Multi-stamping Blue for Knitty Nails Birthday

Birthday Celebration Nail Art!!

Two very sweet gals organized a surprise Birthday collaboration for Debbie – known as Knitty Nails; and they invited me to join in!! How cool is that!

Debbie is a very good knitter and most of her nail design photos include her creations. She is also known as the queen of the multi-stamp design. She combines patterns and colors with mastery. Oh, and she’s also a really swell person who is very nice and supportive. And…she blogs!!! Simply put, she’s amazing!

Nail Art Multiple Stamping Blue Kimett Kolor
Happy Birthday, Debbie!!
Triple stamping with sheer blue wash in your honor. <3

I’m still in awe of the process and outcome used to create this design “Debbie style” and hopefully I’ve got all the right pictures and words to convey that. Plus, there is a design of hers featured (my inspiration) in this post. Hope you enjoy…

OK, so some background info. This collaboration was done in secret culminating with the reveal of this group collage posted on Instagram and on the internet today.

Look at all of this Birthday nail love!! Debbie deserves it!

Natasha (@natasha_dauncey) and Angela (@glacewing) were the masters of the operation. They chose the theme of blue stamped nails, preferably double or triple stamped. It was open ended, we could chose the design we wanted as long as it fit those parameters. These gals did a great job and were very considerate to all of us around the globe dealing with different time zones, etc. Thank you ladies!

Nail Art Multiple Stamping Blue Kimett Kolor
My nails shown with a hand-knitted scarf (thanks, Mom!)

As if it’s not enough that Debbie creates masterpiece nail designs, she also shares with us pictures of each step she took in making them. I know I am always impressed with how she even thinks to do what she does, never mind her execution. She also makes these great photo collages of her design transformations; a trademark of hers, you could say.


I took eight steps in creating these nails. Here is my collage “Debbie Style”.

Nail Art Multiple Stamping Blue Kimett Kolor
From plain base polish to the final result, phew!
(Starting with top left, moving down and then to the right, final result in large square)


  1. Plaint blue base polishΒ 
  2. Stamp tiny floral pattern in white
  3. Apply a “wash” of sheer blue
  4. Stamp larger floral pattern in white
  5. Apply another “wash” of sheer blue
  6. Stamp inverse image of the larger floral pattern in white
  7. Apply another “wash” of sheer blue
  8. Matte finish topcoat

Below is the collage post of Debbie’s that was the inspiration for my design. It is just one of many, many awesome and intricate looks. I hope you’ll check her blog out (and maybe subscribe), she’s been blogging since 2012!

Here is link to her blog post that contains this design: Feb-March Challenge Catch-Up Post.

Also, here is a link to a view of Debbie’s Instagram account for those who don’t have Instagram – I hope you’ll check it out. Knitty-Nails on IG

As much as I’ve admired Debbie’s nails for some time now, I really didn’t appreciate the intriquing nature of blending stamp images together in this way until now. It was and will be a memorable experience! One to repeat, for sure.

Nail Art Multiple Stamping Blue Kimett Kolor
The sheer jelly applied a watercolor wash effect, varying intensities of color over the white areas – it was so fun to do!!

As in the case with designs that involve “building” layers…it is often hard to know when to stop. And, let me tell you, it was hard not to stop after double stamping. (Heck, I even liked it with just the one plain stamp in white!) So, I took a few extra photos at this stage, just in case.

Nail Art Multiple Stamping Blue Kimett Kolor
Double stamping – please ignore the smudges on the index & pinky (they weren’t quite dry enough when I wrapped my hand in the scarf for the step-by-step photos – oops!)


Nail Art Multiple Stamping Blue Kimett Kolor
These silk flowers looked similar to the second stamp image.
No outdoor photos this time – like many I’m affected by the war with pollen & allergies… πŸ™

Even now as I look over these photos, I’m very glad I did venture forth adding the third stamping and washing layer. Especially because it covered up the sins of the first and second layers. Smirk.


Nail Art Multiple Stamping Blue Kimett Kolor
Basket weaving is like knitting – yes?
Outdoor shade (brief outing only 3 feet from my back door)


Products Used

The key items used


  • Stamp plate (for all 3 images) – FUN15, Stamper Gold XL, and clean-up brush – all from Fab Ur Nails
  • Blue matte polish (my plain base) – Temperance by Virtuous Lacquer
  • White stamping polish – Konad
  • Blue sheer jelly polish – Point of Blue by Essie from their Silk Watercolor Kits
  • Not shown: Base coat – All Your Base by Pretty Serious, Top coats – Rapid Dry and Matte by OPI


Nail Art Multiple Stamping Blue Kimett Kolor
One last look….

I was deliriously happy with these – but in truth it is also because I was pressed for time and didn’t go through any testing nor much preparations for these, and they still came out passable. I’ve had a particularly bad and long lasting pain bout this month and was lucky to have a few blips of fairly tolerable moments to do these and process the photos, etc. Doing nail art & blogging is such a big part of my coping methods with chronic pain; I really look forward to it. Thanks for being here with me!

