December 31, 2016

Sparkling Grapes for New Year's Eve

As the clock moves closer to midnight, I'm taking a brief moment to look back with this nail art do-over of one posted on a previous New Year's Eve.

KimettKolor Glitter Gradient Nails for New Year's Eve


December 30, 2016

Festive Sparkle

Here we are, in that somewhat curious time between the holidays and the start of a new year. It seems like a good moment to share this little mini polish photo project I recently completed.

KimettKolor Festive Sparkle Nail Polish Collage

This image is created solely with nail polish bottles (and a camera...and a couple photo apps). There are no nails in this post, but if you're still interested to see behind the scenes, then the rest is for you.


December 23, 2016

Christmas Flowers with Spiced Eggnog

Well, whether we're ready or not, Christmas is just about here! I'm happy to have one more holiday themed design to share with you before the big day.

KimettKolor Christmas Flowers on ILNP Spiced Eggnog

As you'll read below, I made this nail art design in dedication to one particular person. Yet, I'd like to extend the same warmth and kindness to everyone this holiday season.


December 21, 2016

Wrapping Paper Nails

Wrapping paper is a popular source of nail art inspiration. The image that I used to stamp these nails made me think of pretty packages with that's what I have for you today.

And, there's going to be bit of a mystery uncovered in this post, I hope you'll keep reading...


December 16, 2016

Nail Crazies Unite - Candy Cane

Something simple, yet festive and sparkly today.

KimettKolor Vintage Christmas Nails
Photo taken outside in afternoon sunshine reflecting off snow

More than in recent years I'm spending some energy in celebrating the holiday season. Not only by decorating my home and my nails, but also by remembering the past. This nail design, despite lacking complexity, holds special meaning for me.

And, of course, I hope you'll get some enjoyment from this post too. It contains photos in several lighting types which really show off the versatility of these polishes.


December 13, 2016

Theme of the Month: December Turquoise and Holly

The final installment in my Theme of the Month series is done! I'm just a little excited to be sharing these with you!!

KimettKolor December Month Turquoise Holly Nail Art

And of course, most important to this post is --


December 9, 2016

Ugly Christmas Sweater Nails for Delia

Hey - did you know it's Winter? Yeah. C-O-L-D!! While I might be shivering; my nails are warm and festive in their little Ugly Christmas Sweaters...

KimettKolor Ugly Christmas Sweater Nails


November 30, 2016

Theme of the Month - November Topaz and Chrysanthemum

Picking up from where we last left off in my monthly series, today I present November's birthstone & birth-flower design. It's both awkward and exhilarating to return to a project that I started nearly three years's nail art!! Do I need to say more? No. Except that you know I will....LOL

KimettKolor November Theme Topaz Chrysanthemum Nail Art

I think it's a fitting way to say goodbye to Fall, particularly this season this year for me, by celebrating November's beauties. This post includes the scoop on this series (since it's been a while), a pictorial and step-by-step section, inspiration images, and lots more photos -- should be a fun time! Grab your cuticle oil...


November 23, 2016

Stamped Heart Nails for Anja...and for Nick

Hi! Today's post is a bit of a two-for-one. I've got a fun design for a Birthday nail art party that also happens to include all about my very first adventures with Soak Off Gel polish.

KimettKolor Heart Stamped Decals Over Gel Polish

Spoiler alert -- it went fairly well. Hope you'll check out all the stages shown in this post...

November 10, 2016

Let's Avocuddle with Nail Art for Sharon

Today, here on, I'm unveiling ALL the good stuff pertaining to a Birthday nail party held yesterday on Instagram.

Hint: it's going to be GLOW-tastic!! A must read!

KimettKolor Lets Avocuddle with Stamping Nail Art


November 7, 2016

Yellow Triangles Worth Melting For

You know what the worst thing about being sick is? Well, besides the whole being sick thing, that is. It's when you're just starting to get better enough for your brain to kick into gear, but your body is way, way, way not ready for any of the ideas being formed.

Yup. I've been down & out, very sick for a couple weeks or so. Suffice it to say, the list of nail art design ideas that is now in front of me is VERY long. Hence, I am probably a tad over-excited to have some color on my nails to show you today!!

