Theme of the Month: October Opal and Marigold

Happy weekend everyone!! As I mentioned in my 2014 review post, I am determined to complete my monthly Birthday themed posts. So please bear with me for just a few more. I can’t wait to see all 12 complete!!  Today, I want to take you on a virtual trip back in time to celebrate (belatedly) those Birthdays in October with this nail art design just for them.

October: Birthstone – Opal / Birth Flower – Marigold

It’s really not that apparent, yet it’s interesting – at least to me – that this post took the longest time from inception to going live of any others I’ve done. From picking my overall desired look, finding the right polish/stamping design, actually painting the nails, processing the images, to writing this up – spanned more than 6 months!! A little bit here, a little bit there….and finally it’s live!

Design Details

I wanted to capture the soft, ethereal quality of opals as well as the vibrancy of marigold flowers. So, I went with a jewelry-like effect of using gold with the opal nails. Additionally, I looked for a way to use the influence of India’s special relationship with the marigold flowers – an homage to Bollywood per se. (Please forgive my naivete’ in the knowledge of such matters – all I see is “Pretty!!”.) Hopefully you’ll get a clearer perspective after you see the Inspiration Sources at the end of this post. It might be an “a-ha moment”.

To create my opal nails, I used two polishes. The first layer is a beautiful pale blue creme polish that gives the second layers of a sheer opalescent holographic polish a blue tinge (rather than a flesh colored one). Carolina, the talented blogger and polish maker, known as Colores de Carol, created a perfect polish for my vision called White Opal. This polish looked amazing in any light source (you’ll see the differences in my photos – above is in outdoor direct sun.) Carolina is someone I’ve followed for several years, I love her colorful nail art and was thrilled to finally order some of her great quality polishes. I included a link to her store in the Polish Details. *Enabling*

Finally, I added a little bit of a bronzey/gold accent at the tops of my nails just to give them a little flair and tie in with the sparkle and flash of the dancers’ costumes.

Shade photo

For the marigold nails, I went with a more abstract “idea” of the flowers – again trying to evoke the dancers’ dress patterns. Also, I’ve always been intrigued with the tradition of stringing marigold flower blooms as decorations for weddings and ceremonies and I thought this stamp image communicated both ideas. The intense orange base polish I used is no longer available (sorry) – but, I couldn’t help using it as it was the perfect match to the bright yellow stamping polish.

Just look at that thumb – such a beautiful polish glow!

I didn’t do too badly with my stamp placement, although I could’ve had better image transfer. Stamping, like many crafts, is really best done frequently to reinforce the right muscle memory…there is no problem with the stamp plate (in fact I got great results on my dominant hand ironically). I was just out of practice.

All photos were taken in December (before the snow really started accumulating) and I was able to do a quick pose with a maple leaf. It may be odd to view this now in February, but it does work nicely for the October monthly theme, don’t you think?

Polish Palette

  1. Picture Polish ~ Sky
  2. Colores de Carol ~ White Opal
  3. Color Club/Art Club ~ Bronze (Liner)
  4. Polish Me To Go ~ Queen of Hearts
  5. Mundo de Unas ~ Stamping Polish #11 Yellow
  6. Bundle Monster ~ Stamping Plate BM-312

Inspiration Sources

Well, readers – what are your opinions about this design? Do you like it’s unconventionality? I very much enjoyed wearing it…it had a fashionable feel to it. Any October babies honored by these nails?

A late, but sincere, Happy Birthday to all October born folks out there!!

Thanks so much for sticking with me!! And, a hearty welcome to all new followers, too!

Till Next Time,