Fall Fluidity: with Dance Legend Spot It

marble nail art with Dance Legend Spot It

For you I have a captivating post today, showing off my latest play with fluid art on nails.  I’m pretty sure this style of nail art could be done in every color combination and still NOT be boring! Winter is around the corner — I’m thinking blues, whites, maybe a little purple…

Oh geez. Seems appropriate that I should finish talking about this one first though, huh. Us nail art junkies; we’re always thinking up new nail design ideas. Always. Yes, even when our dearest family member is discussing that very important thing. Uh…what was it again? LOL

abstract brown nails

Now that I’m wearing these marble magic nails, I can’t decide what the colors and patterns remind me of exactly. Sometimes they look a bit like a picture from space, like the surface of a planet or star. Other times, I think they remind me of some rock formation. What do you see?

Fluid Nail Art in Fall Colors

Design Details

Despite the fun time spent blobbing, tilting, dripping, and squishing these polishes into a mesmerizing pattern, this nail art session was more than challenging. That’s code for “one of those days” where everything that could go wrong did. Okay, I guess it’s fair to say, almost everything since you’ve got pictures in front of you. Yes, it could have been worse. I didn’t get any polish in my ears…but just about everywhere else!

We can all relate to having bad nail art days. I tend to throw in the towel before finishing whenever it happens to me, but I’m super proud I pushed through today. Oh man, was I clumsy, awkward, and less than…well everything. But, let’s not focus on the yucky stuff and just celebrate that by not giving up, there are some pretty nails for gawking. Yes? Phew.

fall colors for fluid nail art

Just like my first fluid nails, I used a special effect polish which creates the cells in the pattern that mimics the style of fluid art done with paint on canvas. This time around the brand is Dance Legend from Russia. Shout out for international polish stockists! Anyways…I think this company might have been the first one to put out this kind of polish. They call their line, Spot It, and it comes in several colors. Today I used the white.

A Bit of An Experiment

Unlike last time where I created the magic directly on my nails, today I made decals. But I didn’t use a mat.

Instead, I put into service a household silicone product, specifically muffin cups.

Before you ask, I don’t plan on baking muffins in them now that I’ve used them with nail polish. Although, theoretically one could put them back into the kitchen since the polish only touched the underside (shown below). Just kidding!

A bit of trivia: These were castoffs from someone else who loves donating things for me to incorporate in the Kolor Korner. An idea that came about before silicone mats were readily available for nail art purposes. I think the current term is repurposing. Yeah. I’m cool. Uh huh.

Supplies used for fluid nail art design

Polish Palette

Fluid Art Colors

Dance LegendSpot It (White)

In The Name Of Polish

  • Special Brownies (Chocolate Brown)
  • Shittin’ Bricks (Brick Red)
  • Smashin Punkins (Dark Orange)
  • Baby Shit (Mustard Yellow)


  • UNT Ready for Takeoff (Peel Off Basecoat)
  • Gel – Dance Legend Base Plus (Nude Cool)
  • Pretty Serious Aqua Coat (Glossy Topcoat)
  • Fab Ur Nails Angular Kolinsky (Clean-Up Brush)
  • Silicone muffin baking cups

Fluid art nail design

Wait – How Did You Do That?

To get this fun pattern, I applied random blobs/drops of each polish (5 in total) on the flat underside of the muffin cup. Immediately, I tilted it around as done with the drip marble technique. Once happy, I then folded and unfolded the surface. It’s a lot like smooshing, and the tension “activates” the Spot It polish. At this point, I just set the muffin cup down and let the cells appear. Viola!

TIP: Make extras. Not all attempts will be successful. 😉

There were upsides to using the muffin cups rather than a sheet of plastic (the usual method). One was that they were easy to hold and set down as I went along. But, overall I think it was a lot messier during the folding step. Anything is worth a try though!

Forgetting to account for the dry air this time of year, I left the decals out too long, and they weren’t very pliable. Read – they were fragile and kept cracking. But, I decided I liked the patterns too much to scrap them and did the best I could with them. I even went so far as to use a gel basecoat (with the sticky layer) hoping it would help me stick them onto my curvey nails. It worked. Somewhat. And at arm’s length, the flaws aren’t noticeable. Yay!

