Friday Night Special – Giveaway from Swatch and Learn!

Hello again (twice in one day! Yikes!).

Mary of Swatch and Learn will always be a special blogger to me – I hope you’ll read my post and find out the very significant thing which ties us together. (It’s worth the read! :))

(Click to READ MORE below to find out the details and see what you can win!)

I’ve mentioned before that although I only recently started blogging, that I’ve been following nail polish bloggers going back a few years. And, the FIRST blog that I “joined” (with Google Friend Connect, then Bloglovin’, now Feedly) is that of Mary’s Swatch and Learn.

Now – Mary is NOT your average-run-of-the-mill blogger – oh, no! She is happy, upbeat, and very committed to her readers. She responds to EVERY comment left to her (I just love that – and strive to follow in her footsteps there). She’s openly not a perfectionist – which is so refreshing, as it can be very intimidating to be surrounded by it sometimes. And, she’s extremely giving!

This brings me to the reason for this post. She is currently running an awesome worldwide giveaway with Bundle Monster – more details below. But before I wrap this announcement up, I want to tell you about my previous winnings from one of her giveaways awhile back. Before some of the sophistication that is around today to manage giveaways (i.e. Rafflecopter) and before the increasing social media frenzy, Mary was the only blogger (I knew of) that had NO restrictions on her giveaways. You didn’t have to be a member of any group or have a Facebook account (or any other account) – all you had to do was leave a comment following her instructions on her giveaway post. WOW! This was wonderful to me – as I didn’t have those accounts or memberships. So, I took a gamble and entered her giveaway to win a full collection of 12 polishes from China Glaze (ElectroPop and Brights). And, I won!!!!

(Want proof? Check out the post from March 2012: China Glaze Giveaway at Swatch and Learn. I spent a lot of time writing up a HUGE thank you comment on March 8 – I was overflowing with giddy glee!)

Have you ever wondered what’s up with my blog header picture at the top of my blog?

These 12 bottles (fuzzy behind the blog name) are what I won! At the time I received these, my collection was under 20 bottles. And, after that…well, my polish life blossomed! Remember my winter pastel watermarble nails? Those polishes were from Mary’s generosity.

To this day, I love Mary’s blogging style and variety of topics that she covers. She’s a solid contributor to the nail polish community – always friendly, sharing advice and welcoming everyone. She has covered topics for bloggers as well as non-nail polish subjects – knitting is another passion of hers. I bet she’d like my Knitted Gnome Sweater post that was recently submitted in a forum. Mary wears EVERY polish she shows and gives all of the information you could ever want/need about them too. (OK – have I fan-girled enough about Mary? Not possible.)

So – you want to get right to the giveaway – here you go:

You have until midnight tomorrow to enter.  It is open worldwide. You will need to sign in with the Rafflecopter plugin (so she can email you if you win, and don’t worry this info is kept private and not displayed). Then – the only thing you need to do is comment on the blog post (no account needed) and check off of the Rafflecopter once you’ve done so.

(If you wish to support Mary with other social media, this will give you extra entries in the raffle.)

Oh – you’re wondering what it is that you might win! Hah!!! I can’t believe I’ve written this much without saying! As yet another testament to Mary’s special place in the nail polish world, she has been given the opportunity to give a FULL set of Bundle Monster Nail Stamping plates – of your choice!!!!

If you’re not sure what set you want to request (you’ll need to know this for your comment) – check out Bundle Monster’s website here (this bookmark will take you to a page of their stamping plates). Personally, I own the 2012 set- and love them all. If you’d like to see my posts using images from this set, check them out here.

OK – OK – Now I am really going to give you the link to the giveaway. (Consider it your prize for reading all the way through to this point – with NO nail pictures! Geesh!)

Thank you, Mary for the terrific opportunity to share!
Have a wonderful weekend! I hope you win (if I don’t – LOL).
Till next time,