Washed Away With Flowers

Today’s nail art was very nearly NOT meant to be. Sounds like a philosophical dilemma, but in reality it was with pure perseverance that these made it to post. I promise I will explain…but first let’s look at the finished design shall we?

Kimett Kolor Neon Flower Stamping Nail Art
Kimett Kolor Spring Floral Nail Art

Happy Accidents

What you’re seeing here is the final result of some pretty floral stamping, a mix actually of two different flower motifs, over the top of an abstract looking base.

Kimett Kolor Spring Floral Nail Art

But it didn’t start out that way. I need to point out that I was having an extremely clumsy day when I made these. One of those days where you do the dumbest things ever – like walk out the door forgetting there is a step. (Fortunately I didn’t fall, but it stunned a bit.) Yes, it was one of THOSE days.

But the clincher as it relates to these nails was spilling acetone all over my desk Including, getting it all over one of my in progress nails!

Design Details

Let me back up and explain things a bit more… I intended to do pale stamping over a multi-colored background. I used three pastel neon polishes, randomly sponging them all over each nail.

Kimett Kolor random sponge Spring colors nail art base

Aren’t those a pretty mix of colors for Spring? They would have made for a lovely nail art base…

But…they didn’t last this way very long. My pinky took the brunt of the aforementioned acetone spill. It washed away most of the colors leaving behind the gel base (creamy nude) to show in parts.

Now, had I been having a smarter kind of day, the thought of re-doing that pinky nail with the colors would have occurred to me. But it didn’t.

Instead, I re-created the accident on purpose with the other four nails. I took a piece of sponge, dipped it in acetone, and removed portions of the colors from the other nails. Yes…that is how my brain worked (or didn’t) on that day.

Ironically, there is a technique I’ve seen referred to as Acid Wash, where you take a Qtip or brush with acetone to remove parts of the color, often used in creating a worn dungaree look. I just did it on a larger scale….when I was finished, I said to myself “Yeah, I meant to do that.”

Also, had I been having a smarter kind of day, I would have taken a picture of this new accidental/on purpose base before stamping on it. There were several palm-to-forehead moments that day.

Kimett Kolor stamping nail art over Madam Glam cafe au lait

More Happy Accidents

My nail goof-ups didn’t end there though. I had a particular floral image in mind and I did get it to stamp just fine. But after stamping on the next finger…I realized I had picked up a different floral image instead. ﹗Ay Caramba!

So, again, not thinking that re-doing the mistaken one was an option, I just carried on using a mix of the two images on the rest of my nails. Phew!

Even though the outcome was not what I had in mind at all, it was a thrill to have pushed though and finish with something presentable.

Kimett Kolor stamping nail art with DRK designer 1 XL plate
Kimett Kolor stamping nail art with DRK designer 1 XL plate

Below is a scanned image of the stamping plate (source DRK Nails). I drew an outline around the two images that you see mixed on my nails. Originally, I was just going to use just the one on the left.


Polish Palette

Nail Prep
Beauty Secrets (Sally Beauty) – Base Coat
Melody Susie – 2-in-1 Base & Top Coat

**Madam Glam – Cafe Au Lait
Madam Glam – No Wipe Top Gel

Note: Once more, I used non-acetone polish remover to remove the previous designleaving behind the same base (above listed items) in tact to use again. This time though, the base color is visible.

Virtuous Polish – Miriam, Naomi & Deborah

Plate: DRK Nails – XL Designer 1
Stamper: Bundle Monster – The Monocle Stamper
Polish: Clear Jelly Stamper – Wild Child #5 

Final Seal
Madam Glam – No Wipe Top Gel

**PR Sample Product(s)
Using the back side of the stamping plate as a surface for photographing the bottles gives you an idea how big the stamp plate is.
Kimett Kolor Floral Stamping on Acid Wash polish base

Gift From The Garden

These nails were my “costume” for another Birthday party on Instagram yesterday. What I find funny, in hindsight, is that they remind me of the style of the honored guest, more so with this accidental look than what I would have created without the flubs.

Iva, known as @secretjewelgarden on Instagram, loves flowers and her friend asked us all to make floral designs for her surprise collage. While doing my thang, wandering around my house/yard for more photos, I had the particular theme of garden in my mind.

Kimett Kolor Floral Stamping on Acid Wash polish base

And, how about some outdoor gardening shoes — I do love my Crocs.

Kimett Kolor Floral Stamping on Acid Wash polish base


Well….I hope I didn’t thoroughly confuse you with this post. It’s hard to write about a brain dead day’s events with clarity!

Kimett Kolor Floral Stamping on Acid Wash polish base

I’d be interested to hear what you think of these? Would you have liked the post better if I had left out all of my antics?

Thanks for visiting!

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  • Rachelle Vigil

    I like reading about the process. And I also really like the finished result of these- even though it is different than the original plan, I think it is lovely. I really like distressed looks in general and this has the perfect amount of distressing in my opinion. Actually I think I like the finished background better than the original- the contrast between the ivory gel base and the colors over it is gorgeous.

    • Oh, thank you dear!! I’m thrilled to hear you liked hearing about the stumbled way I got to these as a finished design. To be honest, after I was over the craziness of it all, I really liked the distressed look better too! Thank you so much!! XO

  • vicky baker

    Love your antic filled posts, it’s your USP and this mani is amazing! So bright, so many colours and so Spring-Esque! It’s gorgeous.
    Vicky x

    • Thanks so much Vicky! I’m glad you enjoy my antics — I guess it keeps things interesting for all of us. 😉 I’m thrilled you enjoyed this nail art. Your kind words mean a lot to me!! XO

  • CurlyGirl66

    Well this is certainly a case of making lemonade out of lemons!! You go girl!!! I, too, agree that I like the distressed look in this mani better than the solid color-filled background. So…in my book you did it just right…you just didn’t know it at the time. A beautiful, springy, flirty birthday gift…I am sure the birthday girl was honored.

    • Yes – pink lemonade! LOL Thank you for cheering me on!! Thinking back now to the many days I was feeling “off” or clumsy and waved off nail art — maybe it was the wrong choice. New motto: nail art is for every day, even THOSE days. 😉

  • I love that you have presented the days dilemmas in comedic fashion as only you can do my friend! And, now that I’ve been able to see both backgrounds together, I really do like the acid-wash look and perhaps even prefer it. These are just lovely Kim!! xoxo

    • I’m tickled that the humor came through — I remember laughing at myself so hard during this day — and the next when thinking back on it. Hey – if we can’t laugh at ourselves, well then…life would be very boring. Hah! And I have to agree, the acid-wash background was a happy accident and I really loved wearing these. Thank you so much!! XO

  • Ooh my God KIm!!! This was an absolute pleasure to read! I love love love the mani and your antics!

    • Thank you sweet Mirza!! Such lovely praise – and I’m thrilled you enjoyed the antics too. 😉