Blue Ombre First, Then…

When discussing the “Inspired by a Color” #31DC2013 prompt with Mr. Kimett, we settled on the color blue. According to Color Matters, Blue has more complex and contradictory meanings than any other color. Yup, totally fitting for us to pick a complicated color. To interpret this fact, I chose to use multiple shades of the color for my challenge entry. I always wanted to try out an ombre’ design (where each nail is a shade lighter or darker than the nail beside it). Using just one blue cream polish, I lightened and darkened it with white and black polishes mixed in for a different shade on each nail.


But, I didn’t stop there…I hope you’ll click to continue reading on to see what design I added to these blue shades.

As mentioned above, I used the polish color on one nail (middle) and then mixed a different shade for the other four nails. To make the colors on my ring and pinky I added varying amounts of a black cream polish and mixed it in with the blue on a plastic plate. For the index and thumb, I used a white cream polish in the same way. I didn’t have an ideal brush for this, but I think they came out OK anyway. I wasn’t scientific with the amount of black or white to blue ratios – so my other hand looks close, but not exact.


I had fun doing this and am feeling more and more confident about working with the polishes as tools for art in addition to nail covering. (Does that make sense?) A.K.A. – my Polish Palette, this section in my posts has been changed from Materials Used.

OK, so…I couldn’t just leave my nails with solid, plain colors on them. (Heavens to Murgatroyd!) As exciting as it was to make my “own colors”…I just didn’t feel these were done yet. I wanted to play with those water tattoo’s again – especially to use up some more snowflakes before Old Man Winter goes back to sleep. And, maybe it’s my fault, but it is NOW snowing outside!


To make these wintery nails, there were three more steps. First, I sponged on a glitter mostly at the tips of the nails to imitate snow piling up. Then, I applied the water tattoo snowflakes. Last, I applied a shimmery matte effect topper polish to the whole nail to seal everything in.


In keeping with the ombre’ technique, I had my water tattoo snowflakes start high on my thumbnail and slowly fall lower to the tip of each nail. I don’t know if this added anything to the design really, but it gave me a guide for placing the tattoo’s.


All in all, I was happy with both stages of the design, plain and snowy. It was a good down-shift from water marbling (time-wise). I really like the shimmery matte effect topper and have lots of ideas for other looks with it.

Polish Palette:

Blue cream polish:  Revlon Indigo Night,
Silver & gray glitter: OPI Pirouette My Whistle,
Shimmery matte topper: Lucky 13 Revenge is Suede,
Snowflakes: water tattoo’s by Pueen

Inspiration Source(s):
I liked reading about the significances of blue around the world HERE. Had I not chosen snowflakes, I would have gone with a denim/jeans design. Speaking of design, I didn’t have any specific image in mind; just went with the colors, etc. For ombre know-how, I did check out this post (and the video link mentioned inside) by Colores de Carol, one of my long-time favorite bloggers – and now polish maker, too!

And, the “31 Design Challenge” (more info in my previous post here)


courtesy of Chalkboard Nails

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