May 15, 2017

Queen For A Day

Kimett Kolor Stamping Postage Stamps and Flower Decals for Nail Art

Stamping stamps on my nails as a tribute to my Grammie on Mother's Day.

Although I'm not sure she would have labeled herself as a philatelist, Grammie enjoyed stamp collecting; and I caught the bug as a kid because she shared her hobby with me. We had lots of fun visiting together while cataloging her stamps. Though, if she were still with us - she'd be quick to tell you that I have very dangerous sneezes! There was one day when we had loose stamps placed in sorting order covering the entire length of the table...until they all went flying because of my need to suddenly expel lots of air from my body. It's involuntary!! Not my fault!!

Anyways....Happy Belated Mother's Day to all of the Moms reading this who have had moments when their children and/or grandchildren have caused them similar frustrations. ;)

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