A guided start using 31DC2013

Rather than spend time pondering what colors & designs to put on my nails as I get going with this journal – I thought I’d look to those with more experience to guide me. While I don’t know the complete history of the 31-Day Challenges, I did notice that this year’s started up this month – timing IS everything. Now, the challenge is to do 31 nail designs in 31 days…but that’s out of my ability. So, I’m choosing to use it as a guide for my first 31 entries [roughly – I may sneak in other things in between]. And, who knows, it may take me 6 months or so to get through it, but that’s OK with me. 

So, I’m calling it the “31 Design Challenge”. 

Courtesy of Chalkboard Nails

Sarah at Chalkboard Nails organized the challenge and for more information, please check it out HERE

Till next time,