A Little Birdie Went “Oh Splat!”

Design #9 of 31DC2013 – Rainbow Nails

[No animals were harmed in the production of these nail designs. Really, I saw it fly away…]

There I was, minding my own business, enjoying the beautiful fall day, painting my nails…when I was startled by a loud thunk.Outside the window of my kolor-kave (aka, hobby room), is a berry tree that the birds were fighting over. And, one such bird bounced off of the window with a loud, Splat! Now – fortunately the window had a nice, new bouncy screen as it cushioned his blow and he flew away immediately.


That day, I was painting my nails with  KB Shimmer’s very own, Oh, Splat! Coincidence? Well, it left me questioning whether I caused the incident because I had already painted 2 of the 3 coats of this rainbow glitter filled lovely when it happened. So, of course, the only thing I could do (besides feel guilty and think about putting up rainbow window stickers everywhere), was to change my original plan of stamp image (clown theme) to this cute little bird in 5 of the rainbow colors.


I had been itching to trot out one of my KB Shimmer fun glitters. So, I scratched the itch. Can you blame me? It is such a whimsical polish that applies amazingly well for such a glitter bomb. No arm-tiring shaking of the bottle needed either.


The other itch I was feeling was trying out the ingenious invention known as Glitter-a-Peel from Nail Pattern Boldness. But, before I get to the end of my story, a couple more pictures of the nail design.

The yellow birds showed up better in the photos than they did in real life. In hindsight, orange might have been a better choice for the index fingers. It was easier to get a shot of all the nails’ stamped images on my right hand – but even then, you just catch a glimpse of the little red bird on my thumb. And he was such a cute little bird, so I took a picture of just my thumbnail (apologies for the awful skin tone).

Do you hear him? Chirp, chirp.

Well, as I mentioned, all fun nail stories come to an end eventually, it’s just I don’t usually record their demise. But, this time the polish removal is included in this entry. You can see below that the Glitter-a-Peel works like a charm. No more tin-foil, cotton balls & acetone soaking for me!!


You can tell which one I peeled off first. But it only took one to get the hang of it. And…the big question: did I need to do any clean-up?


Nope, check out my bare (stained from other polish) nails! Really, I
took this right after peeling.

Thanks for reading!

Design details for this Kimett Kolor entry below:


Materials Used:

  • Nail Patter Boldnes: Glitter-a-Peel, 2 coats
  • KB Shimmer: OH, SPLAT!, 3 coats all nails
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: Rapid Red (red cream), Lightening (yellow cream) and Pronto Purple (purple shimmer), stamping
  • Revlon: Posh (green cream) and Indigo Night (Blue cream), stamping
  • Seche Vite: topcoat, 1 coat before and 1 coat after the stamping
  • MASH: plate 30

Inspiration Sources:
The poor little bird who flew away with a headache

Image by Sean Gallagher.
  • 31 Design Challenge” (see my intro post here)
courtesy of Chalkboard Nails

Till next time,

P.S. If you noticed I changed my watermark on my photos, wow & thank you. But, really the reason is that by next week, my blog will have its own domain…I’ll let you know when it goes live. Yay! Stay tuned.