The Dots Won!

Polka Dots: the 11th design of the 31DC2013 and the 1st one of the Patterns group.

Revelation! I had no idea that making dots was so much fun! It was total play-time in the kolor-kave when doing these nails. My thoughts and preparations went completely out the window and dotting took over.


They say, hindsight is 20/20. I would like to be able to report that I was happy with how these nails came out. I guess I was a little bit. Since they were the first polka dot design I’ve tried, I think it was a good start. At least, I thought about a few things ahead of time; such as my choice of putting a light color dot on a dark color background. To make that work, I mixed some white polish in with the vanilla polish on the plate for dipping the dotting tool into.


I was happy with each nail individually. Together, they were not cohesive, oops. With each nail (except the index) I got the dots’ size and space between them fairly consistent. However, I definitely didn’t succeed in getting them the same on all five nails. Dots – 1, Kimett – 0.


It was just way too much fun. I’d get going and forget to do things like, clean off the dotting tool. Yup, little by little, that polish would stick to the tool and create a bigger and bigger dotting surface. You can tell I remembered after noticing (finally) that the dots on my middle nail were WAY bigger. And yet, I forgot again before doing the pinky. Darn, dots!


Like most of my designs lately, if I squinted and positioned my fingers just so, they didn’t look quite as bad as these up close & personal photos. Had I had the time, I think I would have redone my thumb, index and ring by trying the polka dot pattern again and/or mixing the designs up with some accent nails done differently. But that is why they call this a challenge – right? And, I was glad I stepped out of my comfort zone.


top to bottom: dotting tool, Zoya: Pepper, and OPI: My Vampire is Buff

After taking a quick peek at the next few designs, I know I will be outside of my comfort zone again.

Going to stick with me?


courtesy of Chalkboard Nails

Till next time,