Welcome 2017 with Plum Luck & Floral Stamping

Okay – here we are with the first nail art post of the year. It’s a simple one, but nonetheless pretty I think.

KimettKolor Simple Stamping Nail Art with Hit The Bottle and FabUrNails

And, I have found my new favorite black stamping polish!! That, in and of itself, makes this an exciting post.

My new year started out a bit rough in the nail department. Earlier this week, I suffered a nasty & painful nail break on my Cinderella hand.  (Just a dumb & clumsy move on my part.) Although I don’t often show her on the blog, I still try to keep those nails in good shape as a back-up plan.

And now…we’re having a brutal cold snap. Frigid temps means dry indoor air — not good for nails!! The pressure is on to prevent a nail catastrophe on my “good” hand. I filed the length down a bit and I’m frequently pouring (yes, pouring) cuticle oil on my finger tips. Actually, as I type this I’m getting the keys on my keyboard a bit greasy; but if it saves my nails I’m OK with that. LOL

Kimett Kolor Plum Luck Stamped Nail Art

Design Details

So, these nails…for me they represent a trio of distinction.

First, the polish base is quite unique. It is called Plum Luck by Serum No5. You’ll see I enjoyed capturing the varying looks under different lighting and camera settings (even outside in the cold!). This beauty is from their FW16 collection; one of six along with Let’s Avocuddle that I showed in this post. Sadly, I don’t have any glow shots to share in this post…my body required that I call it quits earlier than I planned, or wanted, to on that day. But, there’s always next time, right?!

Kimett Kolor Plum Luck Nail Polish by SerumNo5

Second, the stamping image adds just the right amount of interest without covering up too much of that beautiful polish. You can never have too many of this type of stamp designs in your arsenal, especially from well made plates like all of them are from Fab Ur Nails; today’s design is from plate FUN 20.

Also, I get a kick out of designs like this one that can be viewed as two different patterns. You know, the duck-bunny thing. (So technical today, huh?) Even though it is a floral motif, one of the patterns resembles a four leaf clover — thought it was a fitting addition considering the name of the polish.

KimettKolor Simple Stamping Nail Art with Hit The Bottle and FabUrNails

And, third is the perfect black stamping polish, namely As Black As Night by Hit the Bottle (purchased from US stockist, Beautometry.com).

This is the polish equivalent to the perfect black dress. Versatile, flattering, and reliable. It worked extremely well for me. Remember that dry indoor air I mentioned earlier? It can be very problematic for stamping. Yet, even though I’m slow as a turtle in lining up my stamper (including clear ones, pfft!), this polish didn’t dry out on the stamper like many others do.

It’s also very opaque and only stuck to the nail – the extra bits just peeled right off my skin. A big-time bonus for black! And if that’s not enough, it didn’t smudge when applying top coat!!! How awesome is that!

KimettKolor Simple Stamping Nail Art with Hit The Bottle and FabUrNails

If I were to win a lottery, I would buy a bottle of this stamping polish and send it to all nail stamping enthusiasts around the world! I’d keep a case of two for me, obviously. *Grinning*

KimettKolor Simple Stamping Nail Art with Hit The Bottle and FabUrNails
KimettKolor Simple Stamping Nail Art with Plum Luck and FabUrNails

These nails were happily made as part of a surprise Birthday Nail-Gram hosted on Instagram by Iva @secretjewelgarden for Stefi @therapywithnailpolish who is a dark holo polish lover. It was such a hardship to participate!! Hee, hee.

KimettKolor Simple Stamping Nail Art with Plum Luck and FabUrNails


Kimett Kolor in 2017

I’d like to blurt out a few thoughts I have regarding this next year in terms of my nail art and blogging. If you’re not interested, you can just scroll down to the next picture…no hard feelings. I am mostly including it for my reference.

