Theme of the Month: July Ruby and Water Lily

Hello all you lovely people out there. It’s great to be back!

As I mentioned in my last post, I didn’t get a chance to do my regular Birthday theme design last month. So, first on my agenda back, from vacation, was to do my design for July inspired by its Birthstone, the Ruby, and one of its Birth Flowers, the Water Lily.

july theme nail art ruby red and water lily

If it were possible for me to do a wiggle-waggle dance (and if you could see it) – I would be doing one right now. It was super to take a break, get refreshed, and now…

I’m back at it with extra “happy”. The only teeny-tiny down-side…I’m a bit rusty!!

I’m mostly happy with how these nails came out and resisted the urge to re-do them. After all, these are for July and I have yet to do August’s design and the month is going by quick like the weeds growing outside.

If you’ve missed any of my prior Theme of the Month designs and want a little more info, I’ve included the links at the bottom of this post.

water lily stamping nail art

Stamp Chat

Until recently, the only polishes made just for stamping that I owned were white and black. Like so many folks, I had been doing the best possible with regular polishes (some work better than others). I’m learning that there are two major differences between them: the opacity and the dry time. Stamping polishes are usually more opaque – sometimes even allowing lighter colors to be seen when stamped over darker colors (as shown in this design today). Also, they usually don’t dry as fast – giving you more time to “fuss” while going through the process (improving placement, etc.). I guess I was convincing myself that I was being frugal if the polishes I collect can have multiple uses….but, really now that I’ve splurged on stamping polishes, I feel it was just silly considering the ease and time saving of not having as many problems.

To sum things up, if you are thinking about trying stamping or are struggling at all with it now – I would definitely recommend getting stamping polishes.

july theme nail art ruby and water lily
Trying out new hand pose

Regardless of how I felt I did with the execution of these, I did feel very royal and elegant wearing this combination. I’d love to know what you think of these, let me know in the comments if you have a moment.

gradient stamping water lily nail art

I’m a July baby and I am lucky to like my birthstone well enough, although I don’t own too many, but the ones I do are special. After doing these nails, it made me want to go find some real life water lily flowers…I bet they’re awesome in person. Any other July babies out there?

Design Details

For the birthflower nails, I used the gradient stamping technique for the water lily over the top of a random sponged gradient base of murky greens.  The ruby gemstone is loosely represented by a beautiful red creme polish layered under a pink jelly polish.

nail art sketch


Polish Palette

(numbers match image above)
  1. Finger Paints ~ Model Colour
  2. L’OREAL ~ jolly lolly

    Greens by Zoya:
  3. Evvie
  4. Hunter
  5. Josie
    applied with make-up sponge, torn into tiny pieces & tweezers
  6. Vivid Lacquer stamp plate ~ VL012

    Stamping polishes by Mundo de Unas:

  7. Fiucsa #20 
  8. Orchid #55 
  9. Pastel Pink #25 
  10. Yellow #11 

Inspiration Source(s):

july ruby water lily gemstone birthflower nail art

Photo credits: Water Lily, Ruby

A big & overdue wish for happiness to all those born in July from me: Happy Belated Birthday!!


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Thank you so much for sticking with me!!

Till next time,

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