2016 – Top Ten Nail Art Posts

I’m giving my my nails a little extra pampering since they worked so very hard last year (hah!). So today, I thought it would be nice to share my Top Ten Nail Art Posts from 2016.

KimettKolor Top Ten Nail Art 2016

I hope you enjoy reminiscing with me!!

This list is based upon my personal favorites. Over on Instagram, I have posted the infamous #2016BestNine, which are based upon the images that got the most likes. It’s been rewarding to get comments about the ones that others remember fondly. The two most talked about so far have been my little boy watermarble and jack o’ lanterns.

Here, however, I used primarily my gut reactions when looking over last year’s blog posts and choosing the ones that make me smile the most. It was no easy task picking some over others. I’ll share with you my reasons — but I promise this will be a less wordy post than the last.

Note: I did not count any of the Theme of the Month posts for this list (same as I excluded them from past lists). They are special to me in their own way and, well..that’s that.

Without further ado, here they are; listed in chronological order (there was no way to rate them past that!) Both the numbered titles and the pictures are links to the original post.

Kimett Kolor’s Top Ten Nail Art Posts of 2016

1. Kolorful Skittle with Heart Tips

KimettKolor Top Ten Nail Art 2016

I was really proud of myself for doing these free hand, and that I was happy with the results, cements their inclusion in this list. It helped that I had such a good experience with the formula of the polishes used too. Overall, it was a very satisfying design to have made. And – it had lots of colors & hearts!! Definite winner.

2. Red Salamanders on a Pastel Blue Moon

KimettKolor Top Ten Nail Art 2016

This whimsical stamping design was very well received; I got lots of comments on them including that they were unique and interesting. Also, for me, they were done at a time when I needed some cheery light-hearted fun. I recall them with favor and enjoyed wearing them very much! I also remember finally feeling well enough to take a stroll around the yard to take outdoor pictures. All in all, happy memories.

3. Spiral Drag Marble – featuring ITNOP Fun Days and Neon Craze

KimettKolor Top Ten Nail Art 2016

There was no way this design wouldn’t make my top list. No hemming and hawing here. I LOVED this!! It’s funny, at first I was skeptical of re-creating other people’s designs, but now I’m a believer in them (as obvious by how many I did make & that are included in this list!). And, I love the polishes used here too. The colors were so vibrant, the swirls came out good. Yes, there was a bit of frustration involved as I was trying out some new things, but…it is all overshadowed by pure joy I feel for these.

4. Inspired by Cassis – Retro Geometrics

KimettKolor Top Ten Nail Art 2016

After picking my favorite designs, I went back and re-read the year’s posts to prepare this one. (Yup, it was a great way to spend New Year’s Day!) I found myself surprised when reading the post about this design forgetting all of the backstory I had included.

However, what I did remember, and it still sticks with me, is that I just really liked this nail design. I would have never thought to combine the technique nor the colors, but I loved it just the same. Re-creating Cassis’ style was truly an honor and a great learning experience too.

5. Purple Peacock

KimettKolor Top Ten Nail Art 2016

Of all the stamping that I did, this one stands out to me as the most sophisticated and chic. I thoroughly enjoyed the fine details and the vivid colors. These came out bold and subtle at the same time — for this reason they really tickle my fancy. I’m glad that a tone-on-tone design made the list, I really do love them.

6. Summer Dribble Nail Art

KimettKolor Top Ten Nail Art 2016

Ok, it’s getting obvious (and tiresome maybe) that I keep saying I really loved these nails. But…that’s the whole of this post, isn’t it? Plus with these, I got to try another new-to-me technique that I instantly fell in love with. Dribbling is messy, but sooo much fun!! I was particularly happy with the color combo too.

7. Science Is Girly – Nail Art

KimettKolor Top Ten Nail Art 2016

There are several reasons that this design makes the list. It was my first experience with thermal polish (so cool!). I struggled very much making this design, but am proud of myself for not giving up and the final results were quite interesting. These were popular on Instagram too — well, the picture composed with the necklace was. It was really fun incorporating non-traditional elements. Honestly, I’m also impressed I had the ability to photograph and explain the design as well as I did. πŸ˜‰

8, Stormy Skies Nail Art

KimettKolor Top Ten Nail Art 2016

This design was memorable for me not only because I loved its outcome, but also it’s progression from conception through planning to execution. It all started with a picture…and I tried to transform that into an artistic rendition. I’m proud of my background art concept, but also that cute little windmill braving the impending storm still steals my heart.

