Flowers: Warrior Woman Style

Adding a twist, I used the polish called Warrior Woman, by independent polish brand, Lucky 13 as the inspiration for the flower design (14th in #31DC2013). The polish is a tribute to the character Zoe Washburne of Joss Whedon’s TV series, Firefly and movie, Serenity.  (If you don’t know who Zoe is, there are some photos of her later in this post.) Nail polish and especially floral designs are NOT what people think of with Zoe. This fact made the design challenge-worthy and struck a personal chord; as anyone who’s known me for most of my life would NOT think of polish on my nails either.


Taupe with bronze and gold was the theme for this skittlette; and, of course, flowers. The stamp is from my first MoYou plate and I chose the toughest, edgiest looking flower design of the bunch. Sunflowers stand rugged and tall, just like Zoe.


Because I couldn’t decide, I flipped the order of the outer nail colors. On my left hand, I used Warrior Woman as the glitter topper on my pinky. On my right hand, I layered it on my thumb and index finger. I think I preferred the latter mostly because it gave me more of this complex polish.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite capture the gold sparkle in Warrior Woman in these photos. I had layered it over the same taupe color that is under the gold stamped flowers. With a different shade of polish underneath it might have stood out better.
So, this was definitely not a typical flower design. Despite that, I think I somehow captured the essence of Serenity and her captain’s loyal First Officer, Zoe. Although, if asked, I bet she would have said I should have at least one gun image on my nails. I could have also free-handed a black cord & knot which she wore around her neck in most scenes. There’s always next time…
Materials Used:
Polishes (L to R): CND Colour: Sophia, Lucky 13: Warrior Woman,
Maybelline: Bold Gold, Finger Paints: Bronze Sculpture
Stamping Plate from MoYou: Pro Collection – 08
Inspiration Sources:
Zoe, on the right, with the Serenity crew (Actress: Gina Torres)

“31 Design Challenge” (more info in previous post here)

courtesy of Chalkboard Nails

Delicate Print design is next…shall I use brighter, cheerier colors?

Till next time,