October 31, 2016

Swatch Spotlight - October 2016

Every now and then, I would like to take a moment and revisit some of the more special polish photos that were included within recent posts; and, occasionally introduce photos that haven't been previously published. While I'm not looking to become a formal polish swatcher, lately I have enjoyed showing off some of the beauties in my collection.

Kimett Kolor Polish Swatch Spotlight Collage October 2016

In a sense, these will be recap type posts. I can't say that I will do these following any specific time frames, just when there seems to be a small passel of them ready for viewing. Today's round up is more of a trial run; especially since I thought of doing this AFTER the fact. But hey, ideas come when they come, right?

At this point, I'll stop explaining and follow the wisdom of Shel Silverstein:
"Never explain what you do. It speaks for itself. You only muddle it by talking about it."
Except, of course to say, since this is my first go at this -- I hope when you reach the end, you'll let me know what you think. ;)


October 21, 2016

Just an Old Sweet Song

While contemplating a title for this post, I wanted to make a reference to the song, "Georgia On My Mind". In it, Ray Charles delivers a soothing harmony along with the music that encompasses the feeling of being comfortable.

This design was not pre-planned, I just set down and pulled it together. It seems that the feeling of being comfortable was in my subconscious and was what I was trying to evoke with this skittlette.

KimettKolor Purple and Houndstooth Nail Art

Also, there is strong link to the state of Georgia in two of the polishes that I used...not a coincidence.

Despite my rather deep introduction there...today I'm taking the complexity of design down a notch from my recent posts. In this Fall inspired skittlette, the textured polish, the gradient of colors, the matte finish all played their part. The houndstooth pattern was the accent that finished the look.

From a fashion sense, I was going for that cashmere sweater with warm slacks type of look. It was the classic Fall comfort outfit for my nails. I kept my gradient on the "under-done" side to give a woolen feel to coordinate with the textured polish.

KimettKolor Purple and Houndstooth Nail Art

OK - now, isn't this purple polish serene?!!! I just love it to bits. It is perfectly pigmented and squishy. It happens to my favorite hue of the purple family. And it dries to a semi-gloss that I left with no top coat so you could see it in its "naked" glory.

Bonny, who is the sorceress behind the brand, Peach Tree Polish, recently launched her "Fall Into Autumn" collection -- and I bought them all! This polish had me hooked. Although, all five of them are terrific! The grey polish I used in the gradient is also from her collection.

KimettKolor Purple and Houndstooth Nail Art

Check out that purple and multi-chrome shimmer in this textured polish! I had fun taking pictures with the bottle to show it off even more. (And, off topic, but what a great name, huh?)

Polish Palette

  • Black/purple texture polish: Epitomy of Stupidity by Crows Toes Lacquer
  • Purple crelly polish: Callaway by Peachtree Polish
  • Grey creme polish: Stone Mountain by Peachtree Polish
  • Pale cool pink creme polish: Pink Sandals by Polish My Life
  • Houndstooth water decals (D303 by Pueen)

I left the textured polish, as well as my pinky, with out any top coat. The two accent nails have one coat of glossy top-coat (to seal in the water decal) and one coat of matte finish top-coat.

KimettKolor Purple and Houndstooth Nail Art

I enjoy these simpler designs every so often. For me, they're like a palette cleanser. If doing more complex nail art wasn't a hobby for me, I could see wearing looks like this every day.

What do you think?

Till next time,


October 15, 2016

Jack O' Lanterns for #maniswapcircle

Things that are illuminated at night have always fascinated me. Fireworks, stars in the night sky, fireflies, candles...and Jack O' Lanterns all draw me in. Hmmm....as I type this, I'm wondering if I might have some type of insect DNA in me...you know those that can't help but fly into the bug zappers...

Eiw!! Shivers. OK -- I've just ruined my enchanting opening for today's post haven't I? Wanna change the subject to nail art? Yes, please!

KimettKolor Jack O' Lantern Nail Art


October 3, 2016

"Little Boy Blue And The Man In The Moon" for #maniswapcircle - Special Baby Liam Edition

The voice of Cat Stevens was a familiar sound for me growing up. And, while I didn't realize until it was time to write up this post...I think the line from the lyrics of "Cat's In The Cradle" (included in my post title) must have been playing in my subconscious while planning this design.

Water Marble Stamping Nail Art by Kimett Kolor
Ultra Holo + Water Marble + Stamping =
Special Edition #maniswapcircle Nail Art for Baby Liam

Today's post will be on the short & sweet side, but meaningful nonetheless. And sparkly...

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