Nail Crazies Unite – Sweets From A Chocolate Tree

Chocolate is a lady’s first true love.

And, maybe her second craving is for pretty polished nails!? Hmm…I don’t know about the latter, but I’m pretty sure I’m correct in my opening statement.

Chocolate Tree Inspired Stamping Nail Art by Kimett Kolor

Oh, do I seem like I’m spouting off random thoughts…or am I starting a nail art post? Maybe both. Regardless, I promise to clarify everything. While you read on, I hope you’ll find delight in my connections and confections, as well as check out this wonderfully moody polish featured here today.

Alright, I better start off with the punchline right away…else you might be wondering a bit too much about my sanity. You were already weren’t you? Okay. Fair Enough. These nails are inspired by a chocolate bar packaging for the challenge prompt “Sweets”. It’s been too long since I joined up with the girls of Nail Crazies Unite. It’s possible they’ve thought I left the tribe…hopefully I’m sweetening my status with this post.

Chocolate Tree Inspired Stamping Nail Art by Kimett Kolor

Okay, you might be wondering – which came first? The chocolate bar inspired nail design or the decision to paint my nails with this interesting thermal polish sent to me by the sweet Andreea at Madam Glam? Neither. Hah! Fooled ya’. Actually, my nails began cloaked in a swampy deep green. Huh? Yeah, welcome to my life which has been rockier than usual of late, keeping me from posting all the crazy nail art ideas swimming around in my brain. Ahem. So the green was for St. Patrick’s day…and, well no nail art for that holiday this year. Boo.

But — there’s nail art today!! Sad moment over.

Polish Highlight

Let’s take a look at Lady’s First, shall we?

Kimett Kolor Swatch of Madam Glam Lady's First Chameleon Gel

On their website, this polish is described as a deep burgundy to classic red shade. I’m not sure exactly why I didn’t experience it that way; for me, it has a raisin-brown to orange shift in colors. In view of others’ photos showing it as a red shade, maybe my body just runs hotter than most. Nope, not gonna go there. 😉

As usual, I took a ton of photos in different lighting. I did find some of the burgundy color, but only a smidgen of the red. I know it’s not my computer monitor – because these photos depict it just like my nails looked in real life. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed playing with this color changing polish, it worked like a charm.

When I was indoors the polish stayed in a pretty transitional state with the cool color on my tips, and the warm color on my nail plate. However, outside in the cold morning sunshine (yesterday), the solid cold color looks just like chocolate on my nails!

Kimett Kolor Swatch of Madam Glam Lady's First Chameleon Gel

Transition Time

A little play at the kitchen sink — top photo shows a funky transition as the hot water was cooling off. Love those droplets on my middle fingers.
Kimett Kolor Swatch of Madam Glam Lady's First Chameleon Gel
Kimett Kolor Swatch of Madam Glam Lady's First Chameleon Gel

Very fascinating, yes? And, since I’m at it here’s a couple more….because I hear you saying, show them ALL!!

Kimett Kolor Swatch of Madam Glam Lady's First Chameleon Gel

Above: Again, outside in the cool air, direct sunlight. I think I almost see the burgundy in this shot. But…I still have chocolate on my brain (maybe it’s because I’ve been carrying around this chocolate bar with me for the last 24 hours…hmmm….).

Below: In the shade, I found the burgundy! Eureka! The cool blue light had a beautiful effect on the polish color!! Love!

Kimett Kolor Swatch of Madam Glam Lady's First Chameleon Gel

Madam Glam calls their line of color changing polishes Chameleon Gels. This beauty really did behave like an exotic chameleon, changing with the slightest temperatures. It was really fun to wear…distracting, in a good way.

Design Details

So. Back to the nail art. Just a bit of simple stamping to play up on the design of the tree from the chocolate bar wrapper. I’ve played with stamping on a thermal using one of the colors to produce a disappearing/appearing effect once before in my Science Is Girly post, remember? Yeah. I had to do it again.

Chocolate Tree Inspired Stamping Nail Art by Kimett Kolor

Above: I had just gone outside in the cool air and all but my thumb has turned dark, hiding the stamping.

Below: Back inside, the leaves are visible over the lighter areas of my nails. Very fun!!

Chocolate Tree Inspired Stamping Nail Art by Kimett Kolor

The color scheme reminds me so much of a Fall design. I will have to remember to bring out this polish again and try some more Fall colors with it. I think a turquoise or blue with some gold would be striking!

