Sea Life – featuring Clear Jelly Stamper

It always seems the more excited I am to share a post with you, the longer it takes me to pull it all together. Well. Today’s post took me what seemed like forever!!

Sea Life Stamping Nail Art with Clear Jelly Stamper

If you were anywhere in the vicinity of, oh I don’t know, North America…you would have heard a hearty “Whoopee!” echoing across your path when I hit the publish button on this one. There’s lots of details, macros, a slideshow, and even a stuffed clown fish thrown in for good measure.

It may have seemed like this nail art was a sure thing when I wrote my previous post about this gorgeous blue polish which now happens to be creating a perfect ocean backdrop. But in actuality, I had no clue whether I would be up for doing nail art, nor what the design might look like if I were.

The only thing for certain was, that if I did art it was definitely going to be with a new stamping plate that I recently received. This plate is special to me because it’s the first layering type plate I’ve tried, but more so because it was designed in collaboration with a nail friend of mine, Iva, known as @secrectjewelgarden on Instagram. Iva is a huge inspiration to me and I’ve learned a lot from her too. I was thrilled when she partnered with Clear Jelly Stamper to create this fabulous plate.

Let’s take a brief moment to drool over that gorgeous blue abyss, otherwise described as: three coats of Madam Glam‘s cat eye gel called Look Me In The Eye.

Nail Swatch of Madam Glam Look Me In The Eye

After playing around a bit, getting used to this kind of stamping plate and testing images, I chose to create an underwater scene. Clear Jelly Stamper is the first company to design this type of stamp plate where each image is made up of multiple etchings. In the design I made today, there were two parts to each image. Some images are made up of more — and some plates have multiple choices! They are a blast to design nail art with.

Coincidentally, while ordering the plate, more stamping polishes jumped into my cart. Yes, that’s my story. Mr. Kimett always believes my stories. I know, he is the best. Anyways…These stamping polishes by Clear Jelly Stamper are perfectly opaque to make a design over a dark background — yay!!

(Pictures of the plate and polish bottles are shown later in the post…just saying…)

Sea Life Stamping Nail Art with Clear Jelly Stamper

Take a look at these macro shots of each nail…I just loooove the colors…

Sea Life Stamping Nail Art with Clear Jelly Stamper
thumb – starfish with waves


Sea Life Stamping Nail Art with Clear Jelly Stamper
Index – sea grass with waves


Sea Life Stamping Nail Art with Clear Jelly Stamper
middle – seahorse with sea grass


Sea Life Stamping Nail Art with Clear Jelly Stamper
ring – fish with sea grass


Sea Life Stamping Nail Art with Clear Jelly Stamper
pinky – sea grass with waves

The stamping goddess was in my corner on this day — I didn’t find lining up the layered images too difficult. I know there’s room for improvement, but I’m quite pleased with the results especially as it was my first time. There’s a lot of stamping involved, but it’s really quite addictive. I lengthened out the process by taking pictures in between each step, but without that it wouldn’t have been bad at all.

Speaking of those pictures, here is a slideshow to give you a feel for how this all came together:

Fun, right?!

And, as if that day couldn’t get any better, it was an unseasonably warm and sunny day for March…and I was lucky to enjoy shooting some outdoor shots as well.

Sea Life Stamping Nail Art with Clear Jelly Stamper


Sea Life Stamping Nail Art with Clear Jelly Stamper

Treasures Of The Sea stamping plate and The Big Bling by Clear Jelly Stamper

Polish Palette

Nail Prep

Base Coat: UNT – Ready for Takeoff (peel-off base coat)
Polish Color
**Cat Eye Gel Polish: Madam Glam – Look Me In The Eye

Top Coat: Madam Glam – No Wipe Top Coat

Stamping Plate
Clear Jelly StamperTreasures of the Sea (CJS LC-11)

Stamping Polishes
Clear Jelly StamperWhite #2, Yellow #8, Intense Yellow #14, Green #11, Blue # 10, Red #9, Orange #22, Pink #6.

Clear Jelly StamperThe Big Bling XL Clear Stamper and scraper


**PR Sample Product(s)
Stamping polishes by Clear Jelly Stamper

And, here’s one more look at the final design taken in the warm sunshine (which we are now longing for as Old Man Winter has taken back his throne…grumble, grumble…).

