April 13, 2017

Fresh Blues in a Moroccan Inspired Skittlette

Kimett Kolor fresh blues in a moroccan inspired nail skittlette

Looking back over the last bunch of posts, there has been a lot of bright & bold designs. I haven't featured the softer side of things lately. Time to fix that!


April 10, 2017

Washed Away With Flowers

Kimett Kolor Spring Floral Nail Art

Today's nail art was very nearly NOT meant to be.

Sounds like a philosophical dilemma, but in reality it was with pure perseverance that these made it to post. I promise I will explain...but first let's look at the finished design shall we?


April 8, 2017

Ugly Beautiful Spring

Kimett Kolor nail art skittlette green brown and gold

Ahhh...Springtime. When the hibernating "ugly" brown plants of winter awaken making way for beautiful greenery.

And allergies. But let's forget about that last part. Instead, this post is all about the non-sneeze inducing nail art. Phew!


April 4, 2017

Foiled In Circles

Kimett Kolor Foil and Stamping Nail Art

Shiny colors everywhere makes for a happy Kimett. And, I've been buzzing around like a bee in Springtime putting this nail art and post together to share. So, let's just dive right in...shall we?

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