June 25, 2016

Purple Peacock for #maniswapcircle

I bring you another recreation today - but with a twist. The objective was to take your assigned nail artist's design of your choice and recreate it IN PURPLE. How fun!!
KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Purple Peacock Nail Art
Are there really purple peacocks??

I admit after doing these, I did spend a few minutes looking online to see if such a dazzling bird existed in purple...turns out there is!! Although, they do not look exactly like my gal here. Yes, I know the males are more colorful, but the silhouette image I used on my ring finger looks feminine to me - so she's a she. Cuz I said so.

Want to find out more about this craziness? Of course you do, so please read on....


June 24, 2016

Party Hats for Lisa

Birthdays...love them or don't acknowledge them?

Well - no matter which side you're on, nail art for Birthdays are always fun! :)

KimettKolor Birthday Nail Art Stamping
Happy Birthday to Lisa!

By way of a very sweet Aussie girl, I was invited to join a Birthday celebration in the U.K. (again this month - how cool!!) for the honored guest Lisa of @lala_lacquer on Instagram. No traveling required. LOL.

Want to find out how I used artistic license in not-following, but following the rules? Read on...


June 14, 2016

Inspired by Cassis - Retro Geometrics Using Pueen Love Elements Stamping

With all the obstacles and negativity in the world, it is very reassuring to find a place that feels safe and supportive. In today's times this can be as important in the virtual world as it is in the physical one.

For me, the nail art community has been almost entirely a loving and encouraging place. As in any grouping of people, there are always the exceptions, but I'm finding more and more positive connections available every day.

KimettKolor Cassis Retro Geometric Nail Art
My recreation for #inspiredbycassis

This post is part of a worldwide "Thinking of You" collaboration that I was fortunate to participate in. I will share more of the details of how this came to be and you'll see it very much relates to my opening statements above.

First; the reveal! These nails are a recreation of the incredibly talented Cassis. She is well known in the nail art world - especially to those of us who do stamping.  She created this design a few months back and I wanted to give it a try. This collaboration was the spark I needed to actually do it.

I hope you'll check out the whole post - there's lots of good info, more pictures, and of course - the links to Cassis' original design and tutorial!


June 8, 2016

Glitter Covered Butterflies

If butterflies were dusted with glitter, would they still be able to fly? Hmmm......

Not to worry. No living (or otherwise) butterflies were harmed or disfigured in the making of these nails.

Sparkly glitter makes everything more fun!

First off, this design is not my brainchild. I was invited to join in another Birthday bash - how cool!! Today is Leonie's birthday and this design is a recreation of one of hers. She is very talented and well-known to us in the nail community - in fact, she is one of the ladies who run the group When Colours Collide!

Another very fabulous gal, Diana - who I have followed since before I started blogging, offered to host this surprise party and a bunch of us spammed Leonie on Instagram beginning at midnight (in her time zone). I include all the fun stuff, details, and more in this post - hope you'll read on!


June 2, 2016

Blue Toned Marble

Howdy! Today's post is sort of a follow up to last week's post. I made the decals at the same time as the others, just applied them to my nails another day later. Again, I used the drag marble technique, only this time with a much more random pattern. And thanks to a couple "secret ingredients" they worked out. Despite the flaws - I loved them!

KimettKolor Blue Toned Marble Nail Art
Marble: with the blues...

Here's betting that you'll keep reading....why? Because I will reveal the "secret ingredients" (then they won't be secret anymore...hmmmm); and...there are MORE pics, details, bonus collages and well...that's enough, right?

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