August 26, 2016

Kimett's 100th Post! Readers Choice: Smoosh

As much as I truly love nail art blogging...
all of the parts behind the scenes, the nail art, the planning, the buying (and opening!), the photography, the writing, even the cuticle oiling (except filing my nails - that isn't my cup of tea, LOL) 
...I am not sure that I would still be at it today if it weren't for YOU! You don't have to visit every post, you don't even have to comment (although I get very excited when you do) - I just know that you're there and it makes it a connecting activity. So....

THANK YOU very much!!
It is very exciting to be sharing my 100th published post on Kimett Kolor today!!

KimettKolor Pink Lemonade Smoosh Nail Art
Pink Lemonade Smoosh (along with a lemon from the fridge)

As a result of the recent blog poll, you all chose the smoosh technique from the choices presented. And, since I'm the one who chose the choices -- I fully stand behind your choice!! LOL

Smooshing is so much fun. Hopefully you share that opinion too. And, if you're looking for smoosh tips and close up photos - this post is for you!


August 10, 2016

Summer Dribble Nail Art for Tracie

Hi there!!

As you know, I'm approaching my 100th blog post. And a little while ago I asked for you to vote on what you wanted to see for that milestone. You had four choices: Stamping, Smoosh, Water Marble, and Something New.


Second place, goes to: Something New! And that's exactly what I have for you today for post No. 99!

I can't wait to hear your reactions for this one!!

KimettKolor Summer Dribble Nail Art
Summertime colors dribbled all over my nails!

There is one special lady to thank for these incredibly fun-to-make and fun-to-wear nails -- Tracie!! A.K.A., MentalMoma to those on social media ;)

Want to know more about this new kind of nail art design? Keep on reading....


August 6, 2016

Lilac Lace for #maniswapcircle

Join me on the softer side of nail art for a moment today. It's a bit out of my comfort please be kind. Don't stare too intently...I might cower.

KimettKolor lilac lace stamping nail art
Yes, those are MY nails with flowery lace in soft lilac! 

But for the wonderful gals who make up the Mani Swap Circle, I don't think I would ever have had these nails to show. As much as I protest, though, I really do like them. More photos and details coming up....and the answer to what the original nail-artist's nails looked like will be revealed.


August 5, 2016

Outdoorsy Stamping for Justine

Hey there!!

I'm green with gusto for this on with it...

KimettKolor Nature Stamping Nail Art
Sniff, sniff...these flowers smell sweet!
For me, they must be a treat!

Yup, I'm sporting some nature on my nails today. Can you tell they have some influence other than mine? They do! Today is Justine's birthday and I had the honor of joining a group of 38 other ladies in wishing her a special day.

Justine has a unique spark that she adds to every nail design; and I'm wild about her in general too. One of many special friends I'm lucky to have been acquainted with through this nail art journey.

This design is my recreation of hers from Valentine's Day - only modified to be less romantic and more celebratory....let's see what you think...

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