Theme of the Month: June Birthstones and Roses

Hey there. Do you know whose nails these belong to?
When looking at the pictures, or even, down at my hands, I’m wondering what strange being of femininity has possessed my body and encouraged me to create such a ladylike design? Huh.

Oh – yeah. Now, I remember: It’s because it’s time for my Theme of the Month post. Silly me.
All strangeness aside, these nails are my way of celebrating all whose birthdays fall in the month of June inspired by the flowers and gemstones of the month.

And, welcome to all of my new followers; as well as anyone just stopping by!! In case you missed any previous monthly Birthday designs on Kimett Kolor, you can check them out with the links below:

June: Pearl/Moonstone/Alexandrite & Rose

Design Details

June babies get to pick from 3 different stones and I tried to represent them all. First, I painted an off-white pearlescent nail polish topper over white polish undies, on my thumb, index and pinky.

Then, I added a variety of decorations to the “moon” areas of those nails in random patterns. There are white pearls in two sizes, round holographic/silver studs (the closest things I had to moonstones), and teal and pink micro-beads to represent the two colors of Alexandrite.

I went with a common color theme for the rose accent nails (middle & ring) using a soft minty-teal polish base topped with pink and coral colored roses. Instead of stamping, I challenged myself to do the roses by hand. Gulp!! Yup, it was while reading this post by Marta of that I mustered up the confidence and formulated my plan (she used this color combo too). (EDIT Feb-2017: Sadly, Marta is no longer blogging. Link has been removed from this post.)

Without hesitation, I followed the video tutorial that Marta suggested. The technique is shown by Judit @judyrox on Instagram in this short video.

(Outdoor shade photo)


Well – lemme’ tell you – I had a blast painting these little rosy beauties! I’m fairly happy with my first attempt (confession: I painted two little roses the other day to practice). I like my roses more than my leaves, but oh well. Judy does indeed rock with her easy technique of making roses! It was a ton of fun; and it felt good to step out of my stamping comfort zone.

(Late afternoon sunlight photo)

How sweet is it that the roses on my property cooperated nicely by having some pretty blooms to pose with.

Mr. Kimett was getting quite a laugh out of how many times he saw I was twirling my fingers in front of my eyes for several hours after doing these. This design reminded me of my very first post, “Never Say Never”. Until a couple days ago, I NEVER would have thought I’d have long nails with pearls and flowers on them!!! I’m glad I have this blog to “prove” it later on after I take this design off.

(mix shade & sun outdoor photo)

So what do you think? Did I do OK with these? I feel completely out of my element wearing these; especially with the 3-dimensional decorative bling! And, in general, I’d love to hear from you anytime! In addition to my blog, here are some other ways we can interact (forgive my shameless plug):

OK…one more photo (as I took lots in my excitement).

Polish Palette:

In lieu of my usual photo of swatch sticks, this was my literal palette:

Polishes Used (2 coats of each):

  • (Undies) White creme – OPI Alpine Snow
  • Pearlescent Topper – Borghese Patina Pearl
  • Minty Teal creme – Sinful Colors SinfulSHINE Rendezvous

Acrylic Colors for the roses

3-D decorations:

  • PUEEN 1.5mm & 3mm hemisphere white pearls
  • 3mm round metal stud with holographic linear pattern
  • Martha Stewart Micro Beads colors: Pink Sapphire and Apartite

Inspiration Source(s):

(source: American Gem Trade Assoc.)

People with June birthdays have the three birthstone options: pearls, moonstones, and alexandrites.


  1. Pearls in nature: Pearls are formed when an irritant is trapped inside of a mollusk. The mollusk coats the irritant with a substance called nacre. As this smooth coating builds, a beautiful pearl is formed.
  2. Man-made pearls: Pearls that are formed with human assistance are referred to as cultured pearls.
  3. Pearls in history: In ancient Greece, pearl jewelry was regarded as a symbol of love and marriage. The ancient Romans wore it to project status and wealth.
  4. Wearing pearls: Known for their luster, pearls can be mounted in rings, earrings, and pins, or strung into necklaces. These pieces featuring pearls always have a romantic feel.


  1. Moonstones in nature: Moonstones are a form of feldspar and have a very unique appearance. Layers of albite and feldspar give moonstones a textured look.
  2. Moonstone appearance: Moonstones get their name from their shining moon-like appearance. Most are blue, with layers of white, and may look like scratched blue glass.
  3. Wearing moonstones: These gemstones can be carved or polished and set into almost any piece of jewelry. Moonstone jewelry often features stones cut into cabochons, which are domed, polished cuts. This birthstone jewelry is the best choice for people who love fantasy and the blue-grey hues of winter.


  1. Alexandrite appearance: A form of the mineral chrysoberyl, alexandrites are known for their color-changing qualities. While they are usually purple, they can appear
    red/pink, blue/green, or yellow depending on the light.
  2. Wearing alexandrites: Alexandrites show well in rings and intricate pieces of jewelry with other precious stones and metals.
  3. A rich history: The alexandrite is named for Alexander II of Russia. Choose alexandrite jewelry if you love regal fashions with a bit of 19th-century history.

(source: June birthstone information from


(source design seeds)

June birthflower: Rose

“Though roses are available in many colors from red to pink to white to
yellow, all with their own special meanings, the underlying message the
flowers convey is that of love and passion.” (source Wikipedia)


Bouquet de roses roses.jpg
Bouquet de roses roses” by Jebulon – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

So, I hope that everyone out there who has or will celebrate a birthday this month has a terrific day in whatever way suits you best. Cheers!

Thanks for stopping by.

Till next time,