Lazy Sunday…Playing Around With Floam

So, yesterday, being a nice warm and sunny day, brought lazy feelings of taking it easy to my doorstep. I suppose this was appropriate, being the first day in June…summer is upon us in this part of the world now. Despite my body’s desire to go sprawl out in the sun, my inner artist still wanted to paint. A compromise was made. No planning, just grab a color and go. Sometimes this lackadaisical method brings out a winning design…and sometimes….not. But…since the first polish bottle I reached for was the infamous, Floam….I couldn’t not show you what I came up with.

Don’t know what Floam is?..Stick with me and I’ll tell ya’ all about it and show you a couple looks I tried out using Floam as accent nails.

Roughly 2 and 1/2 years ago, Amy (the genius behind I’m feeling nailventurous) created an amazing polish called Floam, along with two other Frankens. These became famous overnight and desired by all polish collectors.

Definition of a Franken Polish (source: Girly Bits): Frankening is the process of mixing polishes together to create a new and original colour, or adding glitter
to an existing polish. The name comes from Frankenstein, who was
created using bits and pieces of other things. A franken polish is
traditionally created by mixing two or more polishes together to get a
desired colour/shade. You can have a lot of fun mixing your existing
polishes together, coming up with some really pretty, and unique colours.

Amy bottled and sold some of her franken polish for a bit; and then, while I don’t know the specifics, at some point Rhonni of Ninja Polish became the registered distributor of this unique polish; and about 10 other color variations as well. I purchased Floam and Pinker Bell from a little more than a year ago.

Polish Availability:  I hope you’ll forgive me, as I just now learned that Rhonni has closed her online business as of last month, so this polish is currently unavailable. If you really need a polish like this in your life, you might stalk some blog-sales and/or try out other polishes that are loaded up with ultra-small, neon matte glitters. (Last summer, a Walmart brand, Salon Perfect, created some similar to these and called the collection “Neon Collision”. I believe they can be found with some e-bay sellers currently.)

As, I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I will try my best to give you links to all of the polishes I show that aren’t from the big brands. It will likely happen again, that a polish I use is no longer available; since I want to use the polishes in my collection and only buy so many new ones. Just so you know, I’m not intentionally torturing any polish seekers out there…in fact, many bloggers have been participating in challenges to use up “older” issued polishes and those not shown on their blogs before.

And, speaking of going down memory lane…Amy hasn’t shared any new nail designs lately, but if you’ve never checked out her blog, it’s still an amazing collection of creative nail-art.

And, now, back to the regularly scheduled nails…..

I chose to put Floam on top of a pale nude base on two accent fingers. The others, are a duochrome who’s duo-ness was camera shy. On the nail, as in the bottle, the polish is a turquoise blue with a golden green shimmer. My thought process was that this blue with yellow & green peeking out would match better with Floam. In my pictures, however, it looks like a bright peacock blue metallic polish. Anyway…as I mentioned it was a lazy sunday and I didn’t want to work too hard with the camera either. LOL.

Then, I looked around the Kolor Kave, and spotted the water decals. Butterflies and flowers seemed to go perfectly with a nice sunny day…ahhh…. Where’s the hammock?

I didn’t do too badly with placing the decals this time. I attribute my second-time success to using a different kind of tweezers. They have curved ends instead of “normal” straight tweezers. Here is a link to Amazon where I got mine (I used the ones on the left of the picture). Oh, and I also wet my nail before trying to place them (I think I forgot that step last time).

The combinations in this design didn’t turn out that great in my opinion. And, surprisingly I really liked seeing the nude base peek out around the edges of my floam-ed nails. Normally, that would have bothered my inner perfectionist. So….I tried something else and, today, I changed out the three blue nails.

I started by applying the same base color as on the accent nails. Then, I attempted using a dotting tool to make swirly lines trying to show the paths that the butterflies are flying around in. I don’t think I really succeeded with this. It was fun to try. What I did learn, is that I liked the lighter colors surrounding the Floam accent nails. A note to self for when I pull out this polish again.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. It was a rambling one. What do you think of Floam? Worth the hype? It was “back then”…now that there are ssoooo many wonderful and creative Indie Polish makers it might not seem like it was as sought after as it was in its day. But you don’t blame me for showing it to you, right? It’s all about the art….

Oh – and which design combination did you like better? I’d love to know!

Polish Palette:

First Design:

Polishes (L to R):

  • Nina Ultra Pro (exclusive to Sally’s Beauty Stores) – Caribbean Blue
  • OPI My Vampire is Buff (this photo shows it much darker than it really is)
  • Ninja PolishFloam

PUEEN water decals – Butterflies from D249 and Flowers from D255

Second Design:

Polishes (L to R):

  • Finger PaintsSilkscreen Green
  • Orly Glowstick
  • Sally Hansen InstaDriBrisk Blue
  • Ninja PolishFloam
  • OPI My Vampire is Buff (closer to real shade)
  • Finger PaintsBlack Expressionism

So, thanks for joining me today!

Till next time,