Sea Life Stamping Nail Art with Clear Jelly Stamper

So — what’s the verdict?? Did you like these? I hope so. If nothing else, they are bright and cheery. Do you like the sea? Have you ever seen tropical fish in their natural environment?

Should I ever found myself in the ocean, this is what I want to see. Of course, that would be catastrophic as I never learned to swim. Oops. Ocean on my nails instead. Or in an aquarium. Those are the best options for me. LOL

Have an awesome rest of your day and…

Till Next Time,


  • vicky baker

    Love the clown fish, love the base polish and love these images. They’re almost like chunky child’s drawings with their bright and bold look. It’s amazing & im so glad you finally published it because I loved reading it!
    Vicky xx

    • That’s a whole lotta love!! Thanks so very much Vicky!

  • CurlyGirl66

    I love the new design elements of your blog! Very colorful…..perfect introduction for an amazingly colorful underwater fantasy!! These are GREAT! That blue IS the perfect backdrop for these gorgeous fish to swim in! And I think your double stamping was right on. Thanks for the video showing the steps – I even noticed the “water” music in the background:) Now I know why you needed to buy that clown fish!……..Lucky for him to make his debut into fame in such a beautiful way. Your post gives me hope that the warmer weather will come again, as I look outside at the blizzard of white. Loved your post!

    • I knew you’d see the changes with the blog/logo…thanks! It’s still (and always) a work in progress, but I’m liking it too. 😉

      So glad you liked these, and appreciate you enjoying the video. I had some technical difficulties getting that together, but the good news is that it is solved, so the next one will be easy (whenever that may be). I had a feeling the colors would help brighten things up on such a stark winter day! Thank you so very much for all your support and praises!! XO

  • I really love the saturation of color you managed to get on these images! The stand out against the dark blue background beautifully! Lovely manicure. 🙂

    • Thanks so very much, hun!! I was happy with the colors too — when I was testing things out ahead of time, I thought it would workout well, and happily it did. 🙂 I really recommend these stamping polishes by Clear Jelly Stamper. They are quite opaque and don’t dry too fast. Having said that, you impress me with your ability to use regular polishes in your stamping — I am not often successful in doing that, it takes skill! 😉

  • I love your new logo! And I adore this underwater design, I really need to get into these layered plates!

    Also I saw your IG post about blogging and I wanted to say that I follow and enjoy your blog, although I’m inconsistent with leaving comments! As a blogger myself I really like reading and indeed writing in more detail. I feel IG captions are not really the place for going on at length about a manicure, although I do wonder now if people are more likely to read a long caption than a blog post. But I’m not really after lots of views or followers, so I’ve just stuck with what I like and feel is best.

    • Thanks Lili!! What a great comment all around!! Coming from a fellow blogger, it means a ton to me!!

      I really appreciate your feedback regarding the IG and blogging question. It was an impulse to ask the question, but I’m so glad I did. Looking back, I had been blogging for over a year before starting and IG account…and at the time saw at it as a “notification” to followers that a post was up. But today, between all the additional IG features, and that it has so many folks who only use IG to show off their nails, it seems like it’s being used differently. By the way, I think that you do a fantastic job with your captions on IG giving folks just the right amount of information but also letting them know that there is more on your blog. I don’t think I’ve been doing a good job at that, I certainly haven’t been consistent about it. Based on everyone’s answers, I’m going to balance it better going forward. Thank you again!!

    • Oh – and a PS to my first reply — I’m not anywhere near as good at commenting on blogs myself, it’s a constant goal of mine to improve…I’ve got to find a way to garner an extra hour a day somehow. LOL Thanks very much again!!

  • Why is it that excitement = long time to prepare a post??? I had the same issue just yesterday. I love how these turned out! The underwater scene is the perfect addition to that lovely Cat’s Eye! And I never would have guessed it was your 1st time using the layered stamping plates. Your stamping is perfect! xo

    • Yay – I’m so glad you liked these as I know you’re a fan of Clear Jelly Stamper’s layered plates and polishes. 😉 Thank you for all of your high praise — gives me a smile.