feel for how pretty this all was “in real life”. Did you know that this is my first successful wearing of a neon polish? Yay, me! I loved it. So bright and cheerful, I couldn’t not smile when catching a glimpse of these in the corner of my eye.

Polish Palette

Polishes used (L to R):
Aren’t all of the types of glitter in Sand In My Stocking mesmerizing? KBShimmer is one of the best at creating polishes that can conjure a feeling as well as their visual inspiration. Specifically, this glitter topper was made as one of their collaborations with the blogger, Jen of The PolishAholic. The following is from the online description:

Being a California girl, Jen sees Frosty being built from sand, not snow, so this glitter topper is her twist on a beach born “Sand-Man”. The sand inspired base of this polish is made up of small glitters in gold, white, tan, brown, and grey.  From there we added gold circle “sand dollars”, gold holographic “starfish” stars, orange circle carrot noses, and a dash of water in the form of aqua colored circle glitters.

This polish was the perfect imagery for a 90 degree sweltering day, I thought! Sand In My Stocking was part of their Fall/Winter 2013 collection – but, at the time of this post, it is still in stock…just in case your nails want to go to the beach too.

So, what did you think? Are these too flashy for you? Or, just right? You know me, I like to try everything.

OK – back to unpacking…..10 boxes down, 130 more to go….

Till next time,


  • Beth Dunton

    sunset, beach, and sky – awesome!

    • Yes!! Exactly the reaction I was hoping for. 🙂

  • CurlyGirl66

    I love this interpretation of your inspiration. It does conjure up all the best parts of summer on the beach. AND I love the “slide show” (for lack of a better word) in your new blog post. It is so much fun to see snapshots of all your other nail art. Very professional! for those of us who are not photo perfectionists, these nails look great! So glad you are back to posting!

    • Thank you very much for all the compliments! I’m glad you liked the photos, such as they were (love all the daylight in the new house!). And, I’m glad to see you were able to comment today. 😉

      I thought you (and others) who aren’t on Instagram would like to see what I post there as well (like the photo you submitted for Seth awhile back). You can click on any one of thoses photos in the slideshow and it will take you to a viewer to read all that was said too, even without an account. 😉

      Thank you, thank you for all your support, as always! And, I think I’m going to go with your suggestion of changing my room name to the Kolor Korner…I like it!! 🙂

  • Rod

    Well it appears that we have a real artist in the family! WOW is all I can say. – A Roku 3 owner.

    • Blushing…thank you! This one post didn’t have much in the way of art really, but I’m thrilled you liked it, and said hello.

      Am guessing you are liking your new “toy”, and I’m glad. 🙂

  • Sand in My Stocking is one of my favorite glitters! It’s never on the blog though because my phone doesn’t like photographing it..Grrr!! Love that orange 🙂

    • Yikes, Monica – I’m sorry I’m just replying to your comment now…

      Me too! I’m not really a huge glitter nut – but this one is so awesome! I think having lived on the coast and spending time at the beach during my childhood summers makes this one even more special to me. And – I can completely understand the photographing challenge with glitters!! Especially trying to make them look as good in the photos as they do in real life! Glad you stopped by and liked my quickie design.

      PS – You’re doing awesome in the #31DC2015!! I’m loving checking your IG page to see what you’ve been doing! Go you!!

      • Thanks Kim!!! I’m really proud of myself that I’ve kept up the momentum…there were a couple of days here and there I managed a couple of designs which gave me a little breathing room during the challenge 🙂

  • Too flashy for me, nope never my friend!! And I love them on you!! You’ve surprised me a bit with your neons & awesome glitter (would you believe this glitter whore does not have that KBShimmer??). Must rectify due to enabling. A fantastic send off to summer!! 💜💜💜

    • I was pretty sure you’d be happy to see me a little blinged out. 🙂 I’m actually itching to do some more soon…
      I do hope you get SIMS – it is really one of the top shelf mush haves!
      As always – Thanks for your kind words!!