Brown and yellow nails for the Fall season

Up Next: General Chatter and Musings

I L-O-V-E the formulas of these INTOP cremes. They are super creamy, dense and pigmented. I had to work a little harder to blend them with the Spot It polish, but it was so worth it.

Fluid Nail Art by Kimett Kolor

If I don’t say so myself, I was pretty tickled that each nail ended up so different. But the various patterns all came together pretty cohesively as a mani, no?

Fluid art using Dance Legend Spot It White

My ring finger is wearing my favorite decal.


As much as I enjoy a structured nail art design, these abstract marble mash-ups are right up my polish filled alley. I’d really like to hear what you have to say about them though. Don’t be shy. Short or long comments, they’re all appreciated!!


Okay. That’s it. Because….

for those of us in the US, it is a holiday. Sadly, Thanksgiving isn’t centered around getting manicures and creating nail art…but it does feature the next best thing. Lots and lots of homemade food!! Hoping everyone has a heartwarming and fulfilling day. Double helpings of pumpkin pie for all! Oh, and if you drew the short straw – don’t forget to wear gloves while doing dishes. Keep those nails and cuticles protected. 😉

Also, in light of the occasion, I’m not super weird or mushy when I mention how immensely grateful I am that you are here to share good times, as well as the frustrating times, with this fun hobby. Seriously, I would be left talking to myself. Too much so. Thank You for keeping me company!!


Till Next Time,

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  • Debbie Jarman

    stunning, I love the colours!!

    • Thanks Debbie! Glad you liked the colors – I did too. 😉

  • Тијана Јорданова

    The ring finger was my favourite too! I love the whole look of this design, its very unique

    • Thanks Tijana! Thrilled you liked these abstract nails. XO

  • Barbouilleuse

    Beautiful ! I love them all. I ve been playing with fluid art on canvas lately and also trying to translate the technique to nails… With the DL Spot it… I ll keep trying … Happy Thanksgiving to you !

    • Thanks Anna!! I found your fluid art pours and nails on IG — they look great! I really liked the look you got with the Models Own chromes too.

  • Oh, wow. I’m coveting this polish immediately. I’m so glad you powered through and finished these nails. They are so pretty! And…I own those teeny muffin cups. I could steal your technique! 😉

    • Thanks Lisa!! It was sad when it was time to peel these off. And, I’m not convinced I’ve found the best nail art use for these muffin cups, but this attempt wasn’t too bad. I think maybe using them for just drip marbling would work out well – either the inside or the undersides. As always, steal away! 😉

  • CurlyGirl66

    These are so COOL!! The mix of colors makes me think of a particular sea shell – (I’ll go research it and get back to you!) You were right, I never did get this post…don’t know why, but I was certainly in sync with you, (mess-wise), when I dropped a 3/4 full glass jar of PB on my ceramic tile floor and it shattered into a million pieces! Quite the mess,indeed! Am glad you spent T-day enjoying something you love and sharing it with those of us who are your loyal fans! Now We are all thankful!!

    • Yessss! The shell. That’s what these remind me of. Thank you!😁 The peanut butter incident sounds very messy! 😝 Thanks so much for your comment. XO XO

  • Aysh

    Wow Kim these are incredible! The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the pattern was a Coca Cola Ice Cream Float! Though trust me to always think of food first…O_o
    And WHY am I just hearing about this fluid nail art technique?! I am clearly very behind the times & most uncool haha! These polishes look so incredible, I haven’t seen anything like them here in the UK…though they do remind me of the OPI Black Spotted polish that was released a while back?

    • Awe, thanks so much Aysh!! I’m glad you enjoyed these – and found out about some new polish types and nail art. There are so, so many new techniques & products for nails these days, aren’t there!?!

      You’re right, the result that I got does resemble OPI’s Black Spotted. The pattern you can get with both Dance Legend’s Spot It series and with Sinful Colors’ special ones (links below) can vary quite a bit depending on how you put them together. The biggest difference though, is that OPI’s BS needs to be applied on completely dry polish, whereas these (Dance Legend & Sinful Colors) only work when the polish is wet. (Standard application is just brushing it lightly across the nail over wet polish.) Hope that helps.