Chocolate Tree Inspired Stamping Nail Art by Kimett Kolor

Polish Palette

Nail Prep

Base Coat: UNT – Ready for Takeoff (peel-off base coat)
Base Coat: Melody SusieBase & Top Coat
Polish Color
**Chameleon (Color Changing) Gel Polish: Madam Glam – Lady’s First

Top Coat: Madam Glam – No Wipe Top Coat
Matt Top Coat: Gel Len (one photo)

Stamping Plate
Uber Chic – UC 4-01

Stamping Polish
Clear Jelly Stamper – You Had Me At Chocolate (#31)

Clear Jelly Stamper – The Big Bling XL Clear Stamper and scraper


**PR Sample Product(s)
Chocolate Tree Inspired Stamping Nail Art by Kimett Kolor


I saved my two favorite photos for last.

Chocolate Tree Inspired Stamping Nail Art by Kimett Kolor

Above: Using some indirect lighting near a chilly window. This photo reminds me of a warm summer’s sunset. The color transition captured is brilliant! Really feeling this shot!!

Below: I thought I’d give a matte top coat a try. Although, overall I preferred the glossy look with this design, but I do think the matte delivers the experience of chocolate the best here.

Chocolate Tree Inspired Stamping Nail Art by Kimett Kolor

What do you say? Probably not the first color group to come to mind when thinking on the challenge prompt of Sweets, is it? That word conjures up colorful candies…like jelly beans at this time of year.

As a matter of fact, I wasn’t thinking of joining this prompt because I can no longer eat sugar for health reasons. Sadly. It is difficult, to say the least, as EVERY ONE of my teeth is a sweet tooth! So, in my house there is a shelf with an invisible sign that reads, “In case of emergency…”. Because c’mon…ladies, the chocolate cravings are REAL!!

So, all in all, I’m glad this polish and this chocolate bar came into my house about the same time. It made for a little extra fun putting together this post. Now, if you’ll excuse me…I so deserve to open up that package….I just *need* a little bite…


Mmmm, mmmm……

Till Next Time,


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  • That thermal polish is so lovely! I love the dark brown stamping over it; it fades into the brown perfectly! But yeah, it definitely looks more orangey than red to me, too!

    • Thanks, Rachelle!! It is a very exotic polish, IMHO. Thermal polishes are fun to stamp on for sure. And, I’m glad you see them like I do too…I was thinking I needed to go to the eye doctor…LOL.

  • Kristi Vasquez

    Things I love about this post: THERMALS – they are like 2 polishes in 1! STAMPING OVER THERMALS – it’s like a hide and seek mani! DARK CHOCOLATE – it’s the best ever!

    • Ah!! Hide & Seek is a perfect description!!
      So glad you liked the post, thanks Kristi!! 😉

  • CurlyGirl66

    That is so COOL! It is such a dramatic color shift! I did see just a peek of burgundy on the tips of your nails in your first posted shot without the stamping. As usual, your creative interpretation of a prompt stands out among all the rest (1.e. the pastel posts of your fellow crazies!) I was wondering what became of that chocolate bar once its usefulness for this nail art post was over. Now I know! In my mind the adage should be: “Chocolate is a girl’s best friend!” The heck with diamonds!!

    • Awe, thanks!! It is certainly a polish that demands to be seen. 😉 And, I was a very good girl and metered out the chocolate bar over the last 4 days. Definitely better than diamonds. LOL

  • this is pure magic!

    • The polish definitely has a lot of magic in it!! Thanks so much!

  • No truer words…chocolate is absolutely my first love and I remain hopelessly devoted. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed every bit of that chocolate bar!! <3 I'm loving this peek-a-boo design!

    • Thanks so much, my friend. There is just something about these peek-a-boo stamping that still fascinates me after all these years. And, good thing there is no shortage of chocolate, eh? 😉 XO

  • What a gorgeous colour shift!! I’m usually not a fan of orange or brown but these together look beautiful. The stamping goes so well with it too. Very tragically I recently broke three(!) of my nails and had to file them all down to nubs, I’m so envious of the colour shift you get with your long nails!

    • I agree Lili – there were times I looked down and wondered about the two colors, felt a bit out of the 70’s…but it really was a unique polish. Oh – I’m so sorry about your nail breaks! I confess, I did decide on the thermal because I was taking advantage of my nails being long, I’m sure it won’t last forever. Ah, the struggle is real!! 😉

  • vicky baker

    Love your inspiration! Yummy.
    Plus this polish couldn’t be more perfect for it. Your nails and design are gorgeous and this polish looks so squishy and shiny on you 😍
    Vicky x

    • Thanks so much Vicky!! I really appreciate all the kind words! It was a fun challenge and a great polish to use for it. 😉