Mint Teal be Gold for New Year’s Eve

OK. Seriously, where did this past year go? For me the second half has been a blur, that’s for sure. But, I managed to not only get something on my nails, but to share it with you here today too! Hooray!

I do hope you’ll continue to read the post and see all the pictures – but if not, you have my sincerest wishes for a Happy & Healthy New Year!!!

What’s a New Year’s nail design without a little bling, right? I contemplated going very sparkly at first, but ultimately landed on doing a glitter gradient with a glitter accent nail. Not too little, not too much, just the right Goldilocks amount of sparkle. Lastly, the glitter gradient is a popular nod to champagne bubbles for this holiday.

I do have thumbs, honest…. Most of the time, I only get photos of my left hand so that I don’t have to contort myself with the camera. Often, I use my right hand as the “tester” and it’s not always photo-proof. But, today I got decent shot of both hands (sans thumbs). And, yup, I chose a different accent nail for each hand.

Design Details

All three polishes I chose may be bit older, but they are all special and seemed to satisfy my desire for a little extra for the holiday. The gorgeous inky blue turquoise creme is from NARS, called Superstar. It was a splurge purchase a while back during a trip to Sephora. I’ve even kept the shiny silver box it came in as it was a Limited Edition. And, the gold accent nail is the infamous Ziv by Zoya (still a current polish). I’m really glad I got this polish – it’s not your average gold metal or gold glitter – it’s a super shiny combo of both.

Note: I actually started this design yesterday…but couldn’t finish it. I had just enough oomph in me to top-coat them and shoot the photo above before I had to go crash. Thinking I was being full of foresight at the time, I used a peel-off base coat since I’d be adding glitter. It’s the first time I’ve used this one (Yellow Stopper). And, by the time I woke up this morning, the edges were starting to come up. Long story short, if you happen to notice the funky edges in the other photos – it is not a defect or bad polishing on my part.

Finally, the third special polish – representing my champagne bubbles – is Cynical Cephalopod by Lucky 13. Mint and gold are always a wonderful combination and I love the different sized glitters in this topper. Oh and, did you get the play on words – inky teal polish with a cephalopod topper?) Lucky 13 was one of the first Indie polish brands that I purchased, and it’s still a favorite today.

To do these nails, I simply sponged a small amount of Ziv on the tips of my nails and then slowly sponged Cynical Cephalopod gradually up the nail. This took just the right amount of time (a.k.a., not much time, as I’m still not 100%), but a great design nonetheless. What do you think? Would you wear this amount of glitter? Or is it not enough for you?

Happy New Year!

How about some champagne with your nail art?

Well, my dear readers, I need to wrap this up and rest; however, I really want to let you know how much I appreciate your interest and support in my little nail art blog. Every page visit, comment, like on social media, etc. gives me so much encouragement – I am sending each one of you a big hug!!

Till next time,