The Polish That Started it All…

In my very first post (click here to revisit it), I mentioned that there was one polish purchase that led me to become a polish-aholic. Don’t worry, I have it under control. Yeah…isn’t that what everyone says? LOL

So, how did I start down this path of nail polish collecting/painting/obsessing…?

Good question. Especially since I am not really into make-up or much in the way of beauty products. And I never considered those hard surfaces at the ends of my fingers and thumbs to be canvases for color, rather they were just part of my hands that were used for everything (like scraping gunk, peeling stuff, etc.). And I definitely do not have model worthy hands…again, please focus on the polish. Thank you.

What changed? I was recuperating from a major surgery (in other words, climbing the walls mentally, but stuck indoors with a need to focus on something other than pain). One of the activities I found most helpful was coloring. I had been given a large set of high-quality pencils and a few coloring books for adults.

A design that I colored last fall from one of Dover Publishing’s Pictorial Archive series.

There I was, propped up with pillows and my lap-easel happily coloring, when a thought popped into my head. I could “color” my nails. If you’ve ever been stuck in one room of your home for months on end, encumbered by braces, canes and pain medication; you might have an understanding how such an inane thought could become so revolutionary.

OK, that meant nail polish. Something I had never bought or used in my life to that point. And, I thought I was very clever requesting that Mr. Kimett help me find an orange colored polish. Of course that was rebellious – right? Not pink or red – the colors I thought nail polish mostly came in.

This bottle of orange glow with yellow shimmer was my FIRST bottle of polish. “Awe.” Courtney Orange, by Sinful Colors, purchased at Rite Aid in early October 2011. Of course, I now know that this was part of a Halloween collection from 2009 and it is still an available color.

I was hooked right away! How fun to have color on your fingertips that you see when you’re doing practically everything – and nothing (as was the case at the time). And, just like coloring with my pencils, nail painting is relaxing and continues to help me escape from the chronic pain I now deal with everyday.

Back then, I had no idea about different types of formulas and finishes or that people blog about their nails and the designs they put on them. While I didn’t take a picture of that first time with my orange painted nails (lucky you), here are a couple shots of me wearing this polish to celebration of my 2nd anniversary with polish. I stamped on a few fingers playing up the fact this is a great polish color for the fall season and to compliment my pencil design above. (Also, I thought it was neat to use one of my newest-to-me polishes with the oldest.)



Materials Used:
Cult Nails: Get It On, basecoat
Sinful Colors: Courtney Orange, 2 coats
Zoya: Louise, a chocolate brown cream from this year’s fall cashmere collection – stamping
Cult Nails: Wicked Fast, topcoat
Pueen: plates 15 & 49 leaf print & floral

Everything said in this entry. And all of the amazing nail bloggers who’s blogs have brought me joy over the past 2 years – I hope to keep crediting them in my entries as they deserve it.

What do you think? Thanks for reading!

Till next time,