How Do You Like Them Apples?

There have been some spectacular water marble designs being posted in Blog-Land lately, and I caught the bug. But…it’s been so long since I tried it….that I thought well, if the water marble doesn’t come out so good – then, I’ll stamp on it!

Which, as it turns out, is exactly what happened. Everyone says water marbling takes lots of practice – and they are ALL correct!! I hope you’ll read more about this design and also see more apple nail-art from a great nail-art themed group I’ve joined this month too.

So, here’s the skinny: In deciding what to do for my water marble/stamp design, I somehow summoned up the courage to join the ladies of N.A.I.L. – Nail Art Ideas Linkup (more info at end of post). Having been reluctant to spread my designs out farther than my own channels and worrying my designs aren’t good enough, I put on my big girl panties and just went for it. Phew!

Their first theme for the month is: Apples. Perfect for September – and there are lots and lots of apple orchards and farm stands within walking distance to my house, I just had to do it. It was fate.

I thought it would be fun to play on the caramel apple theme. So my base represents the swirling of caramel and milk in the saucepan just before dipping the apples into it. (Have you ever made caramel apples at home?) For my base color and water marble colors, I picked sheer polishes which for some reason mean yummy to me. And, then I chose vibrant, opaque stamping colors on top.

Confession: I really didn’t think that this go round would actually end up making it to post. Three of my water marble nails were really flubs…I cheated and added some polish to make-up for missing areas. My thumb really looked bad (hence he’s hiding in most of the pictures, LOL.)  And, then instead of putting top-coat on them to get them ready to stamp, I mistakenly grabbed my base-coat bottle! Ugh, it made a sticky gooey mess. (Even finished, you can kinda tell in some of these photos, that the surface is a bit lumpy/bumpy.)

But – I figured, well, stamp on them anyway to see if my idea was a good one and then re-do the whole thing again. The stamping gods weren’t in my favor on this day either. Yet, somehow after stamping and applying the final top-coat (yes, the right bottle this time) – they didn’t look too terrible!! So, I said to myself, “How do you like them apples?!” It worked. Hurray!!

A few more pictures – I had lots of props handy for this design….

Oh — before I get to wrapping up with all the rest of the fun stuff…I’d like to quietly note that on this very day of September last year, I uploaded my first post to this blog. Wow!! I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by. And, how much I’m really still enjoying doing my nail-art and all the other activities behind the scenes including the photography and bits of writing. I never would have even considered it without first finding a friendly and inviting group of nail bloggers who’s talents, passions and enthusiasm are at times overwhelming (in a good way).

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my family, especially Mr. Kimett and my Mom, for being so supportive and encouraging about all aspects of this hobby. My incessant gabbing about polish, the fumes wafting throughout the house, my blurts of “wouldn’t that be great for nail-art” while watching TV, etc. are some examples of what they put up with. And, also a gigantic THANK YOU to all of you who read and comment on my designs – it makes my heart swell each time I hear from you!

Polish Palette

Polish/Supply List (numbers match image above)

  1. Red Mundo de Unas ~ #32 Reddish
  2. Brown Mundo de Unas ~ #22 Cafe’ Brown
  3. Green Mundo de Unas ~ #37 High Green
  4. Zoya ~ Cho
  5. Elevation Polish ~ Temperance
  6. Illamasqua ~ Load
  7. OPI ~ Don’t Touch My Tutu! (Hard to see – it’s a milky white crelly)
  8. (forgot to number) MASH stamp plate ~ Mash-75
    Miscellaneous: cup of room temp water, toothpick

Inspiration Source(s):



Since this is my first time joining the fabulous ladies of N.A.I.L. – I’m going to share some info and links here to introduce it to you.

Welcome to Nail Art Ideas Linkup, also fondly called N.A.I.L. We’ve been running N.A.I.L. for about a year now and it’s a relaxed monthly nail challenge with about one theme per week. It’s not really a ‘challenge’ though…it’s more of a linkup. This is a great way to share your nail art with other people in the nail art community. You don’t have to commit to doing all the prompts each month. It’s up to you so please jump in when you can. Do your nails anytime during the month and share them using our inlinkz and hashtag #naillinkup.  (Courtesy: Brijit’s Digits)

Sounds great, right?! For more info, follow this link to Brijit’s post. And, here are the ladies’ who host this each month (along with links about N.A.I.L. on their blogs):

Brijit from Brijits Digits
Jacqui from Craftynail
Lindsay from Nail That Accent!

There are soooo many nail-art challenges/groups/link parties out there, but what I really like about this one is that it is very flexible and as non-stressful as possible. As you know, I’m at the mercy of my body’s limits and am not able to count on a schedule to produce nail-art. So, the fact that they leave their link-in’s open all month (rather than for just the week of the theme) is a big help to me. It’s so nice to feel welcomed by a great group and I’m thankful for the opportunity!

And, with that, I’ll leave you with more apple nail-art in the links below. I hope you check out what the other nail artists have created for this theme as well.

Thanks for visiting!

Till next time,