Halloween Short

Taking a brief interruption from the 31DC2013 guides, I added some Halloween elements to the gradient from my previous post.

One of the habits I had started a year ago or so was to play with my nail design before removing it. There is something freeing about just going for it and experimenting, knowing that it’s just for the fun of it being committed to taking it all off anyway. Sometimes if I had a solid color on my nails, I’d play with layering different polishes over it to see the different outcomes. Sometimes I would try some freehand art or some other technique. And then sometimes like this one, I would stamp on the nails testing out polishes, image plates, etc. (So please excuse condition of the polish as these were taken after 3 days of wear.)

I was quick about it all, not worrying too much about image placement and/or quality (my pinky smeared, but it sorta gave it a spookier look that was cool). I didn’t even test anything out on paper beforehand. Wow – such a risk taker!

I don’t yet have many Halloween images other than one stamping plate from Bundle Monster’s 3rd set; if I did, I would have tried more and/or different ones. On my index and pinky, I stamped the haunted building; on my middle and ring, I stamped the swirls with spooky jack o’ lantern floating above them; and on my thumb I stamped the lightning bolts. I had read that Finger Paints‘ Black Expressionism was good for stamping and I can now agree. Also, I tried out using a striper brush painting a black border at the tip (bottom of the images) of each nail and then sealed everything in with a fast-dry topcoat.

Materials Used:
Finger Paints: Black Expressionism (stamping)
Color Club: Art Club, Black (striper)
Bundle Monster: plate BM 305

Again, just a short post with the change-up of my previous nails. Ten days and then it is Halloween. Got your candy ready?

Till next time,