Kimett Kolor Black White Yellow Triangle Stamping Nail Art


October 31, 2016

Swatch Spotlight - October 2016

Every now and then, I would like to take a moment and revisit some of the more special polish photos that were included within recent posts; and, occasionally introduce photos that haven't been previously published. While I'm not looking to become a formal polish swatcher, lately I have enjoyed showing off some of the beauties in my collection.

Kimett Kolor Polish Swatch Spotlight Collage October 2016

In a sense, these will be recap type posts. I can't say that I will do these following any specific time frames, just when there seems to be a small passel of them ready for viewing. Today's round up is more of a trial run; especially since I thought of doing this AFTER the fact. But hey, ideas come when they come, right?

At this point, I'll stop explaining and follow the wisdom of Shel Silverstein:
"Never explain what you do. It speaks for itself. You only muddle it by talking about it."
Except, of course to say, since this is my first go at this -- I hope when you reach the end, you'll let me know what you think. ;)


October 21, 2016

Just an Old Sweet Song

While contemplating a title for this post, I wanted to make a reference to the song, "Georgia On My Mind". In it, Ray Charles delivers a soothing harmony along with the music that encompasses the feeling of being comfortable.

This design was not pre-planned, I just set down and pulled it together. It seems that the feeling of being comfortable was in my subconscious and was what I was trying to evoke with this skittlette.

KimettKolor Purple and Houndstooth Nail Art

Also, there is strong link to the state of Georgia in two of the polishes that I used...not a coincidence.

Despite my rather deep introduction I'm taking the complexity of design down a notch from my recent posts. In this Fall inspired skittlette, the textured polish, the gradient of colors, the matte finish all played their part. The houndstooth pattern was the accent that finished the look.

From a fashion sense, I was going for that cashmere sweater with warm slacks type of look. It was the classic Fall comfort outfit for my nails. I kept my gradient on the "under-done" side to give a woolen feel to coordinate with the textured polish.

KimettKolor Purple and Houndstooth Nail Art

OK - now, isn't this purple polish serene?!!! I just love it to bits. It is perfectly pigmented and squishy. It happens to my favorite hue of the purple family. And it dries to a semi-gloss that I left with no top coat so you could see it in its "naked" glory.

Bonny, who is the sorceress behind the brand, Peach Tree Polish, recently launched her "Fall Into Autumn" collection -- and I bought them all! This polish had me hooked. Although, all five of them are terrific! The grey polish I used in the gradient is also from her collection.

KimettKolor Purple and Houndstooth Nail Art

Check out that purple and multi-chrome shimmer in this textured polish! I had fun taking pictures with the bottle to show it off even more. (And, off topic, but what a great name, huh?)

Polish Palette

  • Black/purple texture polish: Epitomy of Stupidity by Crows Toes Lacquer
  • Purple crelly polish: Callaway by Peachtree Polish
  • Grey creme polish: Stone Mountain by Peachtree Polish
  • Pale cool pink creme polish: Pink Sandals by Polish My Life
  • Houndstooth water decals (D303 by Pueen)

I left the textured polish, as well as my pinky, with out any top coat. The two accent nails have one coat of glossy top-coat (to seal in the water decal) and one coat of matte finish top-coat.

KimettKolor Purple and Houndstooth Nail Art

I enjoy these simpler designs every so often. For me, they're like a palette cleanser. If doing more complex nail art wasn't a hobby for me, I could see wearing looks like this every day.

What do you think?

Till next time,


October 15, 2016

Jack O' Lanterns for #maniswapcircle

Things that are illuminated at night have always fascinated me. Fireworks, stars in the night sky, fireflies, candles...and Jack O' Lanterns all draw me in. I type this, I'm wondering if I might have some type of insect DNA in know those that can't help but fly into the bug zappers...

Eiw!! Shivers. OK -- I've just ruined my enchanting opening for today's post haven't I? Wanna change the subject to nail art? Yes, please!

KimettKolor Jack O' Lantern Nail Art


October 3, 2016

"Little Boy Blue And The Man In The Moon" for #maniswapcircle - Special Baby Liam Edition

The voice of Cat Stevens was a familiar sound for me growing up. And, while I didn't realize until it was time to write up this post...I think the line from the lyrics of "Cat's In The Cradle" (included in my post title) must have been playing in my subconscious while planning this design.