9. Let’s Avocuddle with Nail Art

KimettKolor Top Ten Nail Art 2016

I am a bit at a loss for explaining the reasons this one made it on the list over some others…but I did *have* to pick some out from my little crowd. I think the biggest reason though are the colors. I truly am over the moon with that beautiful green polish, and I really, really loved the color combination added in the stamping. Also, it was my first successful design and photography using GITD polish. I even included a glow picture in the collage above.

10. Stamped Hearts

KimettKolor Top Ten Nail Art 2016

Not only was there a lot of sentiment behind this design, but it was colorful (or should that be kolorful) and it was my very first attempt with gel polish. Oh, and advanced stamping is a favorite technique too — whether applied as a decal or in reverse fashion, coloring in the stamping areas is very cathartic. For these reasons, I remember these nails fondly and as a stand-out for the year.

And…just when you thought we were done….

Honorary Mentions (AKA I couldn’t pick just 10)
Just curious…had you already noticed that there were more in the collage?

11. Multi-stamping Blue Flowers

KimettKolor Top Ten Nail Art 2016

Not only did I get to use my beloved jelly polish formula in making this design, but it stands out for me because it was one that inspired another nail artist. This happened because of my mimicking the Birthday girl’s stage style collages that show the evolution of the final design, a trademark of Debbie’s. (Here is a link to the inspired design: Jungle by @nailysart.) A great example of being inspired and inspiring others.

In addition, I remember being pleased with the time it took to take the progress shots and yet, I was still physically able to complete complete them all. And, not to keep tooting my own horn, but I like the nail art too! Must do more double and triple stamping this year!!

12. Christmas Flowers on Spiced Eggnog

KimettKolor Top Ten Nail Art 2016

Sometimes a design takes a lot of brain power. Sometimes a design just comes together. While I enjoy both, this design evolved particularly effortlessly, rising out of a creative surge. And I really liked the final outcome! So did a lot of you, which is always a bonus! This design felt sophisticated to me and I was thrilled to finally use Spiced Eggnog (a boutique polish I sought out with a vengeance).

OK. Now we’re done.

In closing, I am lucky to be leaving behind so many nail art designs that I was happy with. But I’m even luckier to continue to be inspired by all of those around me! It seems every day there are new ways of making beautiful and interesting looks by ingenious and very talented folks. I hope to keep introducing them on this blog as I do.

I’m curious, did you favor any of these? Was there a design that was memorable for you that isn’t in this list?

I’m looking forward to all the yet to be conceived and shared nail art designs in 2017!

Till Next Time,

  • The red salamanders on the pastel blue is the image that brought me to your blog. It’s still one of my favorites you’ve ever done, because it has all of the elements I love most in nail art: contrasting colors, atypical color combination, a good image to space ratio (I can still see plenty of that beautiful) base color, and a quirky and whimsical design.

    I also really enjoyed the dribble rainbow. It’s a technique I haven’t tried yet, but it looks so cool!

    • Wow – such a wonderful comment!! Thanks hun!! The feedback is immensely appreciated!

  • The Spiral Drag Marble still gets me!! The bright colors and cool swirls…it’s perfect!! xoxo

    • Yes, I will always think of that one very fondly too. It’s not often I like the same design on all five nails…but that one works. πŸ˜‰ Thank you very much!! xo xo

  • CurlyGirl66

    I just don’t know how you whittled the pack down to ten! Each one you have done is beautiful in it’s own right. It’s a three way tie for me between purple peacock, avocuddle, and blue flowers. I love these last couple reviews of 2016 posts……….can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2017.

    • Hah – it was totally like ripping a band-aid. I had to just look down the list, quickly decide and then commit. Honestly I could have changed the line up about a dozen times…LOL. Thanks very much, I’m happy with what I did last year and look forward to keep it going. Although now I’ve intimidated myself a bit…so just gotta dive in and start!! “Done is better than perfect”, right!?!

    • PS – thanks for sharing your favorites…I like the feedback. You picked the tonal ones…I’m glad. I hope to do more of those too.

  • CurlyGirl66

    And something is better than nothing!! You Go Girl!!!!

    • True!! (As it turns out, I was able to get some color on my nails — you’ll see them soon.) Thanks!! XO XO

  • vicky baker

    Loved the designs you picked and that drag marble is so glorious to see! I love how bright and perfect it is.
    I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings, your nail art take is so unique, I love it.
    Vicky xx

    • Thanks so very much Vicky!! I will definitely need to do another drag marble like that one – and use those polishes again and again!! πŸ˜‰ I’m excited about this new year too…also in seeing your lovely creations as well!!