Never Say Never…

When asked if I was going to start my own blog showing my nail polish adventures, I said, “Nah, I don’t want to do that.”

It’s been about a year since I answered that question and now have changed my mind … why not? I’m having fun and it’s been very therapeutic for me. And, it turns out, I would like to have a record of them and share with those who are interested. I have found from blog-stalking many talented nail-artists/bloggers that it is a fun and welcoming group of people and their enthusiasm is very catching. So here goes nothing.

To kick this off (and practice uploading posts), my first entry shows some nails from earlier this year, specifically before I thought I’d be sharing, so please be gentle with me.

Copper Paisley

Eeks! One thing I hope to document in this journal is producing photos that are more representative of the fun nails as I experienced them in real life. This seems to be a good photo to use as a starting point, shiny fingers & all, since it doesn’t do the nails justice at all. But on to the nails, paisley designs intrigue me and I thought I was clever using a polish with fiery shimmer to poke through behind the stamped design.

Materials Used

Confetti: Masquerade Ball
China Glaze: Poetic
Bundle Monster: plate BM-315

Inspiration Sources

Stamping GURU: Bregje at Oooh, Shinies!

Valentine Hearts

Yes, this was for Valentine’s Day and it was my first time trying multi-colored stamping (index & middle) as well as mixing base colors in a skittlette fashion. I also remember being proud of using a detail brush with the designs as well.

Materials Used

Confetti: Purple Reigns (thumb & ring)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: White Out (index & middle)
Nicole by OPI: OMB! (pinky)
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: Pronto Purple & Rapid Red (stamping, index & middle)
Konad: White (stamping & detail)
Mash: plates 28, 38 & 48

Inspiration Sources

 Skittlette creator: Marta of Chit Chat Nails

 Wedding Celebration

These were done in honor of my Mom’s 25th wedding anniversary with my step Dad. It was fun having a theme – and “giving” with a design. The theme called for a more formal style and I learned a lot of things from trying this out; such as next time to use a detail brush for tips rather than polish brush and to practice with striper brushes before painting on nail.

Materials Used

OPI: Don’t Touch My Tutu
Essie: no place like chrome (stamping)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: White Out (tips)
Borghese: Chroma
Pueen: plate 22

Inspiration Sources

 I know there was such an inspiration, I hope to come back and edit the entry.

 Colors of Music

More nails done in honor of someone else – my incredibly talented stepsister, Sarah. She worked really hard for several weeks as a conductor of an orchestra and it was on the concert day that I did these. The idea was to mimic synesthesia (seeing music as color) and the swirling motion of her hands bringing all of the sounds/colors together. While actually going to her critically acclaimed concert would have been a true highlight, I did have fun with these nails – and they had interesting looks depending on lighting and angles.

Materials Used

Zoya: Zuza, Kimber & Elise
Sinful Colors: Courtney Orange*
Konad: White
Pueen: plate 13

*Courtney Orange was “the polish that started it all” a couple years ago, explanation worthy of it’s own entry. Stay tuned…

Inspiration Sources

Debbie at The Crumpet: splodging extraordinare.


Till next time,