Band Geek

Patterns are everywhere. There are so many gorgeous patterns in prints and fabrics that can provide inspiration to beautiful nail designs. So many in fact, that I couldn’t chose just one for the 26th design prompt, “Inspired by a Pattern” of the #31DC2013 challenge.  Besides, we have five senses after all – right?


I got to thinking about inspiring musical patterns and…

I remembered I hadn’t tried out the awesome polish by KB Shimmer, called Band Geek. I snagged this beauty in my latest order. The creator describes her inspiration which I copied from her website:

“I admit it, I was a band geek. I played the flute, all jokes aside,
band was a great time. This polish is an ode to the band geeks of the
world. Black jelly base to represent the oboe and clarinet, several
sizes of sliver, copper, and gold to capture the flutes, horns,  drums,
and the rest of the band.”

Borrowing Christy’s polish inspiration, this nail design of silver, copper, gold & black represents the many music patterns that we all love to listen to; and for those of us who’ve tried to learn to play musical instruments, the patterns that we practiced playing over and over.


Band Geek is an amazing jelly & glitter polish that I chose to layer over black this time to keep with the theme and the black stamping. If you excuse my wonky stamping and the bumpy surface, both on my middle nail (I had just used Orly Nail Repair for the first time to protect a small crack from turning into a break); these nails looked pretty cool. I was itching to do more than just a solid base of the metallic colors (like a gradient or something more interesting), but I stuck with the theme of different colored instruments and I think it worked out.


In the photo above, I’m holding my almost “antique” Zune Mp3 player – thought it was fitting for the musically themed nails. As seen below, and unusual for me lately, I did the exact same thing on each of my
right hand’s nails as well. Which – after the fact – I can say is
because I was intentionally repeating the pattern, of course! Yeah, I
meant to do that. 🙂


My grandfather, who was a great pianist, got me a guitar
when I was young and I enjoyed the lessons and tinkering that I did as a
kid. Although I didn’t continue playing past high school, I still
appreciate some of the music I listen to with a bit more personal
connection because of it. And, speaking of silver, copper and gold – I have thoroughly
enjoyed every time that I’ve gotten to hear my sister, Sarah, play her
flute and other wind instruments over the years. Today, she is a masterful teacher – and a
band director! And, she has conducted many orchestras in New England.
It’s amazing to see such talent and passion come out of one tiny person! (Hopefully, she is able to tear away from her busy teaching, practicing, and performing schedule to see this post. :))

So – were you a band geek in school? Do you still play a musical
instrument? Or like me, do you still listen to talented musicians in awe of their ability to move us with music? I’d love to hear what you have to say about music or nails or anything in the comments!!

Polish Palette:

Polishes (L to R): Maybelline – Color Show Bold Gold, Revlon- Captivate (copper) and Magnetize (silver), KB Shimmer – Band Geek, wet n wild – Ebony Hates Chris, (not shown) Konad – Black Stamping Polish

Stamping: Vivid Lacquer plate VL015

Inspiration Source(s):
Music patterns, Band Geek polish by KB Shimmer, and my talented sister, Sarah (check out her website here)

And, the “31 Design Challenge” (more info in my previous post here)

courtesy of Chalkboard Nails

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