Purple Fire Flop

Design #6 of 31DC2013: Violet (Purple) Nails

While I love every color equally (no discrimination here)…there are those that I prefer not having on my nails. Purple is one of them. It isn’t that I dislike the color and I do have a few purples to choose from in my polish collection. Yet, this day’s nails were a flop. Maybe my purple-bias clouded my judgement and ultimately the success with this design? In future, I need to remember that I favor purple in smaller doses rather than covering the whole nail and every nail.

Everything started out OK in terms of applying the first layer of color (2 coats), a warm purple cream with a pretty blue shimmer.

I could cheat and tell you I stopped there. But I didn’t. I wanted to use the amazing, spectacular, and magical liquid concoction from Cult Nails (another must have indie polish maker) called Seduction. It is in a word – beautiful. Just not on that day, on my nails. If you don’t believe me, take a look here.

Even though everyone says to layer this violet-based jelly fully of red and blue color changing flakies over a dark based polish, particularly a dark blue, purple or black; I chose the path not taken. And there is a reason it is not taken. It’s not that it ruins it terribly, but this in no way shows off the polish as it should be done. My brain was stuck on it being purple day and I thought I wanted to keep the spotlight on that color only.

And yes, this was very difficult to photograph (as noted by others too), so imagine it looking more fire-y in person. Those flakies turn copper, gold, green, to name a few, in real life.

I thought this might have been a good occasion to try out using a matte topcoat. I had yet to experiment with these effect topcoats…and well, I think I encountered some user-error. Because it becomes a matte finish after it dries, it is therefore hard to see when applying it (because it’s glossy over a gloss at that time). Overall, I’m glad I tried it. It seemed to help bring out the flakies in the picture (above).

One last photo for good measure, taken outside in the shade (mostly because I was so excited that my roses have continued to keep blooming into October *smiley-face*).

Polish Palette

Materials Used:
Cult Nails: Get It On (base coat)
China Glaze: Gothic Lolita
Cult Nails: Seduction
Poshe’ (topcoat, experienced shrinkage for first time – maybe need to thin it?)
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Flatline (matte topcoat)


“31 Design Challenge” (see my intro post here)
courtesy of Chalkboard Nails

Till next time,