Water Marble Stamping Nail Art by Kimett Kolor
Ultra Holo + Water Marble + Stamping =
Special Edition #maniswapcircle Nail Art for Baby Liam

Today's post will be on the short & sweet side, but meaningful nonetheless. And sparkly...


September 26, 2016

Stormy Skies Nail Art for Kelly

It's been a while since I made such a wonderful mess over a couple days to create a design. I had many polish bottles, brushes, paints, liquids, etc. spread out all over my work space. It felt good!! I admit, I waited one more day before tidying up -- viewing the aftermath was satisfying. Stormy Skies Nail Art
Purple storm cloud rolling in behind windmill in Colorado sky

So - has the title of this design peaked your interest? I hope so. I was able to include step-by-step pictures along with more details; as well as, the inspiration story and image to share with you today. Hope you'll click on to check it out!!


September 19, 2016

All Grey'd Out for #maniswapcircle


You all have me blushing and smiling with your entries and responses to my Blogiversary Giveaway....I think this feeling of warm fuzzies is going to stay with me a while.

Thank You. Thank You!!
(Haven't entered yet? Please do! Here's a direct link.  But, don't forget to come back and finish reading this post...OK?)

KimettKolor Grey Reverse Stamping on Calliope by Supernatural Lacquer
Light grey & silver colors for #maniswapcircle

There's been a lot of pink and red on Kimett Kolor lately...until today. I hope you'll read on and let me know what you think of my re-creation for the latest Mani Swap Circle.


September 16, 2016

Happy 3 Year Blogiversary Kimett Kolor!! Plus Giveaway!

C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-I-O-N time!!

It's been 3 years since I started Kimett Kolor!!

Wow. Just. Wow.

And, what a great adventure it has been! I've found a much greater enjoyment in nail art and blogging that I ever anticipated. Through this hobby, I've also made many connections with folks all over the world that I will always cherish. There are constant ways to grow and expand with new products and techniques. Indie brands have brought unique and more personal choices to nail art. For these reasons and many more, I'm very much looking forward to three more years (at least)!

Blog created: September 2013
Screen Capture shown above: September 2016

Thank you to everyone who has ever inspired me, helped me, supported me and encouraged me!! There aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe my gratitude.

In this post, I'll take a little trip down memory lane including a revisit of the very first post for a little THEN and NOW comparison.

Also, I hope you'll enter my Reader Appreciation GIVEAWAY (info and links at the end of the post). And, as a surprise BONUS - those that have commented on my blog in the past can earn 5 extra chances in the raffle!!

Here we go....


September 8, 2016

Crimson Flowers for #maniswapcircle

It is undeniable that nail art is more enjoyable when accompanied by really great polish. It's been three years since I started this blog and I'm unashamed to admit that I've amassed quite the collection. For me, having lots of choices makes the experience feel that much more decadent. Speaking of decadence...take a look at these nails...

KimettKolor Crimson Flowers Stamping Nail Art
Flash photography emphasizes the complexity of this polish

See the original inspiration for these copy-cat nails with beautiful (if I do say so myself) macro shots to show off this gorgeous polish included in the rest of this post.


September 6, 2016

Science Is Girly - Nail Art for Silvie

Hello. I have some special dotty nails to share with you today. There's a bit of an explanation that goes along with them that I'll get to during this post. But suffice it to say, I was in a unique brain space when coming up with these!

KimettKolor Science Is Girly Nail Art
Science Is Girly

You see...these nails were created for a unique gal. She likes pink and girly designs, she's got a cheeky sense of humor, and she's a physicist who studies optics and lasers. And, it was her birthday.

Who is this special person? What is going on with my nails? Read on to find out.


September 2, 2016

What About Stamping In Black?

So, I gabbed quite a bit about the smooshing technique in my last post - didn't I?

Well, I'm at it again. Today's post is more of a discussion about stamping, especially stamping in black, than it is about these nails.

KimettKolor Stamping in Black Nail Art Tips
Smoosh + Stamping = Perfect Match

Recently, I told a friend that I don't consider myself a tutorial type blogger. I prefer to include this type of chatter as a means of noting the things that I find helpful (and those not to do again) for my own growth in the nail art journey. Yes, blogging is my way of pretending I'm not talking to myself!

But I hope my writing about it benefits you too! In fact, I don't consider my stamping here a great example at all; rather, this design was instead quite the learning experience. And, that is just what I want to share.


