A Wink and A Smile

Design 3 of 31DC2013 – Yellow Nails

Yellow is my favorite color on the color wheel. Yet, it is hard to find yellow nail polish with a decent formula, but this polish collector is up to the challenge *smile*wink*. For these nails I picked a bright yellow base polish with a silvery shimmer. Then, giving Mr. Kimett a few choices of colors to use for stamping, he chose black. After which picking the stamp design was a no-brainer.



Having read about a tip for frosty polishes that apply too “brushstrokey” – I sponged on a third layer of the yellow polish to hide the inevitable bald spots and dragged areas that are going to happen with yellows. It was so worth it – this yellow is totally the iconic “happy” color. (This tip from Leslie the Polish Art Addict, specific post here.)

The smiling faces and the wink stamp images befit this color perfectly. I was mostly happy with the stamp alignment/placement on my fingers – still working on this and other steps of the stamping process.


It was also my first stamping with such a large block of image (the mouth); it came out OK, minus the smudge of the smile line on the left. And – it was another even bigger first: using a ingenious tip from the insanely talented Anutka of Waki Laki. She suggests using a refill sheet of the lint rollers to clean the stamper in between uses (see this post). This was such an improvement to the process and I will be using this from now on.


These nails were so bright and eye catching; they made texting, typing and doing anything with my fingers that much more fun! A little extra time to remove this color – it wants to stain anything it comes in contact with – but worth it.

Swatches below

Materials Used:
China Glaze: Sunchine Pop (this is the spelling on my promo bottle), yellow shimmer
Konad: Black stamping polish
Bundle Monster: plate BM-304


“31 Design Challenge” (see my intro post here)
courtesy of Chalkboard Nails

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