      As far as I know, the Dance Legend ones are still available, but I’m not sure about the Sinful Colors ones because they were released on limited run (especially on their availability in the UK, although I do recall seeing mention of a stockist).

      In case you want to see more:
      *Sinful Colors fluid nail art: http://www.kimettkolor.com/2017/08/punked-easy-fluid-nail-art.html
      *OPI Black Spotted: http://www.kimettkolor.com/2013/10/journal-entry-11-opi-black-spotted-here.html
      *Also, if you follow the hashtags I used on IG – you’ll see more fluid art on nails too. 😉

  • Tammy M

    Very cool Kim. I had to come here and read through the blog after seeing the pics on your IG so I could see exactly how you created this design.
    The first thing I see when I saw this mani was agate’s. I loved spending hours as a kid on my grandparents farm, combing through rocks/pebbles that covered their very long driveaway, for cool looking agate’s.
    question: can this be done with most any type of polish? I noticed you said that folding it “activated” the Spot It polish and I’m curious if there is something unique to that polish that created those cells? or would the basic same effect be achieved by other polishes also?
    You’ve inspired me to try this although I will probably only have the patience to create decals for a couple accent nails. This does sound like a lot of work – fun work but work nonetheless! lol

    • Hey Tammy! Oooh – your childhood memories are wonderful!! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

      Sorry, I sort of let folks down with this post because I didn’t write it up with much helpful “How To” information (I was a bit eager to post and then go eat pie…LOL).

      Yes, fluid art can be done with regular polish, but there’s a big BUT. Regular polish rarely makes the pattern, aka “cells”, which gives the signature fluid art look. Although I’ve seen a few ladies get real close with smooshing, it’s pretty rare. But, to get the cells (especially as many as I have in these), you do need either a silicone spray or a special polish to get this reaction. I can tag you on some posts on IG where ladies used silicone spray if you like (I haven’t tried it). Just let me know. Did you happen to see my post with the blue/green fluid art nails? I used another brand’s special effect polishes. Here’s a link: http://www.kimettkolor.com/2017/08/punked-easy-fluid-nail-art.html

      My experience so far with both the Sinful Colors (with the worst name ever: Hypnotic Transforming Top Coats) and these Spot It ones by Dance Legend, is that the best, most dramatic patterns are achieved when they are mixed with regular polish in an aggressive way — such as smooshing. Have you seen the smoosh technique that uses a plastic page protector rather than a stamper by chance? I borrowed that idea with the folding of the muffin cup. But in any way you approach it, the trick is to get the special polish to mix with the regular polishes and then the cells magically appear.

      You don’t need to do this with decals. I happened to chose that method last week because it suited my schedule that day (although I returned to my decals later than planned which caused issue applying them). You can achieve (and enjoy the fun) doing them right on your nail like any other smoosh. The only benefit of doing decals is to pick out the best parts of the patterns. 😉

      I don’t think you can find the Sinful Colors polishes in stores anymore (they were a limited run) – but I saw Bonny has some left on her website: http://www.peachtreepolish.com/product/sinfulcolors-hypnotic-transforming-top-coats. And the Dance Legend Spot It series are available through stockists (at least last I checked).

      I can’t wait to see if you do give this a try. You make some beautiful smooshes, and water marbles — I know you’ll have a lot of fun with these too. I’m tempted to get some silicone spray at some point, but for now I’m having loads of fun with these special polishes too. Let me know if you have any other questions or I can help *enable* you any other way. 😉

      • Tammy M

        thanks so much for all this info! Now it sounds like even MORE work! lol. I’m so lazy when it comes to nails, but here’s hoping I have some snow days where I’m housebound in December so I can play around with this technique! 🙂

        • You’re welcome. And, just know, I’m an expert at over complicating things (LOL). Actually, it’s really not work, IF you have one of these polishes. Yes, it’d be a perfect snowy day mani to do. Thanks, Tammy! 😉