Goodnight Moon Fairy

This one’s for all the purple lovers out there! Yes, you, you know who you are…

Purple Stamping Nail Art DRK Magic Garden

Or, if you’re looking for a bit of fairy dust…you too, are in luck.

Today, over on Instagram, this nail art is part of a very lovely lady’s birthday party. I’m hoping she feels the love from the nail art community because she’s such a sweetheart and always supporting her friends. Oh, and Caroline’s IG profile is @tinkerbell1970s. 

So, now you get the significance of the fairy…you’re so perceptive!!

Purple Stamping Nail Art DRK Magic Garden

I’m glad for the opportunity to finally use this awesome flakie/shimmer topper from Supernatural Lacquer on my nails. It will definitely not be the last time. The base is mostly clear, but it has a little bit of a white sheen, some violet shimmer, and glorious multicolored flakies throughout.

Did you know the difference between fairies and faeries? I didn’t really either…but I knew the significance of the name/inspiration of this polish because it comes from one of my favorite TV shows, Supernatural. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Yeah, that one that features two hunky guys who always saving the world. It’s a guilty pleasure. Don’t judge me.

In the episode which inspired this polish, the faeries are the paranormal beings that need fighting. So how does that reconcile with the lovely and kind fairies like Tinkerbell?

Because, simply put, faeries are evil and fairies are good.

You can read more in this article if you’d like. Just the kind of added tidbits you get on You’re welcome.

Purple Stamping Nail Art DRK Magic Garden


Design Details

Because Caroline likes all the berry colors, we got to pick which shade to use and I chose this beautiful, berry shade of purple from In The Name Of Polish as the focal color. Even though I covered it up with the flakie polish…it’s so vibrant that it still holds its own. I applied this purple and flakie topper on my thumb, index and pinky.

Flakie and Purple Nail Polish

In hindsight, I wish I had left my thumb glossy so that I could show you the difference, but that matte top coat brush kept right on going. Still, it is a unique look to have flakie polishes with a matte finish — it really brings out the iridescent glow.

Purple Stamping Nail Art DRK Magic Garden

On my two accent nails, I used a base of a white creme polish. Then I applied a different shimmery topper to the white nail before stamping the fairy and stars images in purple.

Worth a mention: I’m really loving the new stamping polishes by Clear Jelly Stamper. They are very opaque and don’t dry too fast. Stamping such large spaces like in this image can be troublesome, but I think I did alright. Certainly all of the issues you see in these very much larger than life photos were my user error, not the polish’s fault. (Most of the missing bits of the stamped image happened when applying top coat and cleaning up.) Anyways…just look at that bright, vibrant purple!! That’s impressive from a 5-free stamping polish!!

Oh – just a note – this ring was not made with the same polishes as are on my nails. It was a stone that I had laying around and put on at the last minute because is had similar colors in polish and flakies.

Product Palette

Base Polishes
Polish My LifeStripped
In The Name Of PolishSugar Plum Barry from Accounting

Glitter/Flakie Toppers
Polish Your DreamsLet Ur Wings Guide U
Supernatural LacquerFight the Sugarplum Faeries!

Top Coats
Love, AngelineTopped With Love
BSquared LacquerB Matte

Liquid Latex
Clear Jelly Stampercuticle PROtect

Stamping Polish
Clear Jelly Stamper – #16 Shiraz!

Stamper / Scraper
Clear Jelly Stamper – The Big Bling, firm scraper

Stamping Plate
DRK Nails – Magic Garden

Image Courtesy of DRK Nails

Isn’t that stamping plate fabulous? So many possibilities…

Actually, this is the third time I’ve used it — I’m pretty sure that’s a record for me. There was that cute bunny design (see him sniffing the flower on the bottom left) and the Christmas Flower design (that’s them just in from the right top corner, second row, second one to the left). And now, the fairy on the moon (from the top center).

Purple Stamping Nail Art DRK Magic Garden

So often I’m never quite sure whether a design is finished or not. When I had looked down at these nails, I thought they were. But, then after looking over the pictures I feel like they are missing something. Sure they are colorful and I just love that fairy resting on the moon so gracefully…but…I’m just not feeling like I did them justice. What do you think?

As always, THANK YOU for stopping by my little nail art clubhouse…isn’t it a great place to escape for a while…

Till Next Time,

  • I love all the different ways you used glitters on this mani! That flakie polish is so pretty, and the little touch of silver on the fariy image is really fun and unexpected.

    • Thanks very much! And you’re right, that flakie polish is definitely a keeper!!

  • Ah, purple!!! My heart is happy! It’s funny how nail art can trick the brain. When I 1st saw this, a smaller version on my phone, I thought you had stamped with something pearlescent…like HTB Moonshine. My brain doesn’t seem to consider reverse images like the one you used. As you’ve told me before, it’s really good to see all of the elements to fully ‘get’ how the design was achieved. I love all the glitter too! xoxo

    • Hee, hee….you’re so not alone. When I went to test the image, my brain was like, huh? It hadn’t occurred to me that it was a reverse image either…good thing I remembered to test it – yes!? Thanks so much friend!! <3

  • vicky baker

    Ooh this mani is amazing and it’s lovely you all get together to create nail art for each other so often.
    Vicky x

    • You’re too kind Vicky! But…thank you!! 😉

  • This is such a beautiful look. Mattifying it makes it look extra magical!

    • Thanks so much Alisha!! (Sorry for the late reply!) I’m so glad you liked it matte — I don’t often remember to use it… LOL

  • CurlyGirl66

    Sorry I am so late to the party. These are “pretty in purple.” I love the fairy image you used. (and thanks for the information regarding the difference – even though I have seen the show, I tried to reconcile the faeries in it, with my idea of how fairies should behave. Now I understand the disconnect.) In honor of purple and all its glory – I am wearing a certain pair of earrings today made from several layers of polish which have a definite purple bent! One of my go-to favorites!
    That is one incredible stamping plate. You should get a lot of mileage from it. Hope to see more of it – especially that sweet bunny:)

    • Well, now I’m late in my reply…we’re even. 😉
      I thought you might like this fairy silhouette image. She just looks so undeniable in her pose.
      And, glad you’re still enjoying the earrings, too!
      (Check. Bunny request noted.)

  • CurlyGirl66

    After I made the comment on the bunny, I thought that maybe you have already used it before. But it is so sweet, it deserves some more “nail” time!

  • CurlyGirl66

    I think all the bunnies around here have gone back into their nice warm nests to wait it out for spring. So will be nice to see some on nails:)