August 26, 2016

Kimett's 100th Post! Readers Choice: Smoosh

As much as I truly love nail art blogging...
all of the parts behind the scenes, the nail art, the planning, the buying (and opening!), the photography, the writing, even the cuticle oiling (except filing my nails - that isn't my cup of tea, LOL) 
...I am not sure that I would still be at it today if it weren't for YOU! You don't have to visit every post, you don't even have to comment (although I get very excited when you do) - I just know that you're there and it makes it a connecting activity. So....

THANK YOU very much!!
It is very exciting to be sharing my 100th published post on Kimett Kolor today!!

KimettKolor Pink Lemonade Smoosh Nail Art
Pink Lemonade Smoosh (along with a lemon from the fridge)

As a result of the recent blog poll, you all chose the smoosh technique from the choices presented. And, since I'm the one who chose the choices -- I fully stand behind your choice!! LOL

Smooshing is so much fun. Hopefully you share that opinion too. And, if you're looking for smoosh tips and close up photos - this post is for you!


August 10, 2016

Summer Dribble Nail Art for Tracie

Hi there!!

As you know, I'm approaching my 100th blog post. And a little while ago I asked for you to vote on what you wanted to see for that milestone. You had four choices: Stamping, Smoosh, Water Marble, and Something New.


Second place, goes to: Something New! And that's exactly what I have for you today for post No. 99!

I can't wait to hear your reactions for this one!!

KimettKolor Summer Dribble Nail Art
Summertime colors dribbled all over my nails!

There is one special lady to thank for these incredibly fun-to-make and fun-to-wear nails -- Tracie!! A.K.A., MentalMoma to those on social media ;)

Want to know more about this new kind of nail art design? Keep on reading....


August 6, 2016

Lilac Lace for #maniswapcircle

Join me on the softer side of nail art for a moment today. It's a bit out of my comfort please be kind. Don't stare too intently...I might cower.

KimettKolor lilac lace stamping nail art
Yes, those are MY nails with flowery lace in soft lilac! 

But for the wonderful gals who make up the Mani Swap Circle, I don't think I would ever have had these nails to show. As much as I protest, though, I really do like them. More photos and details coming up....and the answer to what the original nail-artist's nails looked like will be revealed.


August 5, 2016

Outdoorsy Stamping for Justine

Hey there!!

I'm green with gusto for this on with it...

KimettKolor Nature Stamping Nail Art
Sniff, sniff...these flowers smell sweet!
For me, they must be a treat!

Yup, I'm sporting some nature on my nails today. Can you tell they have some influence other than mine? They do! Today is Justine's birthday and I had the honor of joining a group of 38 other ladies in wishing her a special day.

Justine has a unique spark that she adds to every nail design; and I'm wild about her in general too. One of many special friends I'm lucky to have been acquainted with through this nail art journey.

This design is my recreation of hers from Valentine's Day - only modified to be less romantic and more celebratory....let's see what you think...


July 29, 2016

Sunshine Nails - Part Two

I bet you thought I forgot about my two-part series of Sunshine Nails...

Nope. Life tried very hard to conspire against it -- but with determination, I present to you the second installment!

KimettKolor BlueYellow Sunshine Nail Art
Hello Sunshine!!

This design was my entry for the previous When Colours Collide collaboration (the group is just about to publish the next round). It is pretty obvious that the color prompts were Blue and Yellow - huh?

I have some awesome photos in this post - including a prop never before seen on a nail blog!!


July 26, 2016

Everything in Coral for #maniswapcircle


How's your day going? While I'm still reeling a bit from yesterday's post, I'm OK overall. I am still without the right words - so I'll move on.

What's in store for Kimett Kolor readers today, you ask? Another theme based on color!! Yippee!

KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Coral Skittle Nail Art
#maniswapcircle - Coral

You remember the last Mani Swap Circle I participated in; yes, of course you do. It was the Purple Peacock. Well, I'm back again with another recreation with a color twist.


July 25, 2016

In Memory of Ane Li

It is through teary eyes and with a very sad heart that I'm sharing this post today. Along with her friends and family, I'm joining many nail artists across the globe to memorialize Ane Li.

KimettKolor Nail Art - Ane Li Recreation
We will always miss you...