[Clears throat…hmmm, hmmm….] Moving on….

These actually looked really cool at arm’s length…but alas there was no model available. LOL
What are your thoughts? I’ll be blue if you don’t tell me…. (pun intended).

EDIT: Added on May 7, 2016: This slideshow gives another look at the steps involved in this design. It was created for Instagram, but I added it to my YouTube channel also.

In closing, I am completely tickled to have been invited and able to participate in this fun surprise collaboration for Debbie!! Thank you Natasha and Angela for thinking of me and putting all of this together. Amazing and fun nail art done by everyone who participated!! A great experience!!

Till Next Time,

  • Debbie Jarman

    wow!! what an amazing post! thank you for all the PR as well as doing this awesome mani, especially as you are struggling with pain, It means so much to me! lots of love xxx

    • Hey Birthday Queen!! Do you like that you were dubbed royal? Hope so, it is with respect and appreciation for all you do, supporting us and sharing your talent. πŸ™‚

      I’m really glad you had the chance to read the post. And very glad it worked out that I could participate as you’ve been a faithful follower. There have been other opportunities that I wasn’t able to take part, but happy this one worked out.

      And, you got me over my hesitation of multiple stamping too!! Thank you!

  • OMG – this is absolutely gorgeous, I love everything about it!!!

    • Thank you very much!! Your praise means a lot!! 😘

  • CurlyGirl66

    These are SO pretty! I love the tonal quality and the delicate look. I would love to see it done in person (hint! maybe when I see you in person:) I am so glad you have found an avenue that gives you joy and one for which you have such talent! Great Job!

    • So sorry for the delayed response! πŸ™

      I was looking for the right descriptive – and you found it – the tonal quality – I like that. Especially because after the third stamping layer, you can’t really discern the first two anymore – they just add to the depth without any clarity. This doesn’t have to be the case with multiple stamping – done differently you can capture the detail of all of the layers. I just didn’t get that in my first and un-tested try.

      It is fantastic to think of you HERE in the Kolor Korner in person again!! I’ve started the count-down clock…. πŸ™‚

      Thanks again for stopping by and wielding such praise!

    • PS – I added a little video (slideshow) to the post at the end if you’re interested in seeing the steps. You can choose to see it in full screen (icon on bottom right) to get a closer look at the pictures. πŸ˜‰

  • CurlyGirl66

    I enjoyed the video (aren’t you getting professional!!) and when I went back to reread your post, I did see the first & second layers better (coz I knew what I was looking for) in one of the subsequent layers, but not the final. I can see how each time with each stamping plate the outcome could be different. What fun!

    • Cool! Glad you got another look and it still was pleasing. It was fun finding out what it would look like (and a little scary as I was just going for it on my nails without testing without any time for disaster). Thanks for re-visiting!! πŸ˜‰

  • Silvie Ngo

    This is a fantastic blog post Kimett! Your pictures are amazing and I love the way you show the products you used at the end. I might have to start doing that too for my blog. It was really fun to be a part of this surprise belated birthday nail celebration for Debbie. She really is a sweetie and deserves all the instalove. I love the layers you’ve done here. You went to such effort with 8 steps! WoW! I am in awe ^_^


    • You’re very kind, Silvie!! Thanks for reading and commenting – how cool to see you here!! I really appreciate your feedback too! Sometimes I waffle about whether to do a product picture or not — but you’re the second person to say they like them…so I will try to be more consistent with them. πŸ˜‰

      It was amazingly fun to be included in Debbie’s Birthday bash – and boy does she ever deserve all the hoopla!! All eight steps worth!! LOL!! πŸ™‚

      Thank you!!

  • Anna Ya

    Hello Kimmet ! You ve done a FANTASTIC job with this na. So nice ! I ve discovered your blog through nailpolis and i ll be following you because of this specific na !
    I ve been reading the steps you followed to do it and i wonder what do you mean by
    Apply a wash of polish ? Thank you and keep inspiring me !!

    • Hi Anna! Your comment has made my day!! I’m super thrilled to hear that you like my nail art and that you will be sticking around!! I do try to keep my Nailpolis account up to date. Glad to know that is how you found me. THANKS!!

      And, thank you for your question!!! Sorry I wasn’t as clear in my post as I should have been (I see that now after re-reading it today).

      What I’m calling the “wash” step is just applying a thin coat of the blue jelly polish. I love jelly polishes, and have many. The ones that are more sheer than others, like these from Essie (their watercolor collection) give a particularly unique look that reminds me of the wash technique used with actual watercolor painting.

      Thank you again!! You’ve put a giant smile on my face today!!

      • Anna Ya

        Thank you for your enthousiastic comment and the info on jelly polishes and i am very happy to imagine that giant smile ! Keep it this way !

  • Anna Ya

    Ps i am on nailpolis under “Barbouilleuse”

    • Oh, I’m so glad you included this — I will now go find you… πŸ˜‰

      • Anna Ya