February 29, 2016

Yellow and Gray, Smoosh and Glitter

Hi there!! And, Happy Leap Year!

How is it that with an extra day the month still wooshes by...? Do you know? Nope. Me Neither. Anyway....here's my nail art for the day:


Even though I'm fighting a crappy cold/sinus beast...I had to join #WhenColoursCollide's Yellow and Grey challenge. As you may know, yellow is my favorite color after all. And...this is going to be a shorter post, as my head needs a lie-down, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.


February 26, 2016

Kolorful Skittle Nails with Heart Tips - with Pictorial

As the month of L-O-V-E comes to an end, I have just one question for you. Do you like hearts? I do! I know it's girly and maybe immature, but I can't help myself. I do! And, what a better way to show some hearts than with lots of Kolor!!

Many folks subscribe to the idea that we don't need a specific day or month to show our loved ones some extra attention - and I agree. However, it sure is a fun excuse for a Valentine's Day nail art challenge! Here is the design that I painted for the Facebook group centered around love for the awesome Indie brand, Polish My Life.

KimettKolor Heart-Tips Skittle Nail Art

Lots of #livelovepml in the photos and details that follow!


February 16, 2016

Neon Jelly Dry Brush - featuring a few of Doctor Lacquer's Kaleidoscope World Jellies

Hi all!
I probably shouldn't be working on this post right now as my head is stuffy & achy (as is the rest of me) - so I'm a bit of a dim bulb right now...

However, these nails inject lots of brightness, that's for sure!!
I believe the doctor, aka Angelyn of Doctor Lacquer, has prescribed just the right cure!!

#whencolourscollide purple_organge_pink nail art KimettKolor

Now, if your eyes aren't too seared by the blinding beauty (LOL), I hope you'll read on for all the fun details, polish & challenge info, and MORE photos. Maybe....grab your sunglasses? ;)

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