  • My over arching goal for this year is to Do It For Me. It is very easy to fall prey to the pressures of blogging and it’s so-called success measures. Even though I want my blog to be popular (in the right way), I don’t want to obsess over it. Instead, I’m going to just concentrate on the fun and therapeutic joys of doing nail art. (It’s easier said than done, hence I’m writing it down!)
  • If you read my previous year-in-review post, you know I have just a few polishes in my collection that haven’t been seen on the blog yet. I plan to continue tracking these details. I thought I would update you of my progress in my periodic Swatching Spotlight posts throughout the year.
    • And, if things are going well, I’d like to extend the idea to my stamp plates as well….
  • During last year’s giveaway fun, several requests for nail art designs were submitted. I love every one of them!! Hence, I will be drawing from this list for nail art designs until the next Blogiversary this Fall, and it can start all over again. 😉
  • Keeping in mind my physical limitations, I hope to continue my pace this year — and am going to be so bold as to set another soft goal of 60 posts this year.
  • I think many New Year resolutions include repairing troubled relationships — I plan to work on improving my relationship with tweezers. I’m keeping smooshes, watermarbles, and other messy techniques in my to-do list, so we’re going to have to become friends. LOL
  • Lastly, I feel like I have not yet developed my own recognizable style of nail art. This just might be the year. We’ll see.
Of course, I have lots of other ideas floating around inside my goofy head…but if I can accomplish the lion-share of the above list this year, I’ll be a very, very happy Kimett.
KimettKolor Simple Stamping Nail Art with Plum Luck and FabUrNails

Don’t be shy — tell me something in the comments below! Did you like these nails? What’s the weather like where you are are? Do you have a list for the New Year? Tell me, tell me….

Till Next Time,

  • Debbie Jarman

    these are stunning! I absolutely love them and I totally agree with the Do It For Me thing! It’s really important to remember who is wearing the nails all day long and all too easy to get swept into challenges that might be fun but not necessarily what you’d want to wear – I agonize endlessly with that battle!!
    I could happily wear dark holo all day long!

    • Awww…thanks so much Debbie!! I’m glad you liked these, even if they’re only stamped once. LOL And, yes, we’ll have to try and support each other to keep our enjoyment levels up!! <3

  • CurlyGirl66

    This is such a classy combo. I thought of fish-net stockings for some reason, don’t ask me why! Maybe because it is dark, but not too dark, and sexy (is that OK for me to say!!) And sad to say, I totally missed the bunny and the duck reference, but I did see the two different flower images. The color and sparkly quality of the polish is beautiful. The black stamping polish reminds me of embossing ink….it has a three dimensional quality which make it stand out nicely without being overpowering. Even if you only meet one of your new year goals, “do it for me,” then you will have a successful year (and good luck with the tweezers, I hear they have a mind of their own!) You are off to a beautiful start!

    • Well…I…um…(clears throat)…you can say anything you like!! It’s art!! I’m glad you liked these, and happy for the chuckle reading your comment. 😉

      The duck/bunny image is an old one (more than 100 yrs) used to convey the concept of two different ways of seeing – some people only see a bunny, some only a duck, and some see both. It’s this one:

      Oh goodness…just NOW you warn me about the tweezers!! No wonder!! LOL Thanks, though, I’m grateful for all of your support!!

  • vicky baker

    Love this design Kim and that base colour is stunning. I hope your nails and hand manage to survive the winter, it’s such a hard time for us nail bloggers 🙂 I’ve actually been very slack with keeping mine moisturised, I seriously need to sort that out.
    Good luck with all your goals for this year!
    Vicky xx

    • Thanks much!! And, the struggle is real! 😉

      Funny…as I’m writing this, I’m trying to choose a color to put on my nails so they’re not naked because I need a shower!! (TMI?? LOL) Don’t want to risk it. We have such funny priorities sometimes being nail bloggers!! Hee, hee. I think I’m going with pale blue…

      • vicky baker

        I’ve literally just used a pale blue for some nail art. I love that colour xx

        • Cool! Looking forward to seeing it!
          If tomorrow I’m still happy with what I just applied, I’m thinking art too… 😉