Queen For A Day

Kimett Kolor Stamping Postage Stamps and Flower Decals for Nail Art

Stamping stamps on my nails as a tribute to my Grammie on Mother’s Day.

Although I’m not sure she would have labeled herself as a philatelist, Grammie enjoyed stamp collecting; and I caught the bug as a kid because she shared her hobby with me. We had lots of fun visiting together while cataloging her stamps. Though, if she were still with us – she’d be quick to tell you that I have very dangerous sneezes! There was one day when we had loose stamps placed in sorting order covering the entire length of the table…until they all went flying because of my need to suddenly expel lots of air from my body. It’s involuntary!! Not my fault!!

Anyways….Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all of the Moms reading this who have had moments when their children and/or grandchildren have caused them similar frustrations. 😉

While I’m babbling and before this post really gets going, I wanted to take a moment to say, “I missed you!”. And, I’m sorry for being MIA from blogging for a bit without warning. Rather than fill the screen with whining words though, let me just say it couldn’t be helped. But, as the wise Mr. Kimett says – “It’s over. Done With. And gone.” Cut to today, I’m really glad to be wiping away the blogging cobwebs (both on my keyboard and inside my brain. LOL)


Kimett Kolor Stamping Postage Stamps and Flower Decals for Nail Art


Alrighty — nails are the subject for today. Aren’t these a bit Pretty In Pink too! Although, Grammie wasn’t a huge fan of pink, she would approve of the fact that there really wasn’t a whole lot of effort that went into them. She was a woman of expediency in most things. And we all know, quick nail art definitely has its place!

Design Details

I’ve been itching to pull out another of the beauties I received from Madam Glam. Today’s look started with a nice refreshing base of a subtle pink-leaning nude called Ballerina.

Kimett Kolor Swatch of Madam Glam Ballerina Gel

This shade applied very well and is perfect both on its own and as a base for nail art. I can see myself using up every last drop!! Here’s a closer look:

Kimett Kolor Swatch of Madam Glam Ballerina Gel

After I had enjoyed wearing the gel color on its own, I simply stamped my thumb, middle & ring finger with the postage stamp image at different angles on my nails using a pink stamping polish. Then, I applied water decals of a pretty floral print to the other two nails.

That’s it! Bam – pretty colors on my nails!!

Oh – the only other thing I did was apply a matte top coat. The pictures above are all glossy, and after this point are all shown with a velvety matte finish. They really felt like velvet too!

Kimett Kolor Stamping Postage Stamps and Flower Decals for Nail Art

Polish Palette

Nail Prep
Base Coat: UNT – Ready for Takeoff
Base color: **Madam Glam – Ballerina 
Stamping Plate: MoYou London – Tourist Collection 05
Stamping Polish: Clear Jelly Stamper – #006 KaPink
Stamper/Scraper: Clear Jelly Stamper – The Big Bling
Water Decals: Beautometry – YB 318 (gift with order)
Madam Glam – No Wipe Top Gel 
Dance Legend – Velvet Matt Top Coat (Gel) 

**PR Sample Product(s)
Stamp Plate Image from MoYou London USA website


In planning this design, I researched the postage stamp image on MoYou London‘s stamp plate. Being a plate celebrating London, and all things United Kingdom related, it was no surprise that this stamp image is a re-creation of the most widely recognized and used postage stamps in the UK. They are known as Great Britain’s Machin series; named after the artist who sculpted the profile of Queen Elizabeth II used for the image on these stamps.

So of course, I had to see if there really was a stamp issued in the 16P denomination — and yes there was!! A few in fact. The original one was issued in 1983 and it’s color was a brownish gray. (Someday, I hope to find that there is at least one of these in the multitude of boxes, envelopes & tins of uncatalogued stamps that fill up the closet & bookcase to my left. The picture below is from an online catalog.)

