“I Love You, Mom!”

A short (and slightly mushy) post for Mother’s Day.

I thought the petite sized glitter in red & pink colors was a nice feminine polish appropriate for Mother’s Day. I didn’t have a plan after that, this one just came together one step at a time all around the color theme. When all done…

this look seems more Valentine’s Day….but, that wasn’t my intention. Not all designs can be winners. It might be a little cliche’ to say, “it’s the thought that counts”. LOL. I bet Moms all over the world have heard that one, many a time.

I’m very lucky that I have a wonderful Mom and we are very close. I won’t get to see her in person until later in the month, but my loving heart is with her this weekend (both figuratively and literally on my nails).

I wasn’t sure my mojo was at full-strength with this one, but I think it came out OK. In fact, I consulted Mr. Kimett part-way through for his advice. He picked the red stamping on the pink nails. I liked the two colors together. Overall, this is certainly a bit more girly than I would wear on a regular ole’ day; but that’s the fun of holidays, right?

Polish Pallete:

Polishes (L to R):

  • Barielle Lindsay’s Dancin’
  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • Vivid Lacquer Theoretical Girlfriend
  • Revlon Enamor
  • Sally Hansen InstaDri Rapid Red
  • Konad White Stamping Polish (not pictured)

Pueen Half-Pearls
Pueen Plate 43 – love heart
Cisi & Sisi Plate 07 – roses

Inspiration Source(s):
My Mom who is my #1 fan. And, I am hers. XO XO
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!

Till next time,