Crimson Flowers for #maniswapcircle

It is undeniable that nail art is more enjoyable when accompanied by really great polish. It’s been three years since I started this blog and I’m unashamed to admit that I’ve amassed quite the collection. For me, having lots of choices makes the experience feel that much more decadent. Speaking of decadence…take a look at these nails…

KimettKolor Crimson Flowers Stamping Nail Art
Flash photography emphasizes the complexity of this polish

See the original inspiration for these copy-cat nails with beautiful (if I do say so myself) macro shots to show off this gorgeous polish included in the rest of this post.

As the title suggests, I created these for the Mani Swap Circle on Instagram. It’s a lot of fun to discover new-to-me nail artists and then try on their style in the assigned color.

KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Red Nail Art
#maniswapcircle collage with Sreya’s and my nail art

The most recent challenge was to re-create someone’s design in the designated red color theme. My assigned nail artist was Sreya (@bsreya). She has really pretty, long nails and lots of posted nail art to choose from. I had a hard time picking a design, but at the last minute went with her tone on tone stamping design. I even had the same exact stamping plate to use.

Sreya’s design

Co-hosts Angela and Natasha of the #maniswapcircle do a phenomenal job keeping track of the changing list of participants, doling out the assignments and collecting everyone’s entries. If you’re interested in joining please visit their Instagram accounts, @glacewingΒ and @natasha_daunceyΒ respectively.

I liked that Sreya chose a dark polish with some shimmer and depth to it as the base for the tone on tone stamping design. It was the perfect opportunity to take out this beautiful red polish from my aforementioned large collection. I do remember the days when I had just a few red polishes…now I have fun spending time picking out JUST the right one. Rationalization? Nah.

KimettKolor Blood/Lust Renaissance Cosmetics
Beautiful deep red jelly with lots of glitter and flakies


KimettKolor Blood/Lust Renaissance Cosmetics
This macro shot *almost* captures the magic of this polish in real life


KimettKolor Blood/Lust Renaissance Cosmetics
Even “Cindy” insisted on wearing this beauty and being photographed with it

After seeing these pictures, do you see why it’s completely necessary to own lots of polish? C’mon….say yes. Thank you. πŸ™‚

KimettKolor Crimson Flowers Stamping Nail Art
Just look at that amazing sparkle in the bottle!!

Design Details

On my own, I would not have chosen to pair this stamping image with this polish if it weren’t for Sreya’s influence. The stamping also brought out the color shifts that this polish has under different lighting. Most of the time it reminded me of the red hot cinnamon hearts that will always be my favorite Valentine’s candy. But when paired with a flower image, it gave a whole other vibe.


KimettKolor Crimson Flowers Stamping Nail Art
Crimson flowers

Bundle Monster released a Shangri-La stamping plate collection last summer as a set of square flowing image plates. This specific plate is called Cosmic BlossomΒ (BM-S104).

Bundle Monster stamp plate BM-S104
image from Bundle Monsster’s website

The area used on our nails is from the large flower in the upper right hand corner. You can see much more of the image on Sreya’s longer nail canvas, but I think it still worked on my shorter nails too. These kinds of plates with continuous images give a variety of options.


KimettKolor Crimson Flowers Stamping Nail Art
This open flower image allowed the beauty of the polish to show through
KimettKolor Crimson Flowers Stamping Nail Art


Polish Palette

  • Red base: Blood/Lust by Renaissance Cosmetics
    (Meghan of Will Paint Nails For Food is the mastermind behind this brand. Last year she finished her PhD, moved from Canada to the US and began her career. Her polish shop is currently closed; yet, I’m hopeful that her life at some point soon will again support her nail art and polish making. Until then, I’m enjoying the beauties I purchased from her.)
  • Stamp plate: BM-S104 (available seperately and in the Shangri-La collection) by Bundle Monster
  • Stamping Polish: #51 Tulip by Mundo de Unas


KimettKolor Crimson Flowers Stamping Nail Art
Half-sun, half shade to show the stamping better
KimettKolor Crimson Flowers Stamping Nail Art
Perfect polish for late Summer/early Fall
KimettKolor Crimson Flowers Stamping Nail Art
A rare moment with no bees on this flower
KimettKolor Crimson Flowers Stamping Nail Art
Sunlight brings out the cranberry side of this beauty
KimettKolor Crimson Flowers Stamping Nail Art
My entry photo for #maniswapcircle in Red

I decided to let the photos do most of the talking today. However, if there’s anything I left out, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

Also – let me know what you think of these. Do you like the tone-on-tone stamping designs? I hope so as I love to do them every so often. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for visiting!!!

Till Next Time,

  • It is a really gorgeous result – love it very much!

    • I’m glad you loved these Maria! That means a lot to me, I wish I had better stamping execution that day, but it was still very enjoyable to wear.

      • On your “bad days” you still are way better than I am πŸ˜€

        • So sweet of you to say so – but not true! (I owe your blog some attention – hope to catch up soon! I’ve been ill for a bit.)

  • CurlyGirl66

    They say imitation is the best form of flattery………..and you nailed it!! I like the combination that you came up with (you knew I would!!) The simplicity of the design really let both elements shine. I am in constant awe of how much attention to detail you nail artists put into your craft. Looking at that stamping plate, I would not have seen the possibility of the design you came up with had you not pointed it out. AND those MACRO shots…………gorgeous!!!!

    • Happy to hear you weren’t disappointed that I picked this design, it was not for any reason other than supplies that I didn’t go with one that we had been discussing. It is very true – I have Sreya to thank for using that image, especially with this combination. Thank you so very much for your kind words!! They are truly music to my ears!! <3

  • I know you know that I LOVE tone on tone and could wear it over and over!! And this is such a beautiful design! That red polish is off the hook…and you have to have many to be able to pick one this perfect. Justified. Love the pic with the flower! So kind of the bees to get the hell off for you! <3

    • First an apology for being so late replying…although you knew I was ill…but, still…

      Thanks so very much for your high praises!! And also for the support in my “need” of ALL the polishes!! πŸ™‚ Oh – and you would have gotten a big chuckle (once you knew I was OK) watching me do a herky jerky dash away from the flowers when the bees decided I had taken 1 too many pictures! They were intense! The things we do for our blogs, right?!

  • Gorgeous recreation! I absolutely LOVE the colours. That red jelly is so beautiful!

    • So sorry to be replying so late – I wasn’t feeling well and got behind. But, I did see your comment right away and it made me smile!! Thank you so much for letting me know you liked these nails – I really appreciate it!! And, yes – I was super glad to get a chance to use that red polish and show it off! πŸ™‚

  • vicky baker

    Kim I adore these. The base colour is stunning, it’s the perfect time of year for some autumnal shades and the toned stamping is subtle, yet effective. It’s gorgeous!
    Vicky xx

    • Thanks Vicky!! So sorry to be replying with such a delay – I wasn’t feeling well for a few too many days. Anyway, I’m glad you liked this re-creation of Sreya’s design. Tonal stamping is always a win (it helps hide the flaws in which I had quite a few). ;-P

      Thank you so very much for the blog lovin’!!