Hmmm….these colors don’t really scream Mother’s Day design. Now what? Well, lo and behold, there was another issue in 16P later in 2007 that was pink. I think Grammie would approve now, knowing I didn’t chose pink for her — I was just being accurate to the stamp. 😉

Kimett Kolor Stamping Postage Stamps and Flower Decals for Nail Art

I’m posing my nails with one of the stamp albums Grammie passed down to me. Look at all those Machins! Yet, these are just the tip of the iceberg — there are thousands of these stamps in the series in various colors and denominations.

Last Notes

On a side note…doing things a little differently here…instead of taking pictures with my nails and the flowers growing outside; I thought it would be clever-er to bring some flower cuttings inside.

Well – it was a great idea. Except — maybe choosing the peonies was not so smart. Boy howdy – are they ever pungent!!! After doubling my allergy meds…and airing out the house…a learning moment was had. Next time — chose the non-fragrant flowers Kimett!! 😉

Kimett Kolor Stamping Postage Stamps and Flower Decals for Nail Art

One last look –

Kimett Kolor Queen For A Day Nail Art

Putting this design together with my Grammie in mind, brought up all sorts of fond memories. I do hope that she knows that she is a Queen in my mind every day.

Thank you so very much for sticking with me and being a fan of this little quirky nail art blog!!! There is so much gratitude coming your way right now!!! Do you feel it??

Till Next Time,

  • This is so adorable and heartwarming, not to mention the mani looks gorgeous!

    • Wow – thanks so very much Lili!! Glad you enjoyed this post! 😉

  • Тијана Јорданова

    Those photos are gorgeous! I am blown away! <3

    • Tijana – you are always so sweet!! Thrilled to hear you like the photos, THANK YOU!! XO

  • So pretty my friend! And I know Grammie would be proud that they are historically accurate! On a side note, I just LOVE the smell of peonies!! Sadly they won’t grow out here in the desert. xo

    • Thanks hun!!! XOXO Ooh – I have lots of peonies — I will enjoy them outside, from a distance, for you! They are a lovely flower for sure. 😉

  • Rachelle Vigil

    These are so beautiful, and such a lovely tribute to your grandmother! It was so interesting to hear about the origin of that stamp, and to see them in real life.

    • Yay! I’m so glad you liked the bit about stamps…like nails, I could go on and on about them. Thank you so very much for the lovely comment!! XO

  • CurlyGirl66

    I KNOW Grammie would be proud! And to add another tidbit to this tribute, she went to England for her 70th birthday and had all sorts of “queenly” experiences! I love the colors in this blog (I guess I am a bashful pink girl, because like Grammie, I would say my favorite color is blue) – but this is so pretty – and I am so glad you picked an easy one to make your debut after your hiatus. What a great tribute to a great lady. Thank you.

    • Oh, good I’m glad you liked them on her behalf. Yup, the trip was one of the reasons I bought this stamping plate eons ago – I’m glad to have used it finally! 😉 BTW, I didn’t make it to publish without watery eyes…how did you do? Thanks for the praise, as always!! <3

  • vicky baker

    Gorgeous and what a mani! I love the pink theme and the cute little floral/stamp mix.
    Vicky x

    • Thanks so very much, Vicky!! It was nice wearing a design with so much meaning. 😉

  • Oh I love everything about this blog post! Every little thing! I didnt even know peonies smelt….pungent!

    • Awe, that’s such a great comment to read!! Thanks very much Mirza!!

      Oh, and I may have been exaggerating about the peonies being pungent, *wink*. Their fragrance is just very strong which is nice outside, but in my small polish room they were a bit overpowering. 😉

  • Hehe, pink stamps would be the best thing in life ever. I know I’ve said this before but this nail shape really suits you!

    I hope you feel better. Know that I’ll always be around and don’t hesitate to text me if you need to talk!

    • Yay – thanks so much Monica!!! I do always know you’re there, but I cherish the reminder. 😉 And, It’s especially great to hear that you like my nails in this shape too.

  • Awe, I’m so glad you liked these, Caroline!! Maybe I should send the Queen a letter with this stamp. LOL 😉 Thanks for your comment hun – I appreciate it!!

    • Caroline Goodwill

      You’re welcome hunny xxxx