February 17, 2017

Goodnight Moon Fairy

This one's for all the purple lovers out there! Yes, you, you know who you are...

Purple Stamping Nail Art DRK Magic Garden

Or, if you're looking for a bit of fairy dust...you too, are in luck.


February 13, 2017

A Snowy Night - Drag Marble Nail Art Featuring Supernatural Power by Madam Glam

During my childhood, my Nono often told a story that had interchanging subjects, but it always started with the lines, "The night was dark and dreary." Believe it or not, these were always good stories, full of wonder and imagination. It is quite possible that you'll need similar imagination to see this nail art design as the snowflake pattern that I attempted to create by drag marbling gels.

Kimett Kolor Drag Marble Nail Art with Madam Glam Gels

Regardless, I hope you'll enjoy reading this post, no matter whether you see them as snowflakes that are melting...or maybe as fireworks....or just abstract designs.


February 9, 2017

Pink Snow Penguin

Some things you just have to get out of your system. For me, I *had* to put snowflakes on my nails before we run out of Winter. I can't say for sure if this will be the last time or not...I guess you could say I'm as predictable as the weather.

Kimett Kolor Pink Snowflake Penguin Stamping Nail Art

Want to see more penguins....? Yup. I thought so.


February 4, 2017

Indigo Jelly and Texture Zigzags

Does anyone else have fond memories of playing with the ole' carpenter's folding ruler? I loved making zigzags with one as a kid. You know what? I'm pretty sure they were originally designed for kids, but some adult decided that he wanted to keep using one in his day job. Yeah. That's my story.

Indigo ZigZag Texture Nail Polish Design by Kimett Kolor

Ahem. Let's see, where to begin this nail art post...
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