We lost a sparkling diamond from our community. Although, our memory of Ane Li will live on through the inspiration she provided us.

At a young age, Ane Li was an incredibly talented nail artist with over 800,000 followers on Instagram (@ane_li). She used many techniques, but her most special were her free-hand painting. I included some of my favorites of her designs in the collage above. Today, we are all posting a special recreation to mark this tragic loss.


July 18, 2016

Ahoy, there mates! It's Rong's Birthday...

Today's post is another Birthday insta-nail-gram! Well, aren't we just having too much fun lately!

Happy Birthday to Rong (@nail_it_rong)!

I am, and forever will be, indebted to the friends I've made through nail art. There is no doubt. In particular, this Birthday surprise gathering was an absolute blast. The ladies involved are super sweet, very fun and have brought little ole' fudddy-duddy me up to speed with a famous & delightful white cat.


July 15, 2016

Ratty Party for Leesha

Get your dancin' shoes on!

A very sweet gal named Leesha had a Birthday this week. She has several dear pets, and some of them are rats. I'm told, and am now sold on, that rats are highly intelligent and make very good companions. Although the little ratty's on my nails are not as cute as the pictures I've seen of several nail ladies' rats - I hope she enjoys this tribute.

KimettKolor Ratty Birthday Party Nail Art
Happy Birthday, Dear Leesha...Happy Birthday to You!

Before you decide if you want to read more - please know, in addition to more photos and details in this post, there is an absolutely adorable picture of a pet rat that might change your life if you see it. Really!


July 11, 2016

Sunshine Nails - Part One

Hi everyone!! I'm back from a little mini-blogcation. When the Fourth of July is near - my body says it's time to I did. Sort of.

But you're not here to hear about me - you want to see nails!!

KimettKolor Neon Sunshine Nail Art
Bright and sunny summer on my nails!

You may have spotted these in my Instagram feed - but I hope you'll read this post and see how these looked in the different lights (spoiler alert - AWESOME)!


June 25, 2016

Purple Peacock for #maniswapcircle

I bring you another recreation today - but with a twist. The objective was to take your assigned nail artist's design of your choice and recreate it IN PURPLE. How fun!!
KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Purple Peacock Nail Art
Are there really purple peacocks??

I admit after doing these, I did spend a few minutes looking online to see if such a dazzling bird existed in purple...turns out there is!! Although, they do not look exactly like my gal here. Yes, I know the males are more colorful, but the silhouette image I used on my ring finger looks feminine to me - so she's a she. Cuz I said so.

Want to find out more about this craziness? Of course you do, so please read on....


June 24, 2016

Party Hats for Lisa them or don't acknowledge them?

Well - no matter which side you're on, nail art for Birthdays are always fun! :)

KimettKolor Birthday Nail Art Stamping
Happy Birthday to Lisa!

By way of a very sweet Aussie girl, I was invited to join a Birthday celebration in the U.K. (again this month - how cool!!) for the honored guest Lisa of @lala_lacquer on Instagram. No traveling required. LOL.

Want to find out how I used artistic license in not-following, but following the rules? Read on...


June 14, 2016

Inspired by Cassis - Retro Geometrics Using Pueen Love Elements Stamping

With all the obstacles and negativity in the world, it is very reassuring to find a place that feels safe and supportive. In today's times this can be as important in the virtual world as it is in the physical one.

For me, the nail art community has been almost entirely a loving and encouraging place. As in any grouping of people, there are always the exceptions, but I'm finding more and more positive connections available every day.

KimettKolor Cassis Retro Geometric Nail Art
My recreation for #inspiredbycassis

This post is part of a worldwide "Thinking of You" collaboration that I was fortunate to participate in. I will share more of the details of how this came to be and you'll see it very much relates to my opening statements above.

First; the reveal! These nails are a recreation of the incredibly talented Cassis. She is well known in the nail art world - especially to those of us who do stamping.  She created this design a few months back and I wanted to give it a try. This collaboration was the spark I needed to actually do it.

I hope you'll check out the whole post - there's lots of good info, more pictures, and of course - the links to Cassis' original design and tutorial!


June 8, 2016

Glitter Covered Butterflies

If butterflies were dusted with glitter, would they still be able to fly? Hmmm......

Not to worry. No living (or otherwise) butterflies were harmed or disfigured in the making of these nails.

