My Inner Dragon Likes Crows Toes

If you haven’t already experienced it – let me tell you one of the many cool things about nail polish art. The ability to express many moods at whim, and then, change. See, my art in the previous post shows my more serious, contemplative self. But today’s art, well, let’s just say shows one of my sillier sides.

If I allowed my inner dragon to paint my nails…

They would be full of sparkle and all the gleaming items I would collect. Because we all know, dragons love shiny things.

And, another thing about nail polish art, is that sometimes it takes you places you hadn’t thought of before. For example, I had been contemplating painting a black hole for the 29th design prompt in the #31DC2013 challenge, “Inspired by the Supernatural”. I even had all my colors and prep work done for such design in the morning. Then I ate lunch. The food must have fueled up my brain, because out popped my inner dragon!

Immediately upon thinking like my dragon-self, I reached for the mother-load of shiny things – Crows Toes’ glitter bomb – Thing. And while there, my deep emerald dragon eyes spotted Taygete, a beautiful purple with pink shimmer, also by Crows Toes, that goes lovely with my dragon scales. Below is a quick picture taken of 2 coats of Taygete over black undies without any topcoat.

Then, I applied a sweep of a golden polish striper on each nail. I wanted the glitter to be piled up on my nails; invoking the image of my dragon’s endless piles of shiny bits in every corner of my cave. So, I used a cotton bud to dab on the glitter polish, occasionally using a toothpick to slide pieces of glitter into place. Finally, I added a round gold stud to each nail. Then, two generous coats of topcoat to seal it all in and make it really shine. (If you’re curious what it would have looked like if I brushed on Thing with the polish brush, the photo in my Polish Palette at the end of this post shows one coat.)

Crows Toes handmade polishes are known in the polish community to be unique and of high quality. I can now say I completely agree. Taygete applied itself with amazing self-leveling; and, the glitter combination and beauty of Thing is almost mind blowing. I found I got completely and utterly distracted by my pretty nails. Time would pass as I was staring at my shinies. Yup, my inner dragon has been awakened by a crow and her toes.

No matter what light I photographed these with, indirect daylight, flash, direct sunlight – they just sparkled. If I can win the battle with my inner dragon-self, I’ll be taking them off soon, *sad*, but I’ve prepared my nails for that with Nail Pattern BoldnessGlitter-A-Peel.

What do you think? Do you like my dragon’s choice of shiny? Don’t worry, I’m a friendly dragon – if you don’t like it you can say so. However, I just might dunk you in glue and stick glitter all over you. But don’t be mad, after all, I’m a dragon. ( For today.)

Polish Palette:
  • Black undies: Finger Paints Black Expressionism.
  • Crows Toes – Taygete (purple/magenta duochrome) and Thing (multi-color & shaped glitters).
  • Gold Striper: Color ClubArt Club Bronze.
  • Round copper colored studs from PUEEN.

Inspiration Source(s):
Kelli’s entry for day 29: imagining what nails she would have if she were the Supernatural being of a vampire, in this post.

The color scheme and all elements I used were chosen to go with the gorgeous glitter topper: Crows Toes Thing. Crows Toes polishes are sold through many stockists, including US based Llarowe and Overall Beauty, where I bought mine.  For the list of other online shops and updates, you can check out the Crows Toesblog or on Facebook.

And, the “31 Design Challenge” (more info in my previous post here)

courtesy of Chalkboard Nails

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