Kimett’s 50th Post! Reader’s Choice: Multicolored Stamping

Excitement has been building, ladies and gentlemen. A quick recap: Late last month, you voted in the poll to choose the design type for my upcoming 50th post milestone. And, by a small landslide, multicolored stamping was your choice.

Once the poll closed, I had (too much) time to dwell over this special design. Did you know that there are SIX kinds of multicolored stamping techniques? Yeah! So cool!! Kimett is all about the Kolors! (There may be more, but these are what I know of so far.)

So…lightbulb moment…this is an opportunity to do a series of multicolored stamping techniques. Today, I’ll share the first type today and, then,
I’ll utilize each of the other techniques in separate posts to come
soon. Sounds fun? Right? Right!

Multicolored Stamping Technique #1 – LeadLight

This technique, now taking the stamping community by storm, is credited to Julia McGowan, the creative genius behind Messy Mansion, an Australian web business dedicated to nail art and stamping. She designs her own series of stamping plates and sells some other unique brands as well. Recently, she developed the idea and LeadLight Polishes to transform stamping into what looks like leadlights (small windows with colored glass sections held in place by lead – see Wikipedia definition here). Unfortunately, shipping nail polishes internationally has become problematic and/or impossible…so at the moment, those of us not in the land down-under have been scrambling to find polishes that could be used until the shipping issue is circumvented.

** EDIT ** Fast forward to 2016 – there are tons of polish makers creating polishes that are pigmented enough and yet dry slowly to be used for this purpose. Most of the sheer jellies will work (like I used in this post). Also there are DIY tutorials on You Tube to create your own using Alcohol Tints and clear polish.


I was beyond giddy to try this new idea out. Searching through my stash of polishes, I have about a dozen or so jelly polishes that work almost as well as Julia’s LeadLight polishes. I went for bold colors to fill in a floral design. I discovered this technique from the awesome Facebook group, Adventures In Stamping and have seen quite a few lovely designs there and on my favorite blogs too. Pretty much everyone suggests watching Julia’s very helpful video tutorial, which I did. Then, I went about and had loads of fun creating these bright and cheery nails.

In a nutshell, you paint your nails with a light colored base color and stamp with black to make the design of the “window panes”. Then using a dotting tool, you place the colors over the areas of the design letting the black show through. Quite the great idea, yes?

I don’t (yet) own any of Mentality‘s glazing polishes, but my favorite white polish is Sunny. It is a gorgeous slightly buttery white polish with subtle golden shimmer that dries matte. It looked so striking stamped with black (note to self, try with other designs for a great black & white design). ** EDIT – As noted before, Mentality is no longer a company that I would recommend anyone support or purchase from. My “replacement” for Sunny is Polish My Life‘s White Linen.

Another independent polish maker, Liquidus, has some amazing jelly polishes – two of which I included in this design. Not only were they super pigmented (needed for the brilliant look), but they didn’t dry out too quick (which can be an issue because you can only color so fast).

The two most important tips I learned and wanted to document were these:

  • Use masking tape to clean up the stamping black polish from the skin around your nails. (Black is notoriously hard to clean up with acetone.) It worked great! (**EDIT – or today there are tons of liquid latex products as well.)
  • Make sure to only almost touch the nail with the dotting tool and let the polish “flood” onto the nail. Staying in one area too long or touching the nails can reactivate the base color or stamped design and smudge it.
    • **EDIT – you can also topcoat after your stamping to preserve it. A matte top-coat is best to color on, but could smear your stamping. Either make sure it is very dry and/or use your best glossy top coat and then the matte top coat.

So, what do you think? Intrigued by the technique? You can imagine the different possibilities and looks that could be created. I admit, I chose to do this one first because I lack willpower and I’m looking forward to doing this again. That is after, I check out the other techniques for multicolored stamping; some I’ve dabbled with before and some are new to me (like today’s post). This leads to the list of techniques that I compiled (in no particular order):

Multicolored Stamping Techniques

  1. LeadLight  — done 5/19/14
  2. Multiple Stamping (a.k.a. Scenes or Motif Designs)
  3. Double/Shadow Stamping
  4. Gradient Stamping
  5. Stamping Decals (a.k.a. Advanced Stamping Technique)
  6. Enhanced Stamping (adding or filling in color to stamping design using opaque paints)

Oh – and if you know of any other kinds of multicolored stamping techniques, please let me know.

Polish Palettte:

Polishes (L to R):

  • Konad Black Stamping Polish
  • Mentality Sunny
  • Liquidus Pink Agate
  • L’Oreal Mango Mamma
  • Liquidus Peridot
  • Sinful Colors (Nail Art – liner brush) Simple But Fun

Stamping Plate: MoYou Pro Collection XL 06

Polish Note: In support of Independent Polish/Plate makers, I will try my best to have links in my posts for their purchase (in the text of the post and/or in the polish list, as above). If you ever want more info – don’t hesitate to ask. I have quite the stack of info available at my kolorful finger-tips! 🙂

And, if you’re into stamping nail art and are on Facebook, I’d really recommend joining the group Adventures in Stamping. There are tons of friendly folks sharing loads of tidbits, photos and information.

Inspiration Source(s):

I’ve always been a big fan of leadlight windows, stained glass and Louis Comfort Tiffany designs in particular. In fact my favorite coloring designs for use with colored pencils is, “Color Your Own Tiffany Windows” by Dover Publications. The idea of making anything resembling these on my nails makes me extra kolor-happy. 🙂

Lastly, a GIANT thank-you for being out there reading, voting, liking and commenting on my blog and such!! I’m excited to have 50 posts under my belt. I still feel like a newbie and have a ton of practice time needed to devote to this fantastic hobby. A hardship, I gladly accept. LOL.

Till next time,