Sparkly glitter makes everything more fun!

First off, this design is not my brainchild. I was invited to join in another Birthday bash - how cool!! Today is Leonie's birthday and this design is a recreation of one of hers. She is very talented and well-known to us in the nail community - in fact, she is one of the ladies who run the group When Colours Collide!

Another very fabulous gal, Diana - who I have followed since before I started blogging, offered to host this surprise party and a bunch of us spammed Leonie on Instagram beginning at midnight (in her time zone). I include all the fun stuff, details, and more in this post - hope you'll read on!


June 2, 2016

Blue Toned Marble

Howdy! Today's post is sort of a follow up to last week's post. I made the decals at the same time as the others, just applied them to my nails another day later. Again, I used the drag marble technique, only this time with a much more random pattern. And thanks to a couple "secret ingredients" they worked out. Despite the flaws - I loved them!

KimettKolor Blue Toned Marble Nail Art
Marble: with the blues...

Here's betting that you'll keep reading....why? Because I will reveal the "secret ingredients" (then they won't be secret anymore...hmmmm); and...there are MORE pics, details, bonus collages and well...that's enough, right?


May 24, 2016

Spiral Drag Marble - featuring ITNOP Fun Days and Neon Craze

Are you ready for a big punch of color? I hope so because today's post is going to knock your socks off with neon creamy polish perfection!

Swirls of scrumptious colors...

I can't take full credit for the awesomeness here though. This design is a recreation that I did as part of a surprise Birthday collaboration on Instagram for a delightful lady named Bonny (@bonny_nails). Happy Birthday, belated, and again, Bonny!

Now, of course, you're going to keep scrolling so that you can drool over these amazing polishes from In The Name of Polish; and, because I took more pictures...naturally!


May 23, 2016

Pink Spring

Here in the US, Memorial Day is just around the corner, reminding me I had a Spring color scheme in mind for nails. Fortunately, I was able to bring to it to fruition before the Summer season gets kicked off. Soon enough the really hot weather will be here...but for today, it's still Spring on Kimett Kolor! :)

Kimett Kolor Nail Art Abstract Floral Spring Glitter
Abstract Flowers and Glitter Explosion


May 13, 2016

Rainbow Watermarble Skittle Fun

Hey there. Is this screen taken?

Kimett Kolor News Flash! It's official. I completely turn into a frenzied child when I attempt watermarble nails. And, with a new (to me) tool - it seems there's no getting me to focus! (Even my cameras had a hard time...LOL.)

Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
I present to you - a very much unplanned all-out colorful and flawed rainbow watermarble design!

I wasn't going to post this design, but the lovely women of Instagram reacted so well to these that they changed my mind. (Although, I did use a picture that was shot in soft focus...that might have been the trick...*wink*)

So, here goes - prepare yourself for lots of neon color swirling around with no particular structure or destination in mind...

This lovely collage was created for the group by Mary Mich of Dreamy MM

Sing along with me...
Why are there so many
Songs about rainbows?
And what's on the other side
Rainbows have visions
And only illusions
Rainbows have nothing to hide
So we've been told
And some choose to believe it
I know they're wrong wait and see
Someday we'll find it
The rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers and me
~The Rainbow Connection, Muppets

I was a big-time Muppet fan in my youth. (Yes, I used the word was...are you arguing with me?) So, after being invited into another Facebook group, Dressed Up In Polish, I jumped (hopped?) at the chance to participate in their Rainbow theme collaboration. This song has been in my head ever since...thank you Kermit.

Seriously though, everyone did a great job in this collaboration. Being new, this group is still fairly small. However, I have a feeling, there will be many more in next month's Dressed Up In Polish twin-mani themed collage!!

Such a fun excuse to get out all the colors of the rainbow and wear them all at once!

Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
Bottle polish shown is Plutonium (Can you see the pink shimmer peeking out of the bottle under my middle nail?)

Perfect timing too - because I recently took advantage of a special priced pre-sale of some very cool and unique neons by Native War Paints. One of their newer neon collections is called "Dirty Neons" and they are not your typical primary solid neon. Instead they are a more secondary color based neon with contrasting shimmer in each one. They're vibrant, but in their own way. That spoke to me (and my wallet).
Because I didn't expect to post these, I didn't take the extra time to really capture these beautiful polishes properly. I'm sorry. I'll just have to subject you to them again!! Yay!!
I used all six colors in each of my watermarble designs. (Note: I just didn't always get all six in the patterns on my nails.) The colors are Radioactive, Nuclear, Fallout, Uranium, Plutonium, and Atomic. They all are show-stoppers! Everyone should own them all, but they can be purchased separately.

Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
Taken with artificial lighting and flash (bottle colors are a bit warmer than in real life)

These polishes were made with watermarbling in mind, so someone as rusty and un-skilled as me still got really pretty patterns spread out in the water!! Oh, and that tool I mentioned - it is a watermarble tool that I got from the online store What's Up Nails (Item: Pure Color No. 7). It has the handle of a nail art brush, but instead of a brush it has a long metal end graduating to a very small point. This is perfect for poking and prodding the colors into designs (much better than a toothpick or needle stuck into a pencil eraser). Pictured in my product shot below.

Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
This is the picture I posted on Instagram - the defects are less visible on our phones....

Background: It's been 21 months since I attempted to watermarble. And, that one really was an utter fail. So much so, that I stamped over it immediately. Technically, the only real watermarble posted on Kimett Kolor previously is this one. In it I used pastel wintry colors. Although the colors are opposite, my results were similarly unruly. I had actually sought out tutorials and advice (see the post for great links). Hmmmm....will Kimett ever be able to control herself and create a "real" watermarble design?

Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
An early Summertime watermarble!!

Interesting to note - for the most part, I used to polish and decorate in order of pinky to thumb. But somewhere along the line, I seem to have reversed that order. Do you think it matters? What's your method?

Design Details

You know that the truth of the matter is I didn't have any self-control; but I'm once again calling these watermarbles a skittle mani (where each nail is different), as if it was done on purpose.

My thumb was 99% disastrous - but only because I didn't leave myself enough room at the edge of the glass with the pattern I wanted. Still not, awful for my first attempt. But...I didn't take a picture since it wasn't pretty - so you'll just have to imagine a gunky mess at the top surrounded by bare white nail base.

Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
Top left - Index                                 Top right - Middle
Bottom left - Ring                             Bottom right - Pinky

My index nail's colors look a bit more muted than the rest and that's because I dipped the finger into the pattern made right after I took my thumb out. Yup, I couldn't control myself. I know, I'm supposed to clean up all the polish and start again....but it was so pretty! I do really like the pattern I got though.

The middle nail's marble is OK. I used a swirly pattern instead of a concentric one. The result wasn't that great, but still fun. The pattern and directionality are cool, I just didn't get even coverage.

Now the ring nail - I'm getting the groove. Sort of. I tried out a "stripe" pattern and found it is less difficult than I imagined - although I've got lots of practice to get it done better. And I missed the red color in the placement.

And finally - my pinky nail - is almost Awesome! It's a little closer to the more standard watermarble pattern. I got nice vibrant colors and interesting variations in stripes, some swoosh and I didn't hit the edge of the glass or other things to ruin the image. Woohoo!!

Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
No special posing needed - these were so fun to wear!!

So, since I spent the time to do the nails, and at least these four were "acceptable", I quickly took some pictures and submitted my entry with minutes to spare for the Rainbow Collaboration. The group is very welcoming and supportive, I didn't want to not send in a design and I knew I wouldn't be picked on for my lack of perfection. Thank you ladies!

Products Used

Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
Products used (sans room-temp bottled water)

Confession: I only remembered to take the time to put the latex barrier on my finger before starting the watermarble twice. So, I can tell you that as vibrant as these polishes are, they clean-up off your skin very well and with little difficulty. If you were on the fence about getting these...You're welcome.

Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
Last one...

Well, it almost feels like a crime to say I learned a lot because I had so much fun. I am definitely NOT going to wait long before doing watermarbling again! And, I will try to do a better job of making a coherent design without all the bang-ups. As it turns out, these were just too colorful to not see the light of day on the blog.

And, thank you to all of the wonderfully supportive ladies out there who follow, like and especially leave me terrifically boosting comments on Instagram!!! I wouldn't have done this post otherwise. You ladies rock!!

Now, dear readers, if you wan to leave me nice complements below - I wouldn't be opposed to that either... :) Seriously though - any comments (even critical ones) and